We Won!!! BONUS Copart Walk Around + New Project Car!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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  • Hayden Reyes 21  1 years ago

    Watching your channel I thought i was subbed I got notifications likeI was subbed

  • Seadoo Lover  1 years ago

    Good but really enjoy your vids

  • Lisa Noble  1 years ago

    And sometimes, it's better to be lucky then good!

  • Agreed!

  • werecow68  1 years ago

    The Monte Carlo SS did not come supercharged by default. The model w/ a supercharger was called the "Supercharged SS". So you can have a plain jane SS with just the 3800 naturally aspirated. That engine is nearly bulletproof BTW so if the price were good on that SS it would have made a great car to flip for a 1st car buyer. A little bit of sportiness for cheap. I owned a brand new 2002 SS with the 3800 and it was a great vehicle. Hell even my tough to please mother loved that car haha!...

  • Frank Murray  6 months ago

    You have a smartphone I'm sure so why not use it to look up vehicles that you are not knowledgeable about before spreading misinformation to everyone else about and then passing it up?

  • TechTubeHD Reviews  11 months ago

    id love to make a mini camper outta that thing!

  • 2700 it worth after you fix everything you need to fix

  • She is almost done! I've kept busy today!

  • Marvin Wegner  1 years ago

    Click bait using the fire chicken.

  • Htown Andi  4 months ago


  • voicetube  5 months ago

    @Dan 57 Well, At least for one person (me) I actually DID think that's what he purchased and was partially drawn to the video because of it, so it was technically clickbait (in actuality).

  • UltraTech66  1 years ago

    correct me if i'm wrong, but don't you need to pass a lot of inspection to get a salvage car roadworthy?

  • Nope. There is no inspection here. I just take the title, pay the tag fees, and get a rebuilt title. Love Oklahoma!

  • chad harmon  1 years ago

    $1850 not bad though something I would buy at the right price no ac is deal breaker sorry

  • A/C is fixed front and rear.

  • Vern  1 years ago

    Did you end up getting the car you were really trying to get? What's up with that