Most Emotional Music: " I'm Alife" by Stepan Arutinian

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • Most Emotional Music: " I'm Alife" by Stepan Arutinian- Wallpaper: ❋ Stepan Arutinian- The Soul of Wind ~- Subscribe: Fanpage: Twitter: Beautiful Relaxing Music:- Beautiful Instrumental Music: World's Most Beautiful Piano: Calm Piano Music:►All rights belong to their respective owners.✔ If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy.Feel free to contact me if anything is wrong: ([email protected])---------------------------------------_The Soul of Wind_


  • Sebastian V  2 months ago

    Goodbye April, see you the next year <3

  • Iko 009  2 months ago

    It went so fast

  • Shaolin Fang  2 months ago

    This is such a great comment and I don't even know why..

  • Anh Kiệt Trần  2 months ago

    *_~ Sitting in front of the old piano,_**_~ My hands gently glides on the keyboard,_**_~ Thousands of melodies echo,_**_~ Thousands of memories drifted off,_*_~ And deep inside the melodies,__~ An extreme pain in my memory,__~ About a girl worth more than anything,__~ About a girl I love with the violin,_*_~ Sometimes I wanted to give up,_**_~ She came to me and hugged,_**_~ That is the salvation of my life,_**_~ She is the only reason for me to fight,_*_~ Beside her, I can play...,__~ ...

  • Huy Anh 275  2 months ago

    Chào đồng hương

  • SukiroKun  2 months ago

    Trích hay đấy

  • Lejon Xifer  2 months ago

    _~You and I are standing here now,__~Because of all the struggles we faced,__~Even the times when we broke down,__~Is something that can never be erased.__~You and I are standing here today,__~Because neither of us ever gave up,__~Through the times we lost our way,__~Made us stronger to whom we become.__~You and I are here at this very moment,__~For deep down, something in our hearts,__~Even when we all felt empty and broken,__~Wanted to keep fighting from the start.__~You and I are here...

  • Y2k_Cage  2 months ago

    @Vicky Penguino thank you man I guess I need is someone to tell me there is hope it's just hard when u have no one who support ur goals

  • Vicky Penguino  2 months ago

    Y2k_Cage I’m really sorry you feel that. I used to feel the same way, but I overcame it. How? Because even in the darkest times, when there seems to be no one that understands you, no one who cares, there will always be someone. That someone, surprisingly, is you. It is up to you to stand up again. Hoping, even if it is foolish, for a better chance, because there still is a chance, no matter how slim. That chance will go away if you give up.Sorry for ranting. Life on the outside really seems dark, do...

  • I am always grateful for your help.Thogh I thoght that it should be scattered like cherry blossoms,there are also things that can be obtained by liveng in any situation.I am grateful that you likes to reduce all that to the fans.To gentle gentle breeze様

  • Pedro Souza  2 months ago

    Kaori ♥

  • Stepan Arutinian  2 months ago

    Thank you all .I will write new songs every week .❤❤❤

  • Y2k_Cage  2 months ago

    I wish i can feel what you all are feeling,...Hope!

  • yousef aboarqoub  2 months ago

    5/1 Happy Birthday Me ❤. I love this kind of music so much ❤.

  • I will play for gaming studying and sleeping

  • Avanish Meedimale  2 months ago

    You and NS16 really produce the best compilations! Keep it up !