Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 2, 2017
  • If you're new, Subscribe! → a movie isn't child's play — even for a child actor. Throughout Hollywood history, kids in the industry have been called upon to act in harrowing roles that push the limits of their abilities, and according to some critics, the boundaries of good taste. Here are some of the most famous examples of underage actors in mature roles…Dakota Fanning, Hounddog | 0:19Natalie Portman, The Professional | 1:07Kirsten Dunst, Interview with the Vampire | 1:45Christian Bale, Empire of the Sun | 2:23Macaulay Culkin, The Good Son | 3:03Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver | 4:09Olivia Hussey and Claire Danes, Romeo & Juliet | 4:43Jacob Reynolds, Gummo | 5:26Sue Lyon and Dominique Swain, Lolita | 6:14The entire cast of Kids | 7:09Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon | 7:39Linda Blair, The Exorcist | 8:31Tatum O'Neal, Paper Moon | 9:31Chloe Moretz: Kick-Ass | 10:20Read more here → Lists and Features Most Controversial Movie Costumes Explained Totally Underrated Box Office Flops Special Effects You'd Never Guess Aren't CGI Acted So Badly We Can't Forget Them Most Inappropriate PG Movies Of All Time Office Bombs That Somehow Became Cult Classics → us → → is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.


  • Looper  1 years ago

    What other movie roles do you think should've made this list?

  • Austin Fox  2 days ago

    The kid who played in the sixth sense

  • Ur Lovely Physco  1 months ago

    Good Boys lol

  • Maria Alstrup  7 months ago

    imagine being a 16-year-old girl getting to make out with a 21-year-old leo dicaprio

  • Kaneda Shotaro  23 days ago

    Must be terrible

  • Maria Alstrup Life would be a dream

  • Mae_05  8 months ago

    Why wasn’t orphan with Isabell Furman on here. She was like 11 playing a 33 year old psychopath.

  • Zay Taboada  2 months ago


  • MimixLight  2 months ago

    Mae_05 1000th like

  • Muirmaiden  1 years ago

    The sad thing is, there are children in real life who are exposed to these types of situations. Acting and being on a set is completely different than actually living the experience. Most child actors who went on destructive paths (some of whom died young), were traumatized because of something going on behind the scenes, not the content of the films or televisions shows they were in. Most of the child actors featured on this list turned out very well, with a few exceptions, but again, look at their b...

  • Zay Taboada  2 months ago

    Honestly, yes the part about actors being traumatized because of things that happened behind the scenes I understand.. because Corey Feldman & Corey Haim were bestfriends due to being in several films together and behind the scenes of most of their movies together they were molested/raped by the people that were working on the movies and which is why Corey Haim killed himself later on because Corey Feldman was supposed to come out about the incidents with him yet he didn't.

  • Lux Meow  4 months ago

    Exactly, similar to what I wrote.

  • Savannah Robinson  1 years ago

    Personally, I find that movies labeled as "controversial" are the movies that simply portray situations that happen in every day life. For example, child prostitution is something that takes place every day. These movies are just exposing these underground worlds that movie critics and audiences are too sensitive to accept. People are so sensitive these days and want to cover up and hide everything they don't have the stomach for to digest.

  • Aieshoo 1234  8 days ago

    No we are just against children playing roles too dark for them when none of them are old enough to give consent.

  • Kaneda Shotaro  23 days ago

    Preach girl

  • ButterBall  1 years ago

    Young Natalie Portman would have played a good 'Eleven' from "Stranger Things"

  • peachy proncess  3 months ago

    No she would've done better

  • anindita biswas  6 months ago


  • Ima Go Apesht  4 months ago

    “Too young” but yet all of these kids completely knocked these rolls out of the park.

  • Zay Taboada  2 months ago

    @Jae Lo how are you gonna correct him for saying rolls, yet you said "pedifiles"... moron it's pedophiles

  • nonya business  2 months ago

    Jae Lo *pedophile

  • Gay Meets world  1 years ago

    I literally thought the movie was called “the entire cast of kids”

  • Slothlover2 K  4 months ago


  • Abigail :P  5 months ago

    OHHH I GET IT NOW lmao

  • MarquessaBuffy  1 years ago

    I always thought Linda Blair got a super raw deal. Yes it was a good movie and her performance was awesome but she literally fractured her spine! Or to be more clear, THEY broke bones in a child’s body by carelessly rigging the stunt. How is that not still a controversy? A lifetime of pain, beginning at age 13.

  • Jae Lo  3 months ago

    Funny beginning at the age 13 huh?

  • Meli Meow  6 months ago

    Same happened with Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, on one of the falls she hurt her back and it caused her pain all her life... I believe now days there are more laws and procautions in place

  • Jan CW  10 months ago

    Pretty much every kid who's been on Law & Order SVU.

  • juliette zavala  7 months ago

    Jan CW timotheé chalamet