Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors



  • Looper
    Looper  1 years ago +735

    What other movie roles do you think should've made this list?

    • Bella Gonzales
      Bella Gonzales  20 hours ago

      Looper Isabelle Fuhrman in orphan

    • artemis arrow
      artemis arrow  3 days ago

      maybe pick some male child actors?

    • Jackie Loyd
      Jackie Loyd  4 days ago

      The girl next door..the one movie even Stephen king sats he has trouble watching is a true story about a young girl being abused and tortured almost to death that's a little kids who's doing it and that's honestly way worse then half the movies you should on this list..

    • lydiaagizellee
      lydiaagizellee  10 days ago

      Did everyone just forget about American Beauty??

    • lydiaagizellee
      lydiaagizellee  10 days ago

      Looper American Beauty. It always gave me the creeps

  • SJMcFly
    SJMcFly  2 hours ago

    RIP Mac Miller

  • IeatyellowSNO
    IeatyellowSNO  2 hours ago

    The good son was a great movie. For most of these people, their younger role was much better than their adult roles.

  • Shelyna Emerald
    Shelyna Emerald  4 hours ago

    It's crazy how people get angry about Fanning acting a part in Hounddog but when kids are abused in real life, nothing gets done.

  • Andrew Danner
    Andrew Danner  16 hours ago

    Seen it
    seen it
    seen it
    seen it

  • Karin Allen
    Karin Allen  20 hours ago

    I've always wondered about Miko Hughes, who was only three years old when he played the brought-back-from-the-grave-possessed little kid in Pet Sematary. The movie includes shots of him menacing and murdering people that couldn't have been done with fancy editing or a double. He was just old enough, at three, that doing those things would have been some of his earliest memories. I hope he came out sane.

  • Trex The Third
    Trex The Third  23 hours ago

    I reckon the Hebrews are at fault for this

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    What about Once Upon a Time in America

  • I Smell Toast
    I Smell Toast  yesterday

    Sorry like but films involving rape never make me feel better. They bring up bad memories so suddenly im often pushed to the point of being actually sick and shaking. Sometimes its so shocking and inexpected it seems crude and purely cruel to show.

  • Amythyst Parker

    No Shirley Temple movies especially *CURLY TOP* MAKES R KELLY LOOK LIKE _CHILD'S PLAY_ (PUN INTENDED)

  • Miss Victoria
    Miss Victoria  2 days ago +2

    3:38 OMG IT'S BABY FRODO!!!!!!

  • Ultraviolet Morgan

    Cloe Moretz was also in a movie called "Let Me In" which was even more disturbing and had some pedo undertones.

  • naerial
    naerial  3 days ago

    Just ask, does it make children look sexy? Then don't do it.

  • George Barrett
    George Barrett  3 days ago

    “How dare they cast a child in the role of a child.”
    FFS GTFO. This channel seems to thrive on pot stirring.

  • Nakith Nakitah
    Nakith Nakitah  3 days ago +1

    Where is MY LIFE AS A DOG?!

  • Cheza Rose
    Cheza Rose  3 days ago

    The good son is one of the best movies ever

  • Kiyle Kitty
    Kiyle Kitty  3 days ago

    Is that Holland Roden at 00:10

  • Mary eunice
    Mary eunice  3 days ago

    forgot danelle Harris from Halloween 😆😆

  • M.J. Dossey
    M.J. Dossey  3 days ago

    why are the subtitles censored in weird ways? "taken", "ending", "relations"... hard of hearing and Deaf people deserve to be able to understand this video as it was intended. stop censoring subtitles when you don't censor audio.

  • wingedguardian
    wingedguardian  4 days ago

    im surprised mysterious skin wasnt on here, that was messed up and very sad