twenty one pilots - Two - Piece (Episode 01 - Regional at Best: The Web Series)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 23, 2011
  • Episode 01 - "Two - Piece"twenty one pilots and Reel Bear Media present "Regional at Best: The Web Series." Nick comes to terms with life ambitions and expectations and shares his thoughts on a potential career with the band. Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #RegionalAtBest #BehindTheScenes #bts #FueledByRamen


  • trinity
    trinity  4 years ago +2110

    "I just wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people."
    Little would they know...

  • Corn
    Corn  3 years ago +2030

    "I think we can do it." You have no idea, Tyler. You have no idea.

  • Abby Inman
    Abby Inman  2 years ago +1183

    It makes me sad when I see younger Tyler doubting himself

  • TheWeekendarz
    TheWeekendarz  5 years ago +451

    basketball and singing. I'm convinced Tyler is secretly Troy Bolton

  • Val
    Val  3 years ago +1009

    "I think we can do it"
    I think you did it.

  • Twenty One Grapes
    Twenty One Grapes  3 years ago +973

    "But I think we can do it" Tyler Joseph 2011 talking about losing one of his band members "We Did It" Tyler Joseph talking in front of 18,200 people at Madison Square Garden Arena in 2016

  • Alexandria Blue
    Alexandria Blue  3 years ago +721

    "I just, I wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people."
    4 years later
    Sells out Madison Square Garden.

  • A. del Rosario
    A. del Rosario  3 years ago +465

    I'm really not going to lie, this made me tear up a bit. They didn't even realize how big the two of them would get, and now, four years later, they're performing at big time shows like the recent VMAs. Even though I discovered them only a little over a year ago, they've taken over my life. They've given me purpose and worth. Even though they struggled in the beginning, they're the reason why I'm alive. So thank you, twenty one pilots. |-/

  • Twenty Paphonies
    Twenty Paphonies  2 years ago +613

    The fact that this video - our first glimpse at the two piece band we love - has less views than some fan edits and covers...  Wow.  This is the clique.  The true clique.  The clique that will support eachother, and help eachother survive.

  • lauren s.
    lauren s.  3 years ago +853

    Hello to everyone that's binge watching old TØP stuff.

  • Luis X Luis
    Luis X Luis  2 years ago +371

    I would definitely watch a documentary about their songwriting process and all the behind the scenes of the process of creating an album.

  • Snowelon
    Snowelon  3 years ago +744

    "I just wonder is we can put on enough of a show with two people"
    Gets awarded for album and artist of the year.

  • NickyHasNoJams
    NickyHasNoJams  4 years ago +367

    I think it's so cute how Tyler was worried that they might not be entertaining enough because there's only two of them. When he said "I just wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people" I actually kinda laughed because I saw them last month and it was the best concert I have ever been to. I didn't want it to end

  • SetoNova VP
    SetoNova VP  3 years ago +939

    'I just wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people'
    They said this 4 years ago
    Now, in 2016.
    I'm seeing them in 23 days, and I've watched several live videos of theirs.
    They put Josh's drum set on the crowds
    They fire confetti and smoke on the last song
    They have effective lights and a suitable background
    They have various outfits (e.g. The Skeleton outfit, Blurryface, the Ride video outfit, the Stressed Out outfit, etc.)
    They backflip off pianos
    They scream their lungs out and the crowd screams back just as powerfully
    You can feel Josh's kick drum in your bones
    This music is special, as are their live shows, their lyrics, the members, and their fans.

  • Charlize Amelie Cruz
    Charlize Amelie Cruz  3 years ago +285

    You know what I love about TØP? It's the fact that they are themselves. He shouts lyrics into the streets, and the way he dances and feels the music, it's literally everything. Twenty Øne Piløts is the best thing that happened to this generation of twerking and rapping about money and drugs.

  • WalshyMusic
    WalshyMusic  4 years ago +375

    "This all means that Twenty One Pilots is going to be a two piece band"
    The start of something that has become so beautiful over the past years.

  • amanda flores
    amanda flores  3 years ago +119

    "This all basically means twenty one pilots is gonna be a two piece band and we're gonna rely pretty heavily on technology and energy, on strange, to cover up the fact that we're only two people. But I think we can do it. It's just a lot of work. I just wonder if we can put on enough of a show with two people.."
    man were they able to do it.

  • oliviuh a.
    oliviuh a.  3 years ago +255

    When nick low key looks like Keith from buzzfeed

  • EmzSwiggle
    EmzSwiggle  4 years ago +206

    The fact that Tyler ever doubted that him and Josh would be able to 'put on enough of a show' just shows how little confidence in himself he had - even with all of the original line up, Tyler WAS the show. Even to this day he never seems to realise just how vital he is, always shrugging off how much he does. (and obviously Josh also does so so much for the band, but I just find Tyler's obliviousness so ... inspiring, maybe? I just love how humble he is, how little of an ego he has.) x

  • menickperez
    menickperez  3 years ago +163

    And here we are, years later and they just sold out Madison Square Garden in under 12 Hours. INSANE.