Amazing Fastest Homemade Wood Lathe Machines Working - Skills Extreme Wood Cutting Machines Easy

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Amazing Fastest Homemade Wood Lathe Machines Working - Skills Extreme Wood Cutting Machines Easy


  • Геннадий Тищенко

    По моему он выточит карандаш.

    AINOR SOKOLOFF  10 hours ago

    У очкастого кучерявого мужика стальные яйца походу

  • Luis V
    Luis V  21 hours ago

    Those could be made from recycle plastic instead

  • InnocentDoodles
    InnocentDoodles  22 hours ago

    What a waste to do all that turning for a lampshade... can't even use the rest for anything that way wtf

  • jlinkels
    jlinkels  yesterday

    Could you make the playback even faster? Were you afraid we would see what they did?

  • Daniel Greer
    Daniel Greer  yesterday

    That guy is nuts... not even a pair of gloves... I guarantee you this, if the guy did have to wear glasses just to see he would have not had any eye protection... im sitting here still cringing when that first bar almost let loose... He is a helluva craftsman, but im really surprised he has lived this long with all his appendages.

  • Mike Oxhuuj
    Mike Oxhuuj  yesterday

    A lot of cash to make stuff you can buy at the store already made

  • janis ozols
    janis ozols  yesterday

    Чуть-ли не из каждого утюга нас агитируют: Берегите природу, мать вашу! А этот хренов мастер-ломастер извёл целый ствол, чтобы какой-то абажур для торшера выточить. Греты Турберг на него нет!!!

  • rev headz
    rev headz  yesterday

    jessus Christ, that huge block of wood just for a fucking lamp shade?

  • Ayen Legna
    Ayen Legna  2 days ago

    3:46 morri de rir kkkkkkkk

  • وليد الخير
    وليد الخير  2 days ago +1

    What a waste
    60 kg piece of wood to 100 grams light cover

  • Ibrahim Touchan
    Ibrahim Touchan  2 days ago

    ان تتلف جذع شجرة كاملا فقط من اجل ان تعمل غطاء للمبدير قمة الاسراف بالموارد الطبيعية

  • Phú Chung
    Phú Chung  2 days ago

    Trees .. wood :(

  • Reg Tennyson
    Reg Tennyson  3 days ago

    Stupid dangerous worker

  • alfdo156
    alfdo156  3 days ago

    Sabes lo que es la ecologia? ☹



  • LittleSasquatch
    LittleSasquatch  3 days ago +1

    Very cool video! Sometimes I wish that the name of the tree wood was given so we could learn the different types of trees and how the wood looks inside after they are cut!

  • North Dakota
    North Dakota  3 days ago

    Is the guy with the thick glasses still alive?