Off The Pill - Babies and Theybies!?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • It's been a while since I've done one of these and yeah.. it may also be the last one lol.
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  • Bizarre Noob
    Bizarre Noob  20 hours ago

    Why so peopl liek babies so much the actually dont look cute in and way and rathr sensitiev and les inteligetn and maybbb a waste o well have fun wit ur baby that wil burn ur money off

  • Jie Lafuente
    Jie Lafuente  21 hours ago

    the world should hear this😀

  • MattTheMighty
    MattTheMighty  2 days ago

    anyone else searching for angry comments?

  • Alishba Zehra
    Alishba Zehra  3 days ago


  • Jyoti Raut
    Jyoti Raut  3 days ago

    I really love ryan's off the pill videos

  • Menacingchook
    Menacingchook  4 days ago

    I, I swanged on the swing

  • savetheturtles 21

    6:59 is how it feels to me when I talk to my little sister, but even more difficult because she mumbles and is very quiet 😂

  • France Magadia
    France Magadia  14 days ago

    Also, th parents are going to totally eliminate the concept of gender from the baby, then expecting them to decide what gender they want to be... without actually teaching them about genders?

  • France Magadia
    France Magadia  14 days ago

    I'm LGBTQ+ and I completeky agree. I think raising theybies is quite similar to raising "cis-assumed/cispassing" folk. Like, you force children to follow certain gender stereotypes anyway, except now instead of male babes being boys and female babes being girls, it's more like babies being strictly nonbinary. It's still a gender stereotype. Covered in gray colored clothing? Being androgynous? Maybe it's just a stretch, but nonbinary people don't have to dress THAT certain agender way, and gender expression is completely different from gender identity. I just hate it that people still stick to gender roles and stereotypes while trying to destroy that stigma! Legit just clothe babies with any kind of clothing and any color or any fashion whatever you want, whatever's not going to make people bully them (because we still live in a heteronormative society anyway), and let them decide their own identity when they grow up knowing what aesthetic they want. smfh

  • LYZ
    LYZ  14 days ago +1

    Awwww.......I can't even find one hate comment.......

  • - itsDoodleduhh -
    - itsDoodleduhh -  21 days ago +4

    “theybies” “deybies” “teybies”

    me: diabetes

  • Dominic Howarth
    Dominic Howarth  21 days ago

    Is Arden pregsss?????

  • Xyzo Don
    Xyzo Don  21 days ago +2

    Dear ryan, why is that everytime theres a cut in the video you look to your right.

  • C C
    C C  1 months ago +1

    I feel like this might give them gender dysphoria, like, the opposite of what they want.

  • JoA
    JoA  1 months ago

    What the hell is rabies? Are they retarded or someting? Call it what normal people call it please. Babies.

  • Lenny
    Lenny  1 months ago +2

    and that’s why you adopt

  • un gecko sauvage
    un gecko sauvage  1 months ago


  • Sophie Soong
    Sophie Soong  1 months ago +3

    5-year-old kid Ryan: I went on the swings... and I... swing... and... and I swinged... and I swingded... and then there was a gween ball, and the ball was gween, so it was, it was gween, and it was.. it was..
    Ryan: Loses all rationality IT"S GREEN YOU IDIOT!
    Me: Dies Laughing
    But seriously, Ryan is one of the most creative YouTubers and one of the only YouTubers who has been on YouTube for so long and can still put out interesting, quality content.
    Full respect to Ryan and the rest of RHPC.

    also, l can't be the only one rewatching this in 2019.

  • hob
    hob  1 months ago

    as someone who grew up raised with the 'I don't see race' ideology, it hurt as a brown girl when people were racist and I couldn't understand what was going on. I think that although race and gender are different, raising your kids without any idea of gender can put them in a position where they don't know how to defend themselves. being taught that you're a whatever whoever and should never feel ashamed of it can be beneficial.

  • KingTigerFire
    KingTigerFire  1 months ago

    I am a newborn and offended