Off The Pill - Babies and Theybies!?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  • It's been a while since I've done one of these and yeah.. it may also be the last one lol.
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  • Zoe Bevan
    Zoe Bevan  7 minutes ago

    I love off the pill

  • GalaxyRoze Does Stuff

    i agree with the idea of hating babies too Ryan!

  • PeraltaThatsEnough !!!

    I think parents should tell the child what gender they are but not to force it down on them so they can choose what yet want to be

  • whitney gundu
    whitney gundu  19 hours ago

    I had missed your off the pill rants loool !!!

  • Madison H
    Madison H  yesterday

    You know as a trans person I agree with all of this

  • G F
    G F  yesterday

    I'm with you. Newborns look not quite done. Unfinished. :P

  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer  yesterday +1

    More vids
    Edit : Off the Pill vids 💊

  • the pugamer
    the pugamer  yesterday

    I am a kid . And you were a kid

  • Frances Pelagio
    Frances Pelagio  2 days ago

    What about their private part

  • ivy s
    ivy s  2 days ago

    holy shit i remember off the pill!! omg pls bring this back

  • Mia Niguidula
    Mia Niguidula  2 days ago

    First of all i cant believe this is an actual thing wth and second of all wen he said look it up i thort he said lick it up 😂 idk either dudes jus ignor this comment 😂

  • Irena M
    Irena M  2 days ago


  • Eric Kariuki
    Eric Kariuki  2 days ago

    i knew 12x12 when i was 5

  • PepsiMan
    PepsiMan  2 days ago


  • TBNR Anda
    TBNR Anda  2 days ago +1

    He says he isn’t afraid to do this series. Doesn’t post it again.

  • TFAE
    TFAE  2 days ago

    As a baby, I take a full offense to this video. Take the video down or I will swat and sue you.

  • sickboyandy
    sickboyandy  2 days ago

    As a trans person in the LGBT community, I agree with you. Babies are too stupid

  • ObeyTRG
    ObeyTRG  2 days ago

    I like these do more please

  • Anaum Abbasi
    Anaum Abbasi  2 days ago

    I remember watching off the pill aaaages ago I’m so glad it’s back

  • Matthew Swiderski

    "Why are all our hands all up in the air like this when we talk?" -Ryan Higa
    We can always trust Ryan to ask the real questions