Andrew Luck retires from the NFL | SportsCenter

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • Adam Schefter says Andrew Luck did not know the news of his retirement had broken while he was on the sideline for the Indianapolis Colts' preseason game vs. the Chicago Bears. Schefter says no one knows if Luck will stay retired, but for now, the game has worn him down. He also says that he expects the Colts to go after a veteran QB to replace Luck.

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  • Bill Bear
    Bill Bear  21 days ago

    Adam Schaffner is an unprofessional little bitch that needs to get his ass knocked out!

    IXI SHADES IXI  21 days ago

    Adam Schefter, dude I get it that your thing is to break insider news. But seriously, you could of sat on this one and let Luck break the news himself and not have it trickle out during a preseason game. Luck handled this the right way and told upper management first and then was gonna have a press conference, but Adam had to go and screw that up. I get it that is your job, but sometimes a little respect should be considered. Smh

  • Lt. Mav
    Lt. Mav  21 days ago

    Adam Shit have no class by reporting this during preseason game.

  • Jon Jonas
    Jon Jonas  21 days ago +1

    Indianapolis colts O and 16 this season !

  • Rex II ForSure
    Rex II ForSure  21 days ago

    Those big shots who feel like the center of the universe because “I didn’t quit...”, “I played for 20 years...”, I I I... everything should be measured according to those rat finks? well they should stuff it and shut their mouths. It’s Luck’s decision to make and nobody else is going to look out for his best interest.

  • Kadra Barre
    Kadra Barre  21 days ago

    Andrew luck 0 MVP 0 super bowls, 2 or 3 playoff wins in 7 years, overrated

  • Kadra Barre
    Kadra Barre  21 days ago

    Russell Wilson didn't have a o-line for 4 full years,Russell been hit more times and still outlast Andrew luck

  • Kadra Barre
    Kadra Barre  21 days ago

    andrew luck was always overated russell wilson is the best qb from 2012 draft

  • idontknow1919
    idontknow1919  21 days ago

    How about Adam Shefter he couldn't wait until the game was over ? Talk about no shame no class.

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq  21 days ago

    Andrew Luck is a class act.

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall  21 days ago

    Tank for tua begina

  • S. Tea'you-vee
    S. Tea'you-vee  21 days ago

    Go play tiddlywinks, you loser.

    GAMEZSTAA  21 days ago

    Andrew Luck had a great career. Sometimes you have to know when to quit. His body couldn't take anymore.

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac  28 days ago

    WOW he had a grand total of 4 career playoff wins and only a 60% completion average and people talk about him like he was Tom Brady or John Elway

    Highly Over-Rated

  • Flynn Zero
    Flynn Zero  28 days ago

    Here come the leftist cries for Colin again. Maybe it will serve him right to go to the Colts and get his brains kicked in every snap.

  • Rick A
    Rick A  28 days ago

    ESPN needs to get out of the sports business, since they know nothing about sports or human beings. And now folks ESPN will go back to destroying a 19 year old, 1st round NBA draft pick because he........???????

  • Randy Koney
    Randy Koney  28 days ago

    Is anybody questioning the bad timing of this league rocking news? I want to know if it was in Adam Schefter's power to allow Luck to announce this info himself? I think Adam Schefter is the best NFL reporter in the business, when they showed it was the real Adam Schefter that was releasing this info I knew it was true. That's what we all think of who Adam is as a reporter. I just think the timing of it was bad. I think a player should be able to announce their own retirement. I just really would like to hear from Adam on this, was it in his power to withhold the tweet and allow Luck to address the fans. I think that would have softened the blow to the Colts nation and the backlash towards Luck. Anyone else?

  • Ernesto james
    Ernesto james  28 days ago

    More shocking than uncle Rico retiring after he threw a football through those mountains🌈🤷‍♂️

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    This caught me off guard still cant believe it.

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy  28 days ago

    ESPN has no class anymore. You got Luck BOO'd his last day.