The Nigel Farage Show: 21st August 2019 - LBC

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • Tonight Nigel is asking: Should we keep, or scrap HS2?

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  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts  21 days ago

    HS2 = An affectation, nothing more, nothing less.

  • anthony smith
    anthony smith  28 days ago

    Boris is trying to change the Conservatives into the Brexit Party? What then Nigel, and I fully support you,. Tony

  • Chris R
    Chris R  1 months ago

    HS2 will cost 100 billion+. Deliberate under estimate. Spend it on existing network where upgrade and laying track ripped up makes sense.

  • Rob Linnell
    Rob Linnell  1 months ago

    You make a withdrawal agreement with the EU and it means you're still beholden to the EU. That's not leaving! You must leave WITHOUT a deal, or you're not leaving!

  • Paul Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds  1 months ago

    Boris will come back from Germany waving a piece of paper and chanting “Peace in our time!”

  • Hot Hands
    Hot Hands  1 months ago

    Are you a destabilising force or a Koont?

  • Iain P
    Iain P  1 months ago

    Capacity and reliability are far more important then a high speed rail line ,, typical our politicians in No.10 .. half witted and out of touch with reality , cancel HS2 and deliver a better service .

  • snowmansid
    snowmansid  1 months ago

    Spend it on the roads, parking and better infrastructure for the charging of the electric cars and trucks they want us to drive.

  • Izzy True
    Izzy True  1 months ago

    Mr Farage, so surprised to see you here. I thought you were so busy over in the USA selling our NHS to Trump.

  • mrsthelens1
    mrsthelens1  1 months ago

    if it was all private money i bet it would cost half the price of public money, they dont half milk it

  • shayne n
    shayne n  1 months ago

    86 billion on a descent police force and NHS... not a train.. a train for the elite.. is the hs2 so tall so that the elite can look down on us pleds,,,

  • tin soldier
    tin soldier  1 months ago

    Immigrants travel in UK in minibuses driven and owned by illegal immigrants... UK is a shameful shithole.

  • Thirdfish
    Thirdfish  1 months ago +1

    HS2 is a waste of cash = 100 billion pounds paid for by making people work until they are 75 years old.
    So if the Tories need the Brexit party will the Brexit party agree to HR2?

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones  1 months ago

    HS2 is the same as the Overseas aid and the EU money, just another way to transfer tax payers money into private big business so MPs can get "consultation fees".

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones  1 months ago

    Boris will announce at the last second that the Irish backstop has been dropped and that we are signing Treason May's slave treaty. Nigel you better be up for the fight. We need the Brexit Party Ltd now more than ever.

  • Marconi Greenwood
    Marconi Greenwood  1 months ago

    Just how much did the hedge funds pay farridge for falsely and prematurely conceding the referendum result.

  • Scott Fleming
    Scott Fleming  1 months ago

    Boris has bossed the German and French boss in their own back yards....stunning performances I say

  • rastabarwell
    rastabarwell  1 months ago

    Don't trust bozo. He's flying around Europe, recieving his orders from the Gustapo EU dictatorship, just like weak-ass May the betrayer did. Sniviling little liar.

  • Truth Not Fake News
    Truth Not Fake News  1 months ago

    You should be saying thank you God , as Trump thinks he is one...

  • terry terrence
    terry terrence  1 months ago

    Does anyone (Apart from the Government) Want this?