President Trump Claims He Draws a Larger Crowd Than Beyonce and Jay-Z

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • The president is taking on Beyoncé, bragging that he is a bigger draw than the singer. A capacity crowd of 10,000 people packed The Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Thursday. Trump said it was just like his election rallies, boasting his crowds were bigger than Hillary Clinton’s even when she brought out her A-list supporters. “She'd bring in Beyoncé and then Jay-Z, they were drawing crowds were smaller than my crowds,” he claimed.


  • hmmm humblÈ
    hmmm humblÈ  18 days ago

    owning liberals epic style ben shapiro default dance

  • Seth Mouton
    Seth Mouton  24 days ago

    I loose brain cells every time talks.

  • lencie wtf
    lencie wtf  1 months ago

    Hes just so old he clearly hasn't gone to a concert before ? Because if you think 10,000 is a large crowd you need to see singers stadium tours and then tell us after .

  • louis borselio
    louis borselio  1 months ago

    Hillary average crowd size without celebrities: 200
    Hillary average crowd size WITH celebrities: 2000
    Trump average crowd size without celebrities: 20,000
    Trump average crowd size WITH celebrities: 20,000

  • louis borselio
    louis borselio  1 months ago

    Once again liberal media spins its lies and mentally deficient sheep believe it. Trump never said his crowds were bigger than Beyonce's and/or Jay-Z's. He was referring to the fact that regardless of Hillary bringing out these celebrities she still couldn't get a crowd anywhere close to the size of Trump's.

  • Zipporah Tefari
    Zipporah Tefari  2 months ago

    Why he always talking bout black people and don't compare yourself to the Queen she has talent you don't she will always have bigger crowd than you

  • Bia silva
    Bia silva  2 months ago

    Beyoncé representa a esquerda aqui no Brasil....

  • walt686868
    walt686868  3 months ago

    I don’t know what’s more depressing...the fact that Trump is president, or that fact that Beyonce is so popular and considered a role model and an icon.

  • Sin-Mtz
    Sin-Mtz  3 months ago

    He should get his head out of his ass every once in a while and breath fresh air.

  • Sansa June
    Sansa June  3 months ago


  • subent
    subent  4 months ago +1

    Fake news anyone?

  • Perversion
    Perversion  4 months ago +1

    wtf is this fake news HE NEVER HE SAID HE HAS A BIGGER CROWD THAN Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!

  • bluerivage
    bluerivage  4 months ago

    those 50,000 people should get their money back! LOL!

  • School Is
    School Is  4 months ago

    I’m a single trumps a stupid lady

  • Naaman M.
    Naaman M.  4 months ago +1

    Trump did have more people, if you subtract the 40 - 50 thousand undocumented immigrants who attended the Beyonce concert illegally...

  • Randall Lannon
    Randall Lannon  4 months ago +2

    He wasn't talking about a concert, he was talking about political rallies morons!

    • bluerivage
      bluerivage  4 months ago +1

      Exactly! They have to keep feeding the mindless Marxist sheeple fed with the narrative!

  • Clout
    Clout  4 months ago

    now know DAMN well he did not just compare his crowd to Beyoncé’s.

  • Genius Mind
    Genius Mind  4 months ago

    Trump will always be beat by queen bee

  • Berenice Soto
    Berenice Soto  4 months ago

    His life is a whole lie 💀😂

  • ItzYaBoiDru
    ItzYaBoiDru  4 months ago