11:11 an original song in a car when it's raining

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • 11:11 an original song in a car when it's raining

    i hope you guys enjoy!!!! lemme know what you think:))) what should i write abt next??
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    LOVE U ALL SOO MUCH xxxx tate



  • Zahra S
    Zahra S  an hour ago

    She’s beautiful no homo

  • Gt3123
    Gt3123  2 hours ago

    You glowed up 🤗😯

  • Josephine Rauø
    Josephine Rauø  5 hours ago

    When is this song on Spotify?

  • DJ EsMS Every song is MY SONG

    OMG I am 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 so hard lol and I finally had MYSELF composed...lol. Now girl. WOW. You just don't know how much I needed this right now! Thank GOD the stove clock is set just a lil bit fast cuz it said 11:11 and the power of synchronicity has been chasing me so it's no longer weird or scary...AMAZES ME! I took a pic CUZ 727(MY BDAY), 444, 9, AND THE OTHERS I HAVEN'T kept a log of them all...almost jumped out my skin when I had to do it again. as I finally sat down for a bagel and oatmeal I felt tears welling up and that lil feeling in my throat which made me...not even wanna eat no mo...so I look at my phone 11:11...STILL??? NAW BOO GOD IS so REAL!!! CAPTURED that sign I prayed for last night then just like that type in 11:11 right F🤬 synchronicity I had to hurry and find out the significance cuz by now I feel tears welling up and a lil feeling in my throat made me not even wanna eat no mo...I WAS HUNGRY FOR THE TRUTH, SOME WISDOM, AND A REASON TO WANNA KEEP ON LIVING!!!SO WHEN I LOOKED AND SAW THE TIME 11:11...STILL??? I SAID NAWWWWWWW BOO GOD IS REAL!!! CAPTURED!!! That sign I prayed for last night 11:11 which I still don't know WTF IT MEANS LOL CUZ YOU POPPED UP 1ST. Now I am thanking God for you, this very moment, for all the pain and hurt I feel...your music transformed tears into triumphant victory!!! Your beautiful voice made me close my eyes to see why I gotta keep pushing OMG YOU just powerfully impacted all that is in store...for me. I pray my music and mixes can soothe souls like mine... weary, but faithful and hopeful because I know God has a plan for me. Thank you so much. Ok lol gonna look it up now...lol (big ole EXHALE)👑🤩😍😘💋🤑🕌💚

  • Danna Lopez
    Danna Lopez  20 hours ago

    For some reason you sound like Zhavia ward😍

  • Partners in crime L squared

    She seems so sad in this😭

  • Husky Love
    Husky Love  yesterday +1

    "Guess im relying on this very second, 11:11"

    You get me where only a few people can ❤

  • elisa dsouza
    elisa dsouza  yesterday

    Idk if anyone realizes but in almost every song she apologizes in the lyrics 🥺 (not saying it’s a bad thing I just realized it)

  • ramen candy
    ramen candy  yesterday

    I’m in a car right now lol

  • King Jireh
    King Jireh  yesterday

    i remeber this u was on the first minute where this was posted

  • crazy _1
    crazy _1  yesterday

    Tate you look beautiful and really very pretty when u don't apply heavy make up

  • Scarlets World
    Scarlets World  2 days ago +1

    “ I know lately Been making you hate me for all that I am”
    Relatable 💔

  • xoelizexo
    xoelizexo  2 days ago +1

    This hit hard 🥺✌🏼

  • Angelic Dxnut
    Angelic Dxnut  2 days ago

    11:11 ..

  • Jewel Yim
    Jewel Yim  2 days ago +1

    this needs to get famousssss idcccc

  • Alex
    Alex  2 days ago +1

    girl. same.

  • Jade‘sRainbowWorld _Gacha

    Pls Spotify

  • Alisa Potapova
    Alisa Potapova  3 days ago +2

    all her songs hit me like a cannonball

  • Ava McMichael
    Ava McMichael  3 days ago

    U need to put these on Apple Music

  • Josi W
    Josi W  3 days ago +2

    I'm listening to this literally every day. please put it on spotify asap tate <3