All My Love (lyrics) - Why Don't We

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 2, 2017
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    Sorry if some lyrics are wrong.

    Why Don't We
    snapchat - whydontwemusic

    Jonah Marais
    snapchat - jonahmarais

    Corbyn Besson
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    Daniel Seavey
    snapchat - danielcv

    Jack Avery
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    Zach Herron
    snapchat - zach_herr0n


  • Destiny Spicer
    Destiny Spicer  yesterday

    Why Don't We has ALL MY LOVE

  • Prerna Kumari
    Prerna Kumari  2 days ago

    Daniel's and Jack's part were the best!

  • Josaiahs channel
    Josaiahs channel  2 days ago

    My sister likes Jack

  • Naydelin Batres
    Naydelin Batres  14 days ago

    Oof zach!!!!😏😚😚😚

    FORTNITE Joey  14 days ago

    Zach might be the youngest but he has a perfect voice-

  • Brenda przzz
    Brenda przzz  14 days ago

    Daniel 😍😍😍

  • •I•S•A•B•E•L•L•A

    This is Daniel’s song to apple juice

  • Shorty Legend
    Shorty Legend  1 months ago

    Still? Waiting? on a? music video? for this??? Like hello...

  • Chloe Ewing
    Chloe Ewing  1 months ago

    You guys,are killing,how can you sing like angels?!?!Seriously these guys are the miracles.And you guys are so kind and nice.AND weird.i love it !!

  • Minty_ Limelight
    Minty_ Limelight  2 months ago +1

    I hope I'm not the only one who likes the VERY begining better than the rest of the song..... 😂

  • jasiahisalimelight Jackson

    All of my love @ll my love dat part tho

  • Bernard Akpojotor
    Bernard Akpojotor  2 months ago


  • Siliva Ramirez
    Siliva Ramirez  2 months ago +1

    Who love carbon l do 💕❤️

  • Jordan Henderson
    Jordan Henderson  2 months ago +2

    When zach singing and it look that he is going for a hug i wanna go give him a hug

  • Tia Duffy
    Tia Duffy  2 months ago +1

    now why is zachs voice perfect for the chorus ?😍😍😍

  • Destiny Spicer
    Destiny Spicer  2 months ago

    I love Why Don't We so much I listen too the same songs every day.😍💗💞💕💖❤️

  • Norah Barber
    Norah Barber  2 months ago

    One thing to say: ZACH WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT AT SINGING???!!!????? 💕😂💕😂

  • mini musketeer 767
    mini musketeer 767  2 months ago +2

    Zach:ALLL offffff my love
    Me:for me ok thank you I'll take it all and keep it
    Zach: wait what I didn-
    Me:that's enough I'll take it and go
    Zach:ok ok bye mind this bee is crazy

  • Linda Beyda
    Linda Beyda  2 months ago

    Why does Jonah have like 4 lines?? 😢😭😢

  • Leon Medina
    Leon Medina  2 months ago

    ZACH HERRON. JACK AVERY. Should make a Jachary song lol