Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  •"THE EXPEDITION WENT WRONG": by Glitch-Artist Chepertom (instagram @chepertomz); Cinematography by Adam DJ Laity (@adjlaity and Eric Esterle (@ericesterlephoto)Lyrics added by: Chris Shelley @create#ArianaGrande #imagine


  • Abbie Rachel  3 months ago

    Producer: what background do you want for this video?Ariana: global warming

  • •Iced Swirl•  13 hours ago

    John Tovar What’s it like getting regular texts from god? Is he a calling or texting person?..

  • •Iced Swirl•  13 hours ago

    And bad connection 😂

  • Juliette Paris  2 months ago

    was trying to fix the video quality for 3 mins and 30 seconds...

  • Jamiyah Dickens  17 hours ago

    Juliette Paris ikr I was like what the heck 😂😂

  • Nicolly Oliveira  7 days ago

    Juliette Paris KSKDKDKKDKDKLL

  • Marta Choińska  2 months ago

    Ariana vs Justin BieberAriana-likeJustin-Comment

  • Get off My swamp  16 hours ago

    Im just commenting so it gets to 69 replies

  • Nataly  1 months ago

    Ariana: bad wifi Producer: say no more

  • Neo Lubisi  8 days ago


  • Ramus  14 days ago


  • B Dalipid  2 months ago

    This song is underrated.

  • Bri Hi  22 hours ago

    B Dalipid big facts

  • B Dalipid  6 days ago

    Alec Kushmerek you got reported

  • Roman Nieto  1 months ago

    Producer: how high do you want your high note?Ariana: Yes.

  • NJ223Gaming  6 days ago

    Can we stop using this meme please

  • Love of dua lipa  9 days ago

    she doesnt use auto-tune. so you got it wrong.

  • Corey Louie  1 months ago

    Ariana didn't say "yuh" onceYou don't have to imagine it

  • Corey Louie wait really

  • Abby Lewis  3 months ago

    Ariana: Hits whistle notes flawlessly😍🎶Me: Tries to hit whistle notes but sounds like a dying cat....Edit: omg thanks for the likes I’ve never gotten this many likes before 😃

  • Imacookiey girl  5 days ago

    I am literally dying from your comment😂😂😂😂😂😀😀

  • Mama Mia!  10 days ago

    Technically it wasn’t flawlessly, you can tell it was really forced and short which isn’t something that it shouldn’t really sound like

  • *thelittlejoker*  1 months ago

    *2018: Bubbles & bubbly**2019 Bottles & Bubbles*

  • OLYA F  2 days ago

    *thelittlejoker* 7 rings🥰

  • veliqsta  11 days ago

    anna ou-

  • Samantha Smith  2 months ago

    Such a beautiful song, cried the 1st time I listened to it😭1 like= 1,000,000,000,000 hearts to Ariana ❤️ (Imagine)

  • Neo Lubisi  8 days ago

    ariana you are so beautiful and cute i love you it's me Vanessa I watch you music video every day 😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️