MASSIVE Japanese Curry & GOLD Green Tea(Matcha) Ice Cream in Kyoto Japan

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 27, 2017
  • I went to Go Go Curry in Kyoto Japan for their World Champion curry that comes in at over 5 pounds! Then went for some green tea matcha ice cream with GOLD.►Subscribe for more videos about food!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: MikeychenxPeriscope: Mikexingchen~Send stuff at our PO Box!Mike Chen PO Box 610Middletown, NY 10940Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!


    SLY LUIGI  2 years ago +483

    "hey you guys hear it"
    yeah my stomach growling 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Koree T
    Koree T  2 years ago +574

    I wish I could eat that much without gaining.

  • Ryan Stephen
    Ryan Stephen  2 years ago +693

    Small edible gold sheets don't cost as much as you think it's actually pretty cheap

  • [ D3DNS1D3 ]
    [ D3DNS1D3 ]  2 years ago +80

    you really gotta travel with your own hot oil/sauce. step your travel game up mikey!

  • Roshill K
    Roshill K  2 years ago +188

    I have been eating gold covered stuff since my childhood. So I can tell you that Gold taste irony and of nothing tbh. Its basically a fancy color to entice the rich. Its a neutral substance is very stable so it doesn't react with anything.

  • deeprose4
    deeprose4  2 years ago +265

    Noooo!! I wanted to see COCO Curry.....

  • Carly Wang
    Carly Wang  2 years ago +43

    You should go to CoCo curry in Tokyo! Martina and Simon live by that place like it's their bible.

  • Pomaikai
    Pomaikai  2 years ago +13

    That is not shrimp tempura, it is shrimp fry *ebi fry". The batter is panko, like pork katsu (tonkatsu) and chicken katsu. Tempura uses a different batter and we never eat tempura with curry rice.

  • Shaul Aston
    Shaul Aston  2 years ago +62

    You know when Mike closes his eyes after the first taste the food it's about to be lit

  • J A S
    J A S  2 years ago +18

    I would love to go to Japan and eat Ramen, Curry... they all look so appealing ☺

  • Levi
    Levi  2 years ago +332

    Wait... Harambe restaurant? And they have Ramen?
    HaRamenbe confirmed? :o

  • 9MUSES_Mine
    9MUSES_Mine  2 years ago +64

    Curry looked closer to jajangmyeon sauce 😂

  • Jennifer Ou
    Jennifer Ou  2 years ago +10

    Lol pork katsudan.... Yuri on ice fans???

  • juvi77
    juvi77  7 days ago +1

    Hey Mike thanks for the review. I figured I had to wait to go to Japan to get some Go Go Curry, but it turns out they recently opened one here in Houston and it was sooooo good!!

  • Jun Virtudazo
    Jun Virtudazo  3 months ago +4

    let's all remind ourselves that Matt Stonie ate 2 of those

  • Cooking With Cows
    Cooking With Cows  2 years ago +2

    that's like 10 cents worth of gold :P

  • lthuang
    lthuang  2 days ago

    I miss these videos where you didn't just poke your food for 15 minutes and describe it for way too much time.

  • frzsks
    frzsks  2 years ago +15

    BTW mikey, those aren't tempura they're ebi katsu

  •  2 years ago +10

    today i am prepared, already have food ready so i dont get hungry from watching this

  • Jay Torres
    Jay Torres  2 years ago +11

    finished that plate like a champ!