Ever Taste Cow Intestine Recipe? Beef Tripe? MOST TASTY Bangali Beef Bot Cuisine | Goru Vuri Cooking

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • Best ever Bengali Cuisine? Most tasty recipe is intestine recipe?

    Definitely. Because in our country, no one found who does not like Cow Intestine curry/fry (except very few).

    Cow or goat intestine/beef tripe is one of the most common but huge tasty recipe in our country. It is very difficult and time consuming job to clean the intestine and make ready to cook. That's why, people very rarely eat this food at their house but city people easily can take this from street food which we called beef bot or goat bot. But most of the street food keeper do not clean the Intestine properly, that's why from street, we should be conscious to eat.

    Today we have brought a ox intestine from our village market. Then we cleaned and cooked this for our village kids. We have tried to capture every necessary parts to be captured for you.

    Cooking process and ingredients needed is same as like beef meat.

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    Cow Intestine
    Red potato
    Green Chili
    Garlic & Ginger Paste
    Cinnamon Sticks Paste
    Cardamon Paste
    Cumin Seeds Paste
    Fried Cumin Seeds Powder
    Red Chili Powder
    Coriander Powder
    Turmeric Powder
    Cooking Oil


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