Brad Garlinghouse FULL CNBC Interview! Japan Creating International Cryptocurrency System! +FUD BUST

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
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  • michael zimmer
    michael zimmer  6 months ago

    That’s crazy BG totally made WU CEO throw up in his own mouth!

  • michael zimmer
    michael zimmer  6 months ago

    You cannot chart XRP yet. Yeah you can draw pictures on the chart and speculate but there is not enough “natural crowd push”for psychological/emotional, natural strategic push on price. There are mechanical forces seems to be dictating range of price.

  • Alex G
    Alex G  6 months ago

    Santander Consumer not with ripple?

  • david allison
    david allison  6 months ago

    I wonder how many customers Youtube has?...And Maybe we need a Youtube Coin...So we can get paid for watching video commercials.
    Think about it.

  • J.T. Marlin
    J.T. Marlin  6 months ago

    Breaking news!!! Cryptoslate interviews The janitor at ripple😂

  • Crypto Ninja
    Crypto Ninja  6 months ago

    Can as many people as possible post the below message on as many US gov Twitter or Youtube sites as possible. I do not think the Gov are involved with Ripple (apart from working with them for regulations etc), so let us highlight to the world how dumb they are.  Now is the time to spread the word, while Congress are evaluating Blockchain more and can no longer ignore it....  START MESSAGE:   It amazes me to see how stupid people can be. Ripple already invented the best Blockchain product ever created. Ripple's David Schwartz‏ is the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of the Blockchain space (simular to Cardano's Charles Hoskinson). Ripple is also a US company with HQ in the US. Therefore, how are the USA government so blind or dumb not to have endorsed XRP / Ripple already and adopted XRP as an official tech? Facebook coin is a joke and an attempt to overthrow the USD; whereas XRP / Ripple's goal is not to overtake the world with Zuck Bucks, but to instead work with the exsisting financial system to take it into the next century. Please can someone educate the dumb ass government.   END MESSAGE

  • PenguinWhispererThe
    PenguinWhispererThe  6 months ago

    STOP INTERRUPTING. Not even FIVE seconds before you need to interrupt.

  • shark bait
    shark bait  6 months ago

    I call your bs

  • CitizenXRP
    CitizenXRP  6 months ago

    price will come with utilization...we're well on the way.

  • Matt Laroche
    Matt Laroche  6 months ago +2

    I still hope for the “dozens of Bank in 2019”

  • M A
    M A  6 months ago

    But I have to admit .. your chart is noise-free .. crisp , clean and clear enough

  • M A
    M A  6 months ago

    Not a big deal .. best scenario to test resistance and dip again !

  • Warren B. Jobs
    Warren B. Jobs  6 months ago

    lol you really think him using the phrase level playing means anything, lmao

  • Joel Leer
    Joel Leer  6 months ago

    Love XRP But Apollo is kicking ASS!!!

  • Steven Klein
    Steven Klein  6 months ago +2

    If XRP hits over 1$ again i will buy a 2.000$ rack mount server to run a rippled validator and connect it to my 500Mbit/s internet connection!

  • Simon Radford
    Simon Radford  6 months ago

    Question (If anyone can help): I am thinking of purchasing a hardware wallet to store my crypto, the item I am looking at is the SecuX W20. Part of the operation of such a device requires connection to the SecuX website wallet to view the assets that you hold and allow transfers and receipts of crypto. My question is does connecting to such an online wallet pose an danger? Is it possible for that company to steal funds or read your keys/passphrases when you connect? Any help would be appreciated if anyone understands BIP32 more than me.

  • I Bought Charlie Lee's Bags

    I would like to go to swell. I'm sure it will be a swell time.

    DAN SKI  6 months ago

    Hi all. Thanks Alex.

  • Robert Bluni
    Robert Bluni  6 months ago

    Crypto Eri addressed Yoshitaka stepping down from the org. He did it for the betterment of the org. He is still head of SBI

  • Ви Ка
    Ви Ка  6 months ago

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