Troye Sivan - DKLA ft Tkay Maidza (Lyric Video) ft. Tkay Maidza

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 21, 2015
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    [Intro: Troye Sivan]
    Wrapped my thoughts around your mind
    Wrapped your body around mine

    [Verse 1: Troye Sivan]
    Play it back and press rewind
    To when you traced your fingers, drew my spine
    Lost its beat and so I find
    I starve my heart of touch and time

    [Chorus: Troye Sivan]
    So what do I do now?
    I don't keep love around
    So what do I do now?
    I don't keep love around
    What do I do now?
    I don't keep love around, love around
    Love around, love around

    [Verse 2: Troye Sivan]
    When we tried it, we were a fire with no smoke
    Rags to riches but I'm addicted to being broken
    You take my breath away, you know I'm bound to choke
    When I close my eyes. I still see your ghost

    So what do I do now?
    I don't keep love around
    So what do I do now?
    I don't keep love around
    What do I do now?
    I don't keep love around, love around
    Love around, love around

    [Bridge: Troye Sivan]
    I don't keep love around, ye-eah
    I don't keep love around, ooh yeah
    I don't keep love around
    Love around
    Love around

    [Verse 3: Tkay Maidza]
    They can't stand, I handstand
    Don't hold on right anymore
    Pleased to meet you, I'm kinda moved
    But that last one was my antidote
    Green eyes, become green times
    But there is no first or a last chance
    They're telling me to turn down
    Cause I'm so lit, recall Flash Dance?
    Only A1 and I stay 1
    And I'm counting out for that day when
    Residuals become imminent
    Cause failure is not pivotal
    They just be asking the same
    Try switch it up, I switch lanes
    No love in this world, I’m still sane
    Right? Because that's enough?
    When the light on and you don't keep love

    [Outro: Troye Sivan]
    "Distance makes the heart grow fonder’"
    Said by someone stronger than me
    So what do I do now? Do now?
    So what do I do now?
    I don't keep love around anymore
    I don't keep love around anymore
    I don't keep, I don't keep
    Love around

    Written by Troye Sivan
    Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd

    Made by: Made In Katana

    Music video by Troye Sivan performing DKLA. (C) 2015 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.


  • Duval Diamandis
    Duval Diamandis  7 days ago


  • Myriah Wiseman
    Myriah Wiseman  14 days ago

    i thought about there are people who probably put the lyrics in the comments of this video

  • Rhynesha Thomas
    Rhynesha Thomas  14 days ago

    I heard this in a mash up , but by itself the song is beautiful

  • ARMY4ever kookie
    ARMY4ever kookie  21 days ago

    U N D E R R A T E D

  • hollie brooke
    hollie brooke  1 months ago

    remember in 2017 when everyone said....
    “the chips/crisps are falling in time”
    “wait they’re actually petals”
    “play this at my funeral”
    “it took me so long to realise what dkla stands for”
    “dkla stands for dan kissed lester’s ass”
    “the beat is so good oMfG”

  • Ximena Torres
    Ximena Torres  1 months ago +1

    Got this from a jikook video

  • Astra Seraphina
    Astra Seraphina  1 months ago +2

    this song is so underrated and i feel lucky to actually enjoy the bops of this song.
    tbh people have bad taste of songs :v

  • mar trow
    mar trow  1 months ago +1

    Fuck, i love this song so much

  • Natalie Rozier
    Natalie Rozier  1 months ago +3

    Can we just talk about how beautiful this entire album is?

  • •Mork On My Mind•
    •Mork On My Mind•  2 months ago +2

    The beginning sounds like a subliminal or something

  • Myname Idontknow
    Myname Idontknow  2 months ago

    My favourite song

  • baby aloe
    baby aloe  3 months ago +2

    "Tkay Maidza " is on the title twice ?

  • Aimen Salman
    Aimen Salman  4 months ago +2

    2019 anyone!?!

  • bryanmagallanes.lorde

    amo tanto esta canción

  • kia s
    kia s  4 months ago +4

    Still listenin this

  • Faye Venture
    Faye Venture  4 months ago +1

    I think of the beginning of this song as the one thing that reverses my asexual mind

  • marley
    marley  4 months ago +8

    2019 and still underrated af

  • Ariana Moonlight Grande
    Ariana Moonlight Grande  4 months ago +1


  • Gracey Lela
    Gracey Lela  5 months ago +2

    I love the petals reverse falling in time with the music so much! Like it’s so aesthetic and nice

  • 경다현
    경다현  5 months ago +2

    This song is DOPE!!! taehyung edit brought me here ><