Noel’s New Project Bike?? | Motorcycle Junkyard | Bob's Motorcycle Salvage

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 14, 2018
  • I went to Bobs Used Motorcycle Salvage with is just fancy terms for motorcycle junkyard! This place is absolutely awesome. They've got Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Harley Davison, bmw & more.... This place is perfect for any aspiring mechanics or builders to come and find a perfect project bike or motor. So go check out bobs motorcycle salvage.Music By: Yondo & Extravulous My Instagram: Website:


  • MaxMad 212  1 years ago

    i would love to walk around in a place like that

  • Michael Blose  9 months ago

    Its insane. Ive been a few times qnd cant believe someone took a bike from there and rebuilt it. Everything ive seen there is junk.

  • darlison silva  10 months ago


  • Madhav Koyilada  10 months ago

    Its just a land of heaven for bikers

  • qwerty123627  11 months ago

    100 percent that bike had a piston but rings are probably gone otherwise on every stroke you would hear the rod clank on the jug.

  • qwerty123627  10 months ago

    @givnitsum no...i heard the rattle of a piston slapping around in the jug with blown rings...

  • givnitsum  10 months ago

    Didn't you hear the clunk noise when he kicked it over in the video

  • Aaron Martin TV  1 years ago

    I recommend for your first bike to build a YZ125 or a CR125 would be a great choice and I'm not sure about giving it away maybe you can do a raffle and recoup some of your money for your next project.

  • Robert Ramirez  10 months ago

    Start with a 2 stroke fun to build

  • ilyas morrabit  2 days ago

    How the minecraft creeper u want me to know

  • CJ Tovar  10 months ago

    good stuff man, really enjoy your video, very refreshing. Your a bad genius keep it up

  • Gradchen Milanio  1 years ago

    that bike u want to know what it is a 1985 honda xr 250r rf

  • Lt Catfish  10 months ago

    This guy thinks he knows everything about bikesjust because it has low compression doesnt mean it has no piston

  • TACO ASSASSIN  9 months ago


  • Ian Stevenson  11 months ago

    I don't think much of your chances to restore a bike after this video. Nobody strips the top end of a bike down, removes a piston and then goes to the effort of rebuilding it. Far more likely that the piston is holed, which is common enough on highly tuned two strokes.

  • ALEX TRICA  10 months ago


  • Cade Burris  10 months ago

    You would also hear the crank flipping around and hitting the sides