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  • Published on:  Monday, May 14, 2018
  • I went to Bobs Used Motorcycle Salvage with is just fancy terms for motorcycle junkyard! This place is absolutely awesome. They've got Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Harley Davison, bmw & more....
    This place is perfect for any aspiring mechanics or builders to come and find a perfect project bike or motor. So go check out bobs motorcycle salvage.

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  • Hermy Parreño
    Hermy Parreño  14 days ago

    show some dirt bikes

  • Nick Hesch
    Nick Hesch  28 days ago


  • Joe Mulkerin
    Joe Mulkerin  1 months ago

    350 enduro roughly 85 to 89

  • Luiz_mubarak
    Luiz_mubarak  1 months ago

    ola, bob este ferro-velho fica em qual cidade? Voçê poderia fazer uma restauração com uma moto ano 1975, muito bom este video.

  • Cooper Atteberry
    Cooper Atteberry  1 months ago

    Idk that’s the year bike I have, that one could be a later year model

  • Cooper Atteberry
    Cooper Atteberry  1 months ago

    84 XL250R

  • Lan Co
    Lan Co  1 months ago

    Where is this place. Please

    CAMARO LS6  2 months ago

    xr 200 4 stroke late 80s

  • Ryan Afterweekend
    Ryan Afterweekend  2 months ago

    It's bobs or boobs?

  • Shawnee River
    Shawnee River  2 months ago

    Honda enduros 175 guessing and the other bike 3 cylinder shaft drive!

  • oh damn its that guy

    you are moving the camera around too fast, slow down so people can see what you are looking at or walking past.

  • Kalugs Apil
    Kalugs Apil  3 months ago

    That is an XR200

  • DED chanel
    DED chanel  3 months ago

    I Like from indonesia

  • ilyas morrabit
    ilyas morrabit  3 months ago

    How the minecraft creeper u want me to know

  • Luciano Guerra
    Luciano Guerra  4 months ago

    You found a nice place. Always love walking thought graveyards. But I'll stick to the four wheelers for myself. I don't like falling. Thank you Loader.

  • MultiMonsterteam
    MultiMonsterteam  4 months ago

    That yellow ducati though

  • Biswas Akash
    Biswas Akash  4 months ago

    How much for that blue hayabusa? I really want to buy and restore that.

  • Biswas Akash
    Biswas Akash  5 months ago

    I really hope that we could import that wrecked r1 and reatore it here in India.

  • Curtis Mcquiston
    Curtis Mcquiston  6 months ago

    In line 4 and shaft drove probably a Honda night hawk 650

  • Jeremy Linton
    Jeremy Linton  6 months ago

    I recommend you get the biggest fastest sport bike you can find,,,
    because you sir are an IDIOT