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  • Published on:  Friday, August 29, 2014
  • BLOOPERS & WHITE KID JERKY?!: GAME BANG SPECIAL: the Smosh Store! feel like autocorrect does more harm than good?CastAnthony Padilla as HimselfIan Hecox as HimselfKendrick Wells as The MailmanWritten by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan FinnertyProduced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan ToddEdited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael BarrytePost Supervision by: Ian Hecox & Ryan FinnertyCoord Producer: Taryn McDonough | AD: Jon HookerDP: John Jimenez |Sound: Ivan HarderGrip: Lee Eisenhower | Makeup: Nicole ChilelliPA: Ryan Sweeney | BTS: Phil MohrColor: Pretty Moving Pictures | Asst Editor: Katie Reed------------------------------------Hey it's our very own website: http://smosh.comOh and our Facebook page: to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: we should have a Google+ Page, too: with us on Smosh Games! our Cartoons!


  • Hades OGX
    Hades OGX  a years ago +1342

    Wait autocorrect uses most used words so... OH GOD

  • TypicallyRich
    TypicallyRich  6 months ago +1113

    2019 Anyone?
    Who thinks old smosh is better than new smosh?

  • The NSA
    The NSA  10 months ago +1609

    1:30 anyone see his balls?

  • Ice Wallow Come
    Ice Wallow Come  4 months ago +188

    1:08 I laughed so hard😂

  • GamerWood888
    GamerWood888  3 months ago +63

    Why not BBQ white kids they taste the same anyway

  • Yoshimitsu
    Yoshimitsu  4 months ago +118

    2:02 So, that guy had been standing out there the whole time?

  • The Roblox Ro-Gangsters
    The Roblox Ro-Gangsters  10 months ago +308

    3:07 killed me with laughter

  • Shuhan Zhang
    Shuhan Zhang  5 months ago +48

    There’s a feature called phone calls

  • Edilsar Orozco
    Edilsar Orozco  5 months ago +60

    2014- good vid
    2019- wtf the ping pong balls thoooo! Lol

  • Bruh _fifi
    Bruh _fifi  4 months ago +56

    I miss hearing “shut up” 😭

  • Kevin Playz
    Kevin Playz  1 months ago +16

    Anyone notice at 2:07 the thing he was eating actually said "WHITE KID JERKY" XD

  • [BlackLightPrototype]
    [BlackLightPrototype]  a years ago +50

    The effects of typing fast.

  • Bekfast Craft
    Bekfast Craft  11 months ago +55

    Doesn’t auto correct use the last word that begins with first letter?

  • aaron deleon
    aaron deleon  a years ago +2348

    2009-2014 golden years of smosh

  • molten foxy not freddy
    molten foxy not freddy  10 months ago +46

    Auto correct uses the nost recently used words😖

  • sunky you fiddle the riddle

    Why did anthony not just press the number 6 not say six

  • Paranormal Activity
    Paranormal Activity  11 months ago +60

    I once was texting my boyfriend, speaking into Siri. I said “that probably works”, but it thought I said “that porno sky works”. I was really tired and sent it. It was funny after he figured it out. I mean I’ve never typed porno before that. Why?

  • xoKenny
    xoKenny  1 months ago +5

    2:06 Did anyone notice that the package says: "White kid jerky"?

  • Ollie Langdon
    Ollie Langdon  4 years ago +1532

    Hold on, how can Smosh have over 18 million subscribers when Rihanna is the only girl in the world?

  • n0ice
    n0ice  a years ago +7

    My Autocorrects:
    Put - Pump
    Aaron - Anal
    Nice - Nickel
    Because - Beaver