Camila Cabello - THE RAP I PROMISED #WorthItVMA

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 27, 2015
  • im gonna regret this in about 5 secondsFind Camila Here: Find Camila Here:


  • Bella Reyes
    Bella Reyes  2 years ago +9622

    what if she didn't press record

  • Dove C
    Dove C  1 months ago +3577

    who else saw this 4 years later on there recommend page 👇🏻
    I didn’t even know she could rap .... 😳

  • Maria Nallbani
    Maria Nallbani  1 months ago +1155

    1% of me listening to her. 99% of me worried she might hit the glass😂😅
    That was so good btw

  • prn rbn
    prn rbn  1 months ago +324

    That moment when you realise she was just 18 when she filmed this 😂😂

  • Katarina Pivnicki
    Katarina Pivnicki  1 months ago +517

    Why did I just find this in JULY of 2019
    Edit ommgg thanks for all the likes 😍🙏🏼

  • Edryl GD
    Edryl GD  2 months ago +22326

    I literally came here after Señorita 😂 didn't knew she can rap like that

  • Chanbaek is real bishhh
    Chanbaek is real bishhh  21 days ago +69

    Camila : *raps faster than my internet*
    Me : Holy cow do you know-
    Camila : oxygen? idk her

  • 10,000 subs with no video challenge

    Once again, YouTube baited me thinking this was a recent video....

  • Gacha Mika
    Gacha Mika  1 months ago +146

    Camila:starts rapping
    Me:can you slow down the vid please?

  • Lalisa ManoBANGS
    Lalisa ManoBANGS  1 months ago +50

    Everyone: talking about her rap and oxygen
    Me: being worried she might hit the glass

  • Zain Usman
    Zain Usman  1 months ago +11856

    Cardi: im the queen of rap
    Nicki: no, the barbie, me is the queen of rap
    Camila: hold my shawn mendes
    Ok guys thankyou so much for the likes, i hope y’all find 100$ outside of your house tomorrow, love you all and tysm :) keep spreading the love!

  • Midnight_fox Rj.-.
    Midnight_fox Rj.-.  1 months ago +48

    Me: scrolling down sees a video that been posted 3 years but recommend
    Me: and i oop-

  • zahran gaming
    zahran gaming  2 days ago +5

    2017:not this year
    2018:maybe next year
    2019:lets put on recommendation

  • anshika
    anshika  2 days ago +3

    Umm... Could anyone tell me where are the words taken from?

  • B Le
    B Le  21 days ago +21

    Cardi B: I'm the rap queen
    Camila: hold my Shawn Mendes

  • Genevieve Cyrus
    Genevieve Cyrus  4 months ago +15640

    Camila: rap
    Oxygen: am I a joke to you?! 😑

  • yara sawan
    yara sawan  2 days ago +3

    Camilla cant rap
    Camilla: hold my oxygen

  • M3nta
    M3nta  1 months ago +57

    Boys she can multitask.
    Sing beautiful
    And look preety af.

  • Alexis Awad
    Alexis Awad  7 days ago +13

    me being bratty while watching this
    “Pfftttt that’s easy... I can totally do that”
    cant even do Cardi Bs first rap to I like it
    “Dang it”

  • Panda YT
    Panda YT  7 days ago +8

    Eminem: I bet you cant rap!
    Camila: Hold my oxegen..