Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly  6 days ago +121

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    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm  an hour ago

      The Incredible Mr Joe I don’t think I do because it’s a fact

    • The Incredible Mr Joe
      The Incredible Mr Joe  5 hours ago

      I think you need to explain yourself. Andrew Garfield made for a great Spiderman. He played a "Poor Peter Parker" in the first movie, but by the second movie he struck a great character balance.

    • C Ol
      C Ol  6 hours ago

      After watching Spider-verse I rewatched the Raimi versions and for some reason I find Tobey Spiderman to be a bit iffy. But Tobey does make a nice Peter Parker. Plus the Raimi train scene reminded me of the final act in Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.

    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm  20 hours ago

      Dorkly you are fucking stupid, Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. Tobey was just meh as the character of peter Parker and Spiderman.

    • auzziegamerfan
      auzziegamerfan  2 days ago

      +Drago Dragneel I completely agree with the first half of that. However, I feel like Tom Holland isn't quite Spiderman yet. He has some real potential though. Definitely agree about the former two though. Combine Andrew's Wisecracking Spidey and Tobey's massive nerd of a Peter Parker and you've got perfection.

  • DuckSeeker TV
    DuckSeeker TV  33 minutes ago

    The thing that made spiderman by tobey maguire the best because of his grandfather's quote
    "With great power comes great responsibility"

  • Cala Content
    Cala Content  48 minutes ago

    Hello, I want to say only one thing. Amazing Spider Man. I'm just using you as subjects for my studies.

  • ChrisK
    ChrisK  an hour ago +1

    In your opinion, yes. In my opinion, hell no. Toby with his 5 o clock shadow and damn near every other cast member was waaaaay too old for the roles. Flash looked like he could have had 2 wives and several kids at his "high school" age. You people really need to stop pretending like you speak for anyone but yourselves. Personal opinion and preference will always be first, you guys would do good to remember that. We live in a weird age where everyone's personal opinion is fact and how does that work? Now we have a gazillion different, conflicting facts for every subject there is? No thanks.

  • Benjamin Tan
    Benjamin Tan  an hour ago

    I frequently thought the original trilogy was overrated, but over time I've come to realise it was the best interpretation of Spiderman. But, honestly, Spiderman has never been truly portrayed the way I think he should.

  • Clarence Dankerlui
    Clarence Dankerlui  an hour ago +1

    first off raimi/tobey spidey are the best, i grew up with them and still love them very much. second...haha come on. at least give andrew garfield some credit for amazing spider-man 2, cause that one was good compared to the first one.

  • Klyntar Spiderman
    Klyntar Spiderman  2 hours ago

    Tom: i just want to be like you
    Tobey: then i want you to be better

  • Klyntar Spiderman
    Klyntar Spiderman  2 hours ago

    Hes the best spiderman and peter Parker hes just perfect now marvel movies are all only about money smh

  • Big boi T MARK12
    Big boi T MARK12  2 hours ago


  • The Genius Gamer
    The Genius Gamer  3 hours ago

    Could’ve done with more
    *F I N G E R S N A P S*

  • aneshia 126
    aneshia 126  3 hours ago

    I was a huge fan of spiderman back then in early 21st century, when I was like 5 or 6 but now I can't handle this spiderboy. He looks very small for being a spiderman . Why they changed spiderman??

  • OuterRaine
    OuterRaine  4 hours ago +1

    Tobey Mcguire had too much cry face but he is the closest to the embodiment of Spider-Man, Tom Hollands is the best balance of Peter's life and the persona he maintains as Spider-Man. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man seemed too polite, and didnt really quip.

  • Joshua Thompson
    Joshua Thompson  4 hours ago

    The best-realized Spider-Man, I can grant, though I, too, think that Tom Holland actually *plays* the character better. Maguire was literally just the fella they picked to play Spidey in the most thoroughly faithful Spider-Man films with the best cast... other than the leading man. The overused "great power, great responsibility" catchphrase is so meaninglessly memeworthy that I really prefer the renditions from both the MCU version and even the down-to-earth version in the first Garfield film, too.
    Holland might not end up with the crappy apartment, pizza delivery job and soul-rending need to forsake everyone who cares about him in order to be Spidey because of the way the MCU set him up, but in Homecoming when he looks down through the skylight to see the girl he's crushing on having fun in the pool while he's putting his life on the line for an investigation nobody else believes in because it's the right thing to do, it really illustrates the "cost" of being Spider-Man just as well as Tobey moping around, if not better because Holland emotes better. Raimi set things up in a stellar manner and it only went downhill after Sony started shoehorning in things on a corporate level; I think it's only fair that we give Holland another movie, at least, to flesh out his rendition of Peter Parker before we start lobbing "Best Spider-Man" at anyone else. Garfield had two films to try his hand, and Maguire had the same (let's just not talk about Spider-Man 3, m'kay?). Holland only has one solo film and a side-story throwaway intro "addition" in an MCU mash-up movie. Once Far From Home is on the books and we can look at him in terms of actual character arc, we can talk.
    (Maguire is still the worst actor to play Spidey in a film, even if it was the best Spidey film. :P)

  • crypto66
    crypto66  4 hours ago

    This made me realize just what it was I hated about the MCU's version. I first thought it was just because he debuted in Civil War which I absolutely despised, but it turns out because Holland's Spidey is just so completely off what truly makes the character great.
    Couldn't stomach Homecoming, especially with that ridiculously stupid ferry scene. They tried *so* hard to one-up Spider-man 2, they went, in the immortal words of Iron Man himself, "full retard." Come to think of it, that scene embodied everything wrong with the MCU Spider-man; they're too caught up on making a "better" Spidey, they forgot to make one that's actually GOOD.

  • Dark Kaito
    Dark Kaito  5 hours ago

    You said toby and beat Spider-Man in the same sentence so you get a dislike and an unsubscribe. Go burn for reviewing trash movies

  • YoungTheFish
    YoungTheFish  6 hours ago

    Sam Raimi's Spider-Man has a touch of sincerity that is lacking from most other Superhero movies, which works wonders for Spidey

  • Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels  6 hours ago

    Here I thought Macho Man Randy Savage carried Tobey Maguire spiderman.... Ohhhhh Yeeeah!
    Honestly though Sam Raimi Spider-Man is what made the MCU movies even possible. Before that there was Batman Forever, and I'd watch Spiderman 3 everyday of the week over that movie. That Spider-Man proved that given the right budget and attention to detail comic heroes were perfect for the action movies.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King  6 hours ago

    I like Garfield in the role.

  • Awake Now
    Awake Now  6 hours ago

    Tobey Maguire and Spidey PS4 are the best screen interpretations of Pete in my opinion. Both captured the themes of sacrifice and responsibility. Both showed us a rather poor version of Peter Parker too.
    Hobo Peter from Spider-Verse is also a decent interpretation of how he could have turned out later on. I love Tom Holland's expression of Peter Parker, but he IS a bit spoiled.

  • Jacknife17shadows
    Jacknife17shadows  7 hours ago

    Finally someone gets it! The only thing I would say is that they should of had a separate voice actor for Spiderman but bring in Tobey when Peter needed to talk. Tobey is an excellent Peter but doesn't have the confidence in his voice to Spiderman