Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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  • Dorkly  6 months ago

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  • Tony Luengas  yesterday

    Hey Dorkley I think you gave out false info

  • light nagami  yesterday

    Tom just good Andrew just amazing Toby just iconic and legend

  • JIWRESTLING23  25 days ago

    I will forever want a Spider-Man 4

  • Vocie Plays  10 hours ago

    Every one dose

  • Kc Link  21 hours ago

    Well we got it.

  • Glad to see Tobey getting some respect.

  • manuel Renee Jaquez  16 hours ago

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT also yes its just funny to copy and paste my own words

  • manuel Renee Jaquez  16 hours ago

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT that's my son also in a movie critic

  • Select Obvi  6 days ago

    *Tom Holland* : Spider-Boy*Andrew Garfield* : Spider-Teen*Tobey Maguire* : Spider-Man

  • xSPIDER_MANx122  10 hours ago

    @Sutogo Ichigo that is true, and I give Sam props for his CGI work.

  • Low-Tier Trash  12 hours ago

    Andrew *GARFIELD?!*

  • Alex Rodriguez  19 days ago

    Tobey Maguire wasn't just spider man struggling with villains, he was struggling in life as a whole through the whole trilogy

  • Kaiky R Amorim  5 hours ago

    Nope, he appears in Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Endgame and Far Fro Home. 5 movies. He had time enough to grow as a character and didn't.

  • Alex Rodriguez  13 hours ago

    @manuel Renee Jaquez exactly my point how y'all gonna compare him to the GOAT. Like i said he a Rookie

  • Jeremy Dixon  29 days ago

    It's not up for debate. Toby McGuire is the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker. He is what the classic vintage 60s and 70s Spider-Man that Stan Lee created in the comics is supposed to be.

  • BoONeo  5 hours ago

    ​@Ari Entyse In the "comics" Spiderman is a selfmade superhero and a super intelligent one at that which the Tobey Spiderman movies catch quite well with Norman and Doc Ock developing a strong admiration to him, Andrews Spiderman is a sidekick to Iron Man who develops high tech shit for him and basically is there to take him out of any hassle none of the comics has this in them so quit talking bs

  • Jeremy Dixon  6 hours ago

    @Shawn T Williams nope Toby is.

  • Lucero Valencia  14 days ago

    Tobey will always be my Spider-Man. No one else can be. Also like Hugh Jackman will always be my wolverine 👌❤️

  • Shawn T Williams  8 hours ago

    Tobey was horrible and Hugh looks and acts nothing like Wolverine in the comics.

  • Alex Henderson  21 hours ago

    Kys basic thot 😂👌

  • Caleb Imrie  15 days ago

    He's a tragic hero. That's his point. To display that great power does indeed come with great responsibility.

  • Best Spidermans in order. 1. Tobey Maguire2. Maguire, Tobey3. Mr. Tobey Maguire.

  • Kane Williams  14 hours ago

    It would be so funny if Batman thought he was Spider-Man and tried to shoot a web and fell but then his Butler caught him with a giant trampoline and then he kills the joker.

  • Xirilyn  19 hours ago

    Jean Pierre Wehry 1 Bully Maguire*

  • TheMdub27  6 months ago

    Peter Parker's life sucks yet he still chooses to be spider-man that's what raimy captured

  • Ant-Man  20 hours ago

    You literally just summarized every single spider-man ever