Oregon Republicans Backed By Right-Wing Militias Flee State to Stall Vote on Historic Climate Bill

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • The Oregon state Legislature has been in a standoff for nearly one week, after 11 Republican lawmakers fled the Capitol Thursday to avoid voting on a landmark climate change bill. Some are believed to be hiding out in Idaho. Right-wing militias supporting the rogue GOP legislators have threatened violence, which led the remaining lawmakers to shut down the state Capitol in Salem. The climate crisis bill aims to decrease emissions by implementing a statewide cap-and-trade model. Without at least two of the rogue Republican senators present, Oregon Democrats, who control the state Senate and House of Representatives, don’t have the necessary quorum to vote on the legislation. We speak with Oregon Democratic state Representative Karin Power. She is co-chair of the state’s Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction and co-sponsor of the cap-and-trade bill.

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  • Proud Deplorable
    Proud Deplorable  3 months ago

    Democracy is a pseudonym for communism. We are a repubplic!

  • Proud Deplorable
    Proud Deplorable  3 months ago +1

    I applaud those senators.

  • Connie Ford
    Connie Ford  4 months ago

    To hell with Oregon.

  • Agent Derek Anderson

    The national guard does not count as a state militia we would go to war even against the DEA to legalize marijuana is that Jews are legalizing it so are the Mexicans

  • Mike B comments
    Mike B comments  4 months ago

    Fuck the Democratic party they are going to far I stand now Republican

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott  4 months ago +1

    The climate bill is a sham and would ruin Oregon. Long live the militia!

  • Michael SG
    Michael SG  4 months ago

    Way to be (walk out)!

  • RB
    RB  5 months ago

    terrorism: violence, or the threat of violence, as a means of coercion

  • lue lunsford
    lue lunsford  5 months ago

    Look GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up people. Agenda21 NWO depopulating us look it up. They control the weather with chemtrails and radiation wake up people.
    I believe the reason why their paying people to come to America to bring diseases. I believe they're going to open up camps for everyone and say you got the disease or you been exposed this is agenda 21. They wont the guns hell is comeing to America. Ge right with God he is comeing.

  • MsJccarroll
    MsJccarroll  5 months ago

    These Republicans are trying to save the Oregon citizens. Climate change is a hoax. It only makes billionaires and liars out of people like Al Gore. Because of the extra carbon in the air, our rainforests are now coming back. We have a little longer growing season in the mountains where I live now. I truly believe the only thing that hurts our atmosphere are nuclear elements.
    This is the tactics that Democrats use to steal more of your money. Do your own research outside of media and you'll see all of this is true. Scientists that are not controlled by our government will tell you that the Earth is moving in its natural path closer to the sun and has been doing that for thousands of years if not millions. Go Patriots in Oregon!

  • Marvin Clark
    Marvin Clark  5 months ago

    All lebtards in Portland,Salem,and Eugene go back to California.

  • Marvin Clark
    Marvin Clark  5 months ago

    Good job GOP the lebtards in Oregon need to go with Kate Brown .

  • Larry Louis
    Larry Louis  5 months ago

    Climate change bills are ignorant. We need a global climate change agreement not a local one. These type of stupid bills do nothing but adding more burden to taxpayers for nothing. Climate change also involves the devastation of the Amazon forests, Asian pollution problems, the building of homes on precious farmlands. This is just a feel-good bill for publicity but will do nothing. We are depleting our oxygen, water, food but we are only concerned about climate change in Oregon. Stupid.

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K  5 months ago +1

    The Republicans have taken an obvious coup e tat course of action all across the the board.
    They're stonewalling Congress and abandoning their key roles whenever and wherever faced with constitutional responsibilities that oppose their objectives.
    This is some kinda unprecedented "Trump" Alt-Right Neo-Nazi type of tactic being utilized in order to take over our country by white nationalists.
    Neo-Nazi type right-winged white supremacist Republicans are now being directed from the Whitehouse to proceed as directed, with "outside" assistance, or protection.
    Whitehouse directives should always be interpreted as being of foreign origin.

    Russia is ground zero for white nationalism

    Can you even imagine some far left terrorist group (like the Black Panther Party), insulating some rogue statesmen from performing their constitutional obligations.
    They would have been immediately confronted by the FBI, along with other members of law enforcement, and subsequently put down...

  • Togo Burrows
    Togo Burrows  5 months ago +1

    you have to wonder why these republicans are going to such extremes to defeat this bill...
    smells like corruption...

  • Havardr Ivansson
    Havardr Ivansson  5 months ago

    The quality of the comments here demonstrate how ill-informed the left is regarding the workings of government. Too bad they stopped teaching civics classes in the 1970s.

  • Klen McRock
    Klen McRock  5 months ago

    They should be fired and replaced immediately. Don't know how their laws work, but it's easy to see they don't work for the people of Oregon.

  • Archimedes Woo
    Archimedes Woo  5 months ago +1

    Interesting to note that an education bill was also involved. Climate science deniers trying to dumb down the nation.

  • seeamerica1
    seeamerica1  5 months ago

    This i Truimp's fault for emboldening the GOP by defying Congressional subpeanas

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one!  5 months ago +1

    Senators threatening violence on us !