How to Unseize an Engine!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • In this Episode of Classicmustangs429 we dive deep into Diesel.... wait what...?
    We purchased this ol 67 Cougar a couple months ago as a parts car for another cougar of ours... but the more we looked at it, the more we began to feel sorry for its future of neglected. This old cat needed a second wind, but how? Its got a Stuck 289... rotted frame... what could possibly be done? How about Unseizing the engine? There's lots of people who go through the process of pouring fluids down the cylinder only to have no luck in the end... So we thought, what can be done to take things one or a few steps further? Strip the heads off... but that doesn't mean it'll free up! What else could possibly be done?
    Well, what's everyone's go to when removing rusted stubborn nuts/ bolts? You Guess It! Oxy-Acetylene! We put the heat to this 289SBF and make it free once again! Anyone could've said, Scrap it... went and picked up a 5.0L roller engine and called it a day! But I wanted to do this as a little experiment! Will it run... I don't see why not! Will it run great? Probably not, but like I said... most would've sent it to the metal scrap! Anyways stay tuned for the next episode to see if we can get this Ol Cougar to purr once again!

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  • Markus Patients

    Take the entire engine out in one piece and submerge it in a big jar of W-D 40 for a week.

  • Iceman cometh
    Iceman cometh  2 days ago

    I was watching this and found it very interesting you sound like you understand cars, me? not so much. I have a 1962 Rambler ( I paid 50 bucks for it, a guy's mother had died and he sold it and all it needed was the points) I could drive it but it's parked right now and as long as I've had it it's never had reverse, They tell me that I can adjust it on the transmission maybe to tighten the bands? but I don't know how - I don't know what they're talkin about. One time I was with a girlfriend and I parked and forgot I had no reverse, we had to stick our feet out and do it Flintstone Style! haha

  • James Masn
    James Masn  2 days ago +1

    Amazes me people will spend all this time to totally destroy an engine.HA HA

  • Darrell Doolen
    Darrell Doolen  2 days ago +2

    hi guys ,i wanted two throw my two cents in and say that i have unseized quite a few engines in my life time. and you guys did a good job and a lot of work! and oiling everything like you did was great! I just wanted to say that before i would have taken the engine all apart,i would have taken the starter out and put a bar on the teeth of the flywheel and had your buddy pull on the breaker bar at the same time that really helps ! I just got done unseizeing an old case tractor gas motor, we tried the breaker bar on the crank method,it would not move ,we tried to tow the case with it in gear and the breaker bar on it at the same time ,and still no go!! then i pulled the starter and put the bar on fly wheel teeth and pryed it and breaker bar at the same time,and it startrd turning over. next day it was running! i hope my two cents helps you guys on the next engine . Good Luck and nice job !

  • BulletSpoung
    BulletSpoung  3 days ago

    You need to invest in a good pressuer washer.

  • Keith Lucas
    Keith Lucas  3 days ago +1

    Old farmers used Coca Cola in the cylinders.....

  • andycel schneider
    andycel schneider  3 days ago +1

    you guys are crazy loved it thanks

  • Tempus Veritas
    Tempus Veritas  3 days ago +1

    good job

  • 77chevy4x4
    77chevy4x4  3 days ago +1

    Throw some ice cold water on it . Listen for the freedom

  • 3melendr
    3melendr  4 days ago +1

    Why? Salvage the whole mess!

  • Tatiana Gunz
    Tatiana Gunz  4 days ago

    This is sad to see, won't recommend to anybody. Usually an engine seizes due to a bent valve that hit a piston or a spun crank bearing, Once that happens you are wasting tome and $ flooding it internally with diesel. Won't bother a comment about the torch scene. Could have been an interesting Cougar rescue.. Shame.

  • AJ W
    AJ W  4 days ago +1

    Send a copy of spy gate to Trump!

  • Greg Lyle
    Greg Lyle  4 days ago

    It's going into the cylinders with closed valves to. lol

  • john costa
    john costa  5 days ago +2

    Why do it. Well shes a beauty if you can see thru all the b.s . Rust and rot are minor for the mechanically inclined

  • mikey 's 1st phone

    Cool video 🙌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Harold Mercer
    Harold Mercer  5 days ago

    pulling the plugs and filling the clyinder with ATF and Marvel mystery oil worked on a lot of seized engines for me

  • Melinated Greatness


  • Chris Poirier
    Chris Poirier  6 days ago +1

    Two letters one word. P B Blaster

  • Brutal Honesty
    Brutal Honesty  6 days ago

    How to increase your chances of Lung Cancer.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • MrWeedpatch
    MrWeedpatch  7 days ago

    You referred the the engine as a 429 but it's actually a 289 cid...right?