Why I Spent $13,000 on an ANCIENT Toyota (16 year old car)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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    The NEW (pretty old) Land Cruiser is here!! After almost a whole year of shopping for the perfect early 2000's LC200 model I finally stumbled upon the whip of my wildest dreams. This sleek and sexy hunk of Japanese metal has been on my list of Dream cars for many years now and I'm so happy to finally have one apart of the Rigged Armada. Just wait to see what I have in stores for future

    --Young Plugg

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  • buritto yeet
    buritto yeet  2 months ago +422


    • rps13sr
      rps13sr  1 months ago

      At least double what you can buy if you actually search for a few hours instead of just buying the first one you see at whatever asking price.

    • Kootenay Ryan
      Kootenay Ryan  1 months ago

      He just makes dumb videos, people watch cause there bored , he collects the money , buys a Toyota , then repeats the process over and over haha

    • AntiNoob79
      AntiNoob79  1 months ago

      How much did Rob light you for buying it?

    • buritto yeet
      buritto yeet  2 months ago

      Drew Ringlein dude I'm not Jon b you replied to my pinned comment

  • SON of Overbook.
    SON of Overbook.  2 days ago

    You should ship the red-Barron to me and I’ll totally hook it up, drive it for a month and sell it for 4x as much,deal

  • michael van zyl
    michael van zyl  2 days ago

    Hey jon to fix that pooling of water just flush your drain thats directly under your windshield its just clogged

  • seriouscatman
    seriouscatman  5 days ago

    Ancient? I drive a 1st gen Avalon, 9th gen Suburban, and a 2nd gen Ranger and I don't even consider them "old". In my book, anything past 2000 is still somewhat new, and anything 2010 and up is practically brand new. Hell, the "somewhat old" category to me doesn't even start until about 1989 and back. Now as for the Land Cruiser, is it really worth 13 grand? Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of Land Cruisers I think they are great vehicles, but if I sold all 3 of my cars right now I would get maybe 7,000 bucks, and that's a hard maybe. That is 6 grand short of affording that Land Cruiser. With 6,000 dollars to spare, I have a fuel efficient, reliable and roomy full size sedan for daily driving, a compact truck for lighter duty truck work with slightly better fuel economy than the Suburban when I don't need a full size truck, and for heavier towing when the might of the 350 small block and towing capacity of a full size truck is warranted (pulling my camper for example), I have the Suburban. Moral of the story is, if I had the money to throw at a Land Cruiser, I would. On the other hand, if I wanted a Land Cruiser now, I would have to sell all three of my cars and somehow crap out 6,000 more dollars to buy one, and daily drive that thing getting the same crappy gas mileage as the Suburban on a daily basis committing to daily drive the Land Cruiser, another full size SUV. Hence, I have my trucks for truck stuff, and my car for daily economy, and the backup of having two other vehicles in case the Avalon breaks down, which it rarely does being a Toyota. Yes, Toyota does make great trucks/SUVs, however they are way overpriced and the average Joe simply can't afford them. Why not just buy a Toyota car which will be very reliable and way more reasonably priced than a Toyota truck, that you can use when you don't need a truck, and get a more affordable truck of another brand, both combined could possibly amount to just half of what it would cost for just one Land Cruiser.



  • GameboyTommy
    GameboyTommy  19 days ago

    Nice !!! It's Toyota forever!!!

  • Mark Smithsonian
    Mark Smithsonian  22 days ago

    Volvo Xc90 has the same back.

  • Trey Biller
    Trey Biller  24 days ago

    The name should be Berry

  • Spencer Sidmore
    Spencer Sidmore  26 days ago

    Lift, tires, rack, wench, and gut the back rows in that order. That's literally everything u need.
    Name: idk something Asian probly then u can say that's my foreign bitch.

  • Aviator PE
    Aviator PE  27 days ago

    Ugliest gen land cruiser imo, it looks like a minivan.

  • jeff okello
    jeff okello  28 days ago

    Me to bro crazy obsession esp toyota landcruisers

  • Love Lies
    Love Lies  1 months ago

    I rather get a 4Runner bc the land cruiser uses a lot of gas.

  • rockos_mg
    rockos_mg  1 months ago

    hoovies garage

  • Adriaan Exalto
    Adriaan Exalto  1 months ago

    in my opinion you should build a small bed with some drawers, so you can put your lures, fishing reels in it. As an addition you should leave free space behind de drawers so you can slide your roods right under the bed after you finished fishing :) On the ground you can mount some sort of drawer rails so you can take it out :) sorry for my bad englisch greetings from germany :)

  • Hasheem K
    Hasheem K  1 months ago

    Sounds more like heater core

  • Dishy Galaxy
    Dishy Galaxy  1 months ago

    Should’ve gotten a Jeep Wrangler🤦🏻‍♂️

  • markcovka
    markcovka  1 months ago

    I would give you a Walmart bike & a stick of gum for that car

  • M Lo
    M Lo  1 months ago

    Who would dislike this video?

  • Dpa SFT
    Dpa SFT  1 months ago

    Had the same water issue with an old jeep of mine, mechanic tried to sell me a new heatercore. If the fluid doesnt smell sweet, it isnt the heatercore (unless there isnt coolant in the car, and just straight water which is bad) Anyways, I did my own research. The AC system pulls moisture out of the air and theres a drain pipe in the engine bay on the fire wall by the passenger footwell (yours might be the same, idk).
    There should be something on the drain pipe so it points down towards the road, not the front of the car -- if the pipe is pointing towards the front of the car, what happens is when you're driving instead of that moisture being dripped into the road -- the wind pushes it back into the cabin and floods your car. I went to home depot and bought a cheap little $0.10 PVC elbow and popped it on the drain pipe, was dry for 2+ years before selling the car.
    Went from a $1.6k repair to 10c, definitely worth checking into that.

  • d0nttreadonm3
    d0nttreadonm3  1 months ago

    Get heavy duty bumpers, roof rack on top, winch on front bumper with a sick little light bar. Axe, shovel, jack, 72-hour kit, Jerry can up on the roof rack with a curved light bar. 33" Mickey Thompson All Terrains, snorkel n waterproof the engine bay/cab. Have a nice single/double bed in the back with a drawer 6" deep 3' across and 5' long for clothes, tackle, poles, ECT.