I think I'm in love with you

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
  • I think I'm in love with youcute music playlist 💕https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSH7Q...all music is by Outgoing HikikomoriTracklist:0:00 - Dancing On My Own Part 22:56 - It's Alright, I'll Be Fine5:32 - Sweet Melancholy 8:01 - Playing Outside 10:10 - Interlude 11:37 - The Birthday Party I Never Had 14:22 - Summer Night 17:21 - Learning To Feel 20:46 - Fireflies 22:57 - Sad LullabyListen on Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/album/14ySuU...Buy on Bandcamphttps://outgoinghikikomori.bandcamp.c...Outgoing Hikikomorihttps://open.spotify.com/artist/5y58U...https://soundcloud.com/outgoing-89026...https://twitter.com/outgoing_hikihttps://www.instagram.com/outgoinghik...Ambition https://twitter.com/ambitionythttps://www.instagram.com/ambitionythttps://soundcloud.com/ambition-beatsSpotify Playlisthttps://open.spotify.com/user/ambitio...Discord (21k+ members)https://discord.gg/ambitionArtwork by pfeffersteakhttp://pfeffersteak.tumblr.comhttps://twitter.com/pfeffersteak_http://pfeffersteak.tumblr.com/tagged...


  • Datchineseguy
    Datchineseguy  7 months ago +1615

    That 1 dislike is kageyama

  • Introverted Weeb
    Introverted Weeb  7 months ago +1131

    I think I'm in love with you.
    I don't know.
    I mean, you make my heart flutter.
    As if I have wings. You also make me feel free around you, but also tense? I feel like I need to do my best to impress at first, then I loosen up. I look at you as if you are an angel. You are, infact, my angel.
    So maybe I do love you?
    I don't know.

  • TrafalgarNM
    TrafalgarNM  7 months ago +2550

    Love is selfish right?! People love because it makes them happy. They want the boy/girl for them and no one else. They get jealous when their crush talk to other boys/girls. They want their crush to talk to them, to think about them, to love them the the same way they love their crush. They do all kinds of things just to receive love from their crush, that unique love they always dream about. Some people don't like themselves or have problems their life so they try to forget all that with love. Like me i have some issues with myself but when i'm with you, love takes over everything. I love that and i want that all the time. Yes i'm selfish but that means i'm in love right? Some people love to get status, some love for views, some love for money, some love for materials. Some even love from pure, genuine, beautiful love but that's not enough for me. Yes i'm selfish, i can say i'm the most selfish man on earth. Why? Because i want everything and you are everything to me. I want everything about you for myself. That's why i'm in love with you.

  • Depressed Tommy
    Depressed Tommy  7 months ago +1278

    I'm imaging teens from 1982 having fun.. While an old camera films their happiness

  • honeytown
    honeytown  6 months ago +203

    “Hey, I love you.”
    No. There’s absolutely no way I can tell him that.
    “I like you.”
    But he’ll flip out, no matter how I put it. He’ll build the wall again, the emotional wall that keeps him from ever communicating honestly with anyone. He can’t. I can’t do that to him.
    “Are we just friends?”
    He certainly hesitates before calling me his friend. “She’s my friend, I guess, you could consider us...” What was that??
    “Do you love me too?”
    No. I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty. I’m smart, but no near as smart as him. I’m talented, but he has so much more potential. He’s been distancing himself lately anyways. He’s been so fake. God, I hate that.
    “I miss you.”
    I do miss him. He hasn’t been himself.
    If I tell him that I miss him, will he tell me he feels the same? Damn it, I just want him back. That stupid boy has so many problems. I love him. I miss him.

  • Euphor!a
    Euphor!a  7 months ago +871

    Yeah but you'll never love me back :)

  • Christina Valentine
    Christina Valentine  7 months ago +1653

    Never have I ever seen such deep and inspiring youtube comments.......like dang I just have fictional crushes

  • Nana chan
    Nana chan  7 months ago +1134

    I just wanted to share with everyone today that I just confessed to my crush. After years and years of being bffs with her, I finally did it. I never thought that I could. I used to always believed that everything will go wrong after I confessed to her. I know, right from the start, she could never had any feelings for someone like me. Because I knew she is straight asf and plus, she deserves way better than someone like me. I guess to her I'm like any friend that she has but.... When I confessed to her and told her that, she seemed offended. She was like "What kind of friend do u think I am? R u insulting me? >:( We been friends for 5 years now!! Are u kiddin me. U know me . I know u :)" and she goes "Im really happy that u told me this and thank u :) but, I really see u no more than a bff :) that I love and cherish." She says. I literally was bawling out my eyes bcus that kinda means alot coming from her.
    "Plus we chat like every single day. Dont put urself down. Ily otherwise :)"
    I told her I liked her because she made me happy and srsly I couldnt have made through my life w/ her neverending support. Tbh, id be dead by now if it wasnt for her.
    I love everything about her.
    Her hair. Her laugh. Her smile. Her beautiful brown eyes. I feel happy around her and I would always feel likr my life wouldnt be complete without her. She was also always in my prayers and I always prayed for her health and happiness. I really wish that for her. Because I love her deeply.
    Now I'm in the middle of moving on. Our friendship still as tough as ever, which I'm so grateful for. She always reminds me to be grateful no matter what, in a tight situation or easy. She makes me feel like I could be myself completely. Shes my everyday go-to.
    Ofcourse, im moving on. But I knew the love will never really be gone. The love heals me from the heartaches and I love her with my whole heart. :)
    Hbu? <3 tell me ur story :)
    Ps. Thanks for reading mine till the end. <3
    Pss. Thanks for the likes!! It really means alot!!!! <3 <3 <3
    Edit: omggg asdfgghjkl thnks for the likes!! I love u guys. And thankyou for those who shared me their stories, u ppl are so brave and loving , u deserve alot of love so heres from me💗💖💘💓💕💝im really proud of u all. I appreciate u for sharing ur stories tq 💗💗💗

  • Usui Takumi
    Usui Takumi  3 months ago +162

    You are straight,
    I am gay,
    It's okay,
    You're okay,
    So I am okay,
    Love you, bye.

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine  7 months ago +197

    It’s been 4 months and I thought I was over her. Then I saw her again today. She was so small and dark and mysterious and shy but forceful all at the same time. She always looks so sad and dark. I just wanna ask her why she’s so sad so that I can heal her pain. But she’s not timid. On the contrary, she’s intense all the time because she thinks no one sees her but I do. I see her.
    And Being around her is like being near a black hole, you can’t look away, and you know if you don’t look away, you just know you’ll get sucked in, and won’t ever get out.
    Yet you continue to stare
    because the chance to see something so beautiful, even if just for a minute, is worth the eternity of pain.
    And I bet she tastes like licorice. Black licorice. The kind that’s so bitter that it’s almost sweet. And it seems so off putting and malicious. But it’s not. That’s just what it wants you to think. A defense mechanism.
    I just wanna hold her hand and tell her how pretty she is.
    Because she is... truly beautiful.
    I just wanna know her pain so I can destroy it. Before it destroys her.
    Update: I found out that she has a bf. And thus I remain a lonely lesbian

  • MaoMao
    MaoMao  7 months ago +644

    I see you.
    I walk up to you, and sit right next to you.
    You say "Hey".
    I respond "Hi".
    Your voice sounds like the ocean.
    Far, far away,
    I listen to the beautiful waves coming from your shell.
    As we look at eachother,
    I notice your eyes sparkling like stars in the nightsky.
    All alone in the deep, dark sky as you try to shine as much as possible.
    I noticed you.
    Even when I'm cold, in this chilly weather.
    You make me feel warm and you give me comfort.
    Your laugh must've been the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life.
    I want you to hold me at night.
    Knowing you will always be by my side.
    I want you to call my name.
    Knowing one day, one of us will have ours last name.
    You are my light when I am lost in the deepest and darkest place.
    You are my world because you mean everything to me.
    I know that,
    One day, my existance will no longer be apart of this planet.
    I will decompose into dust.
    But somewhere, in this gigantic place known as the universe, I will still love you.
    I can't promise to be perfect.
    I can't tell you I will always be there for you.
    I can't say that I'll always be understandable.
    But love doesn't make any sense. It's all nonsensical.
    All I can do is vow to you that I will continue to love you with everything I can. I will never, ever stop loving you because if I ever do, that wouldn't be love. It would be another weird feeling that is just not worth chasing for.
    I don't want to be fighting or begging for a relationship.
    I want to be a head over heels that will chase the person they fell in love with.
    I want to give them everything they want no matter how much it will destroy me.
    I wanna make that person happy.
    And hopefully, you would want to do the same to me.
    I wanna fall in love with you again, and again.

  • 감정
    감정  7 months ago +432

    Hi random person in the comments! You may not know me but I want to tell you to always be positive and never give up! I know times can be tough but remember that you are beautiful and important. If you feel sad, Do whatever you think can make you relax. Maybe you will draw, Listen to music, Play video games (or just anything game in particular) or play an intrument. Just don't give up and things will get better! ♡

  • pictorial arrow
    pictorial arrow  5 months ago +89

    My best friend, my crush, has just asked me out to be his girl two days ago. Of course, I said yes, I couldn't be any happier. ❤️
    Apparently he liked me for a longer time than I did like him which shocked me. He's so hard to read, but as the months and years gone by, I believed I could understand him better. I'm so glad he opened up to me, I'm glad he fell for me and that we were able to catch each other. Let me tell you, he became so much sweeter and happier and cuter over the past months, and I knew my feelings wouldn't go away any time soon. Definitely won't be going away at all at this point. Also, his hugs and affection towards me just makes my day, everyday. It's so much easier to get up for school and eat a nice breakfast. I can actually concentrate on my work surprisingly because now I know he's mine and I'm his. Everyday, I can't wait to see him, text him, call him and repeat. Now, I don't believe he's in the "i love you" stage, but I'm willing to wait for him because he's worth it. Slowly, we'll fall in love with each other, even though I believe I'm already falling in love with him. This boy has made me feel things I've never felt before, and I'm so fucking glad he walked into my life.

  • Jason Bruzon
    Jason Bruzon  7 months ago +351

    I think I’m in love with a girl. It’s Romeo and Juliet but what I understand now is...I can’t fall in love without loving myself first. No matter what, I need to understand myself and who I am, was, and want to be. I’m 16 I’m young and dumb. I have been a microphone fiend if you will for quite some time writing private songs about her. I truly do think I love her. Romeo and Juliet wasn’t about sacrificing everything for true love that you thought you felt at such a young age. It’s about understanding that we think we are in love but really this is when we are all most vulnerable and we feel that the person who most closely resembles the whole in our minds not our hearts, is our soulmate. Think about the population of the world. Think about the chances of finding your soul mate in the 1/5th of your life. It’s a cold truth but it’s a truth no less. I get that now. I guess true love is going to have to wait.

  • Im A Commenter
    Im A Commenter  7 months ago +246

    My best friend has been in love with me since second grade. I was never sure how I felt about him. He gave up on me and found someone else. I'm in love with him.

  • Ashlee Bitter
    Ashlee Bitter  7 months ago +134

    0:00 Dancing on my own Part 2
    2:56 Its Alright, I’ll be fine
    5:32 Sweet Melancholy
    8:01 Playing Outside
    10:10 Interlude
    11:37 The birthday party I never had
    14:22 Summer Night
    17:21 Learning to feel
    20:46 Fireflies
    22:56 Sad lullaby

  • Victor Wu
    Victor Wu  7 months ago +46

    This community, makes me want to cry because it is so beautiful. i read these comments and it helps me briefly my depression and self hating nature. thank you

  • TheRealJia
    TheRealJia  7 months ago +107

    I send this playlist to my crush (We are best friends, He doesnt know I have a crush on him and he loves chill music too) so there I send this video and he asked "Why? Do you like me?" I said "Huh? No" I CAN'T BLUFF!!! So yeah thank you for this video that I finally confess my feelings to my best friend 😂❤

  • The Emo Panda
    The Emo Panda  7 months ago +37

    I thought she was pretty when I first saw her, but other than that I never really noticed her. We had a class the next year and started talking. I immediately had a crush on her. That was three years ago. The crush faded quickly, and we became best friends. About a month ago I realized I was in love with her, I don’t know for how long. She has a boyfriend and it makes me sad to be around them. But at the same time she’s my sunshine, the one that makes me happy. I’m so freaking confused and I love her so much, but she’s always talking about him. I just want her to see me. I’m right here.
    Sometimes I look at him and I think about how he doesn’t know just how lucky he is. If I had her I’d be smiling all of the time.
    She thinks she’s ugly. She’s self conscious about how flat her chest is. But she’s beautiful. She wants to be a cosmologist, and I like letting her do my hair or my makeup. That way she’s focused on me, hopefully she doesn’t think about him while braiding my hair or doing my eyeshadow.
    I wish I could tell her how I feel. Tell her to break up with him. But I can’t bcuz as much as it hurts to see them together, it’d hurt more if we stopped talking. If she rejected me or it became awkward between us.
    I wish I could stop feeling this. I wish she would love me back.

  • Lilith Lissandra
    Lilith Lissandra  7 months ago +124

    Just scrolling through these comments I feel compelled to tell my own short story about a guy I think I liked, and possibly still do.
    His name is Thomas. I know very few things about his life. We met online, through connections with one of my other online friends who I played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with. At the time I was still in high school, and I wasn't very emotionally expressive. Video games had always just been a good way to waste time, and it helped that I was naturally good at any game I picked up. I made friends easily, though they were friends only out of necessity, as without other players the games I like simply aren't as fun. All that to say that before Thomas, I had only ever seen friends as a means to an end. One day we were left alone in a party and Thomas, being the naturally inquisitive person he is, just started asking me random questions. What I liked to do, what I thought of the others... that sort of thing. I've always been defensive when it comes to personal information, but nothing he asked was personal at all, so I thought it would be harmless to open up a bit.
    In about an hour or two of conversing I learned enough about him to determine that he was in his early twenties and likely unemployed. Not exactly a dream, but still a casual dude I could game with. We and our friend group played together for a good while, with some of us playing Xenoverse and most of us playing Overwatch, and in all that time I felt like Thomas was the only one I found crucial to the experience. The rest of us were just variables. None of us could hold a proper group dynamic without him. If Thomas got offline the rest of the night would be less fun without him, so I started becoming attached. I started trying to find reasons to get him to stay with us for longer, and eventually that turned into me trying to keep him until everyone else got offline so we could just be alone and chat between us. I really liked hearing his voice, and I liked trying to get him to laugh. That wasn't that hard.
    Fast forward up to a tabletop game put together by the self-proclaimed leader of our friend group. I say tabletop but it's really just a tabletop system adapted for a text-based game instead. The leader himself was and is still learning to be a game designer; I respect him for that. So since this was (mostly) our first time creating characters for a tabletop game of this sort, most of us ended up being, more or less, self-inserts. I didn't and still don't know how to play a character that doesn't have my core personality traits, and I assume that's the case with most of them. Fast forward once more to a point in our game where we had all been affected by an illusion that "causes the afflicted to see (or otherwise sense) their worst fear." After that particular encounter was over, Thomas, or rather his character, Miomaide, walked up to my character and basically just confessed love right on the spot. Dense little me realized then for the first time that maybe Thomas was just as attached to me as I had become to him.
    Fast forward once more to late August, last year. I was 18 at this point, and I had graduated high school with terrible grades and no scholarships. I had decided nearly a year prior that there was no way I'd be able to handle going to college, and that was before I had truly realized the looming pressure of adult life. By late August, however, I was starting to get an idea of what was in store for me. At this point my mind was a mess, and I was lacking any good mental anchor in my life. I opened up a bit to Thomas, and he was receptive. He helped me through most of my emotional episodes, and that alone would have been more than enough. But near the end of the month he invited me to an Xbox live party to play a game of his own creation. We would both play anime songs to each other and the listener would have to guess what anime the song was from. If you answered wrong, you would tell the other person something you disliked. If you got it right, you would tell the other person something you liked. Answers could be literally anything as long as both parties could agree they made sense.
    That night was... great. We traded back and forth, exchanging random answers that didn't really mean that much, until eventually I just broke down and confessed. Or rather, due to my emotional immaturity what I said was, verbatim, this: "Dammit, Thomas, I can't do this. I really like you, and I really like hanging out with you, but it's torture because every time we do this I feel like I'm falling in love and every time I try to say or even think it I just tense up and cry... And I really don't want to run from you because I do care about what you think and I'm paranoid I'll just lose everything if I run, but what if you leave instead while I'm still here trying to figure out what this emotion is?" Well that breakdown, much to my relief, was well-received. He returned my sentiment, and honestly, if not for my own faults we would probably have started dating right then.
    But I couldn't in good conscience agree to that arrangement because, well, he's always known me by the name "Lilith". Obviously that isn't my name because who would name their daughter that? But it was more than a name; it was an identity. I am not the person I pretend to be with them. I'm an actor. I act according to the situation; I lie to make myself seem more appealing. I made that painfully clear to him then. I am, in all honesty, a manipulative and selfish person. I say what I say to get what I want, and he doesn't deserve that. Lilith is a mask that I wear, and before we go anywhere I want him to know what I'm like in person. So fast forward one last time to this day. I'll be meeting him in person in about two and a half months, on April 1st. A weird date, but that just happens to be the start date of an anime convention, and I figured if we were going to meet it might as well be in a setting we both would definitely enjoy.
    So there you go. My recounting of the first time I fell in love. The tone of this... essay... seems a little dry and informative rather than emotional, but that's just the sort of writer I am. Hope whoever actually read all this doesn't regret that decision, but if you do... Sorry 'bout that. I get wordy when I'm tired.