SNL Host Matt Damon Goes All Out for Secret Santa

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 12, 2018


  • RTussenIO
    RTussenIO  8 months ago +238

    Cecily is really frightening here. "Then put it on. Put it on. Put it on".

  • bednar1991
    bednar1991  8 months ago +645

    I thought the scarf was made out of dead mice. Lol

  • Kevin Riley
    Kevin Riley  8 months ago +735

    All the dislikes will be from Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Josh Talley-Hammer
    Josh Talley-Hammer  8 months ago +251

    Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

  • Grant Bailey
    Grant Bailey  8 months ago +259

    Definitely thought the scarf was made of dead mice, so that was a weird moment for me

  • Kuldeep Gill
    Kuldeep Gill  8 months ago +297

    Please let there be Jimmy Kimmel in the audience during the monologue.

  • Milestone Hats
    Milestone Hats  8 months ago +221

    How is this better than an iPod?

  • Aly Marie
    Aly Marie  8 months ago +92

    Matt Damon always makes a good host

  • I Worship Gays And Satan
    I Worship Gays And Satan  8 months ago +448

    I didn’t know Brett Kavanaugh was hosting SNL

  • Alex
    Alex  8 months ago +41

    what is that scarf made out of, intestines? nice.

  • Erick Aviles
    Erick Aviles  8 months ago +36

    That started off at an 11 and shot up to 15 real quick.

  • Geeksmithing
    Geeksmithing  8 months ago +25

    Ha, the scarf looks like ground beef

  • X Xu
    X Xu  8 months ago +33

    But I wanna see what Miley Cyrus prepared for Cecily Strong! I mean of course Miley got Cecily.

  • Symphonia16
    Symphonia16  8 months ago +21

    "I don't know. I put my sandwich in a box"
    "It's definitely look good" haha beck is so convincing as a bumbling idiot. This is a complement! It doesn't sound like it haha. Basically, I like his acting.

  • Rahul Bhalla
    Rahul Bhalla  8 months ago +92

    Matt Damon should take inspiration from Michael Scott and propose “YANKEE SWAP!!”

  • Prince Zuko
    Prince Zuko  8 months ago +8

    he’s almost 50 and still handsome as hell OH MY GOD HES THE MOST HANDSOME GUY EVER look at him

  • vyslovuje se to mem
    vyslovuje se to mem  8 months ago +17

    I'm 99.9% sure there's going to be a Michael Cohen Goes To Jail Cold Open.

  • David R
    David R  8 months ago +115

    This is very similar to the office episode where Michael spends too much money on secret Santa and then he gets a handmade gift and is mad it’s the exact same thing

  • Scott
    Scott  8 months ago

    "Ruined my...favorite day"
    I feel like this Matt Damon every day of my life with people in general lol

  • Rob C
    Rob C  8 months ago +7

    LMAO Matt Damon is the best.