The Last 10 NBA Rookie Of The Year Winners | Where Are They Now?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • The Last 10 NBA Rookie Of The Year Winners | Where Are They Now? Last years nba rookie of the year award race between ben simmons and donovan mitchell was one of the greatest we have ever seen. In this video i want to look back at the last 10 players to win the award and see where they are now.


  • C Homes
    C Homes  10 months ago +199

    Drink everytime this guy says definitely.. You will die after 1 video.

  • Vladimir Putitin
    Vladimir Putitin  10 months ago +182

    ''Ben Simmons getting ready for his SECOND season''

  • ThatCarGuyNando
    ThatCarGuyNando  10 months ago +213

    I forgot how tall Adam Silver is.

  • Almxghty Yungeen
    Almxghty Yungeen  10 months ago +707

    Its hard to beleive MCW was rookie of the Year. Y'all remember when he almost got a quadruple-double in his first game aginst the heat?

  • Kayman234
    Kayman234  10 months ago +373

    I still don’t see why Dario Saric didn’t win Rookie of the year

  • Ben 1410
    Ben 1410  10 months ago +519

    I’m early let me think of a joke...
    A second year player winning ROY

  • GFreezy
    GFreezy  10 months ago +290

    Do all 60 overall picks where r they now

  • Jim Jethro Parker
    Jim Jethro Parker  10 months ago +98

    "definitely, definitely, crazy numbers" does this guy even know any other words?

  • Dustin Pictou
    Dustin Pictou  10 months ago +87

    how can ppl dislike this?? haters lol LIKED

  • Wassim Akram
    Wassim Akram  10 months ago +60

    Brogdon won because Embid only played like 36 games but was so good in that time they considered him for ROTY

  • basketball 12
    basketball 12  10 months ago +48

    i did not know dame was a FOUR YEAR player at Weber State!!

  • Raion Blaze
    Raion Blaze  10 months ago +7

    Good video. Little advice: when you talk about stats, it would be cool to see the numbers on the screen. It would be much more visual and easier to know than hearing just you talking fast and furious xD

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett  10 months ago +22

    Probably at home.

  • King 321
    King 321  9 months ago +8

    Does this guy not realize that 'definitely' has an 'F' in the middle of it?

  • Xavier Jimenez
    Xavier Jimenez  10 months ago +18

    thought it was funny that you slipped up and said 2014 twice lol

  • Mikey Childres
    Mikey Childres  10 months ago +14

    Didnt know Dedinly was a word🤔

  • Brian Timpone
    Brian Timpone  4 months ago +3

    This vid started off very bad with immediate false info
    “Ben Simmons getting ready for his second season “

  • Jose
    Jose  9 months ago +12

    Definitely Definitely Definitely

  • Wrappy Wrap
    Wrappy Wrap  10 months ago +57

    wow you used my mix for the kat bit

  • Paolo Panganiban
    Paolo Panganiban  10 months ago +8

    Awesome vid bro keep it up
    Would have loved to see who these guys beat for RoTY.