Feminism - Daniel Fernandes Stand-Up Comedy

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 7, 2016
  • Comedian Daniel Fernandes talks about Feminism along with the suffering that men have to deal with in today's world.


  • minipant1  2 years ago

    i like how some men were shouting when they thought he was gonna talk about 'male problems' but it turned sarcastic and they went really quite

  • Real YouTuber  1 months ago

    @touseef malikmalik true, Men do have their own problem in society. problems have no gender.

  • Ayushi Raj  3 months ago

    @Abhinav Thomas companies can hire only that much women who are in college and have that education and in higher education the ratio of women compared to men is very low so obviously the no. of women in companies can never be equal....if u have done B.tech or M.tech then just calculate the ratio of no. of boys and girls in your clg and u will get ur answer

  • shukuchi  3 years ago

    Its almost poetic on how you touch on such controversial subjects and get the message understood by your audience so beautifully. A huge fan of your style of comedy. Keep the videos coming!

  • Divya Banerjee  2 years ago

    Rounder Rousey exactly my thought !

  • Jonathan Zargosky  3 years ago

    @Nihal Barua So this video took place in New Delhi?

  • Aman Shah  3 years ago

    Daniel is the only stand up comedian who makes me search all the references he makes during his act. He is a teacher.

  • Aman Shah  3 years ago

    +smarter then u me too

  • Subha Chugh  3 years ago

    I don't understand how this guy doesn't have a million subscribers. This is gold man!

  • Umm maybe because your personal liking doesn't represent those of millions?

  • @Sheenu Gupta i agree ....we hardly find ppl like Daniel ...and what else he's a comedian...he speaks reality ..that's something rare these days where film industry is busy in sugar coating things...

  • Any women would love to hav a guy like u as a friend, boyfriend, husband, brother or a son..Ur mother will be proud of u

  • Niharika Gupta  1 months ago

    @aj gangwal how can you know so much about meeeee

  • Ritika  2 months ago

    he is a cunning hypocrite.

  • Daniel : "We men also have to deal with a lot shit on a daily basis"Douches in the audience : "Yeaaaa!!"Daniel : "We have to deal with the burden of male privilege"Douches in the audience : *confusion*Me: ROFL

  • Amlan Roy  1 years ago

    Exactly. At first I was confused that what is he saying , but then it was just gold.

  • "lulli bonus" xD

  • Karan Vir Singh  2 years ago

    At least more meaningful than comedy show of Kapil

  • raji sumanth  3 months ago

    Doing a double take here! “At least”?!! Can you even compare bullshit with gold? 😜

  • Kirnettan rocks  6 months ago

    At least? Really bruh?

  • Homo Sapien  1 years ago

    Sarcasm level: 10000

  • ABC DEF  4 months ago

    @Kaushik Gameplays 😂😂😂 our scouters can't even measure

  • Kaushik Gameplays  4 months ago

    Whaat Over 9000 !

  • Sara Jamil  2 years ago

    I cracked up so hard at the last punchline. Dude you're gold. Again, love from Pakistan.

  • Gulzar Ahmed  5 months ago

    Respect lady..

  • Shreya  10 months ago

    It's so great to see people who can take jokes and understand humour...All the love sis ✌🏽✌🏽

  • Raashi Mudholkar  3 years ago

    An intelligent comedian with a great sense of humor....you go Daniel!