Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • New England Head Coach, Bill Belichick, mic'd up vs. the Packers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season.

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  • 1395tito  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Bill gotta chill with those TD celebrations. Keep it professional dude

  • Frank Hennessy  (Feb 16, 2019))

    I think his idea of a perfect game is a 2-0 Pats win

  • Chad Gordon  (Feb 12, 2019))

    You would think that he would be real arrogant, but he's a down to earth guy. Keeps his emotions in check. Never gets too high or too low

  • Jack Cerro  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Bill's such defensive minded coach, that he even looks disturbed when the Pat's score a touchdown.

  • hagamapama  (Mar 1, 2019))

    When the Patriots score what passes through BB's head is something like "OK, gotta get the special teams unit ready to go, and get Flo to pull the defensive unit together and prepare for the next defensive snap." Touchdown just means it's time for him to play defense, until the game's over anyway.

  • Jonathan Hoepner  (Feb 4, 2019))

    +The Ghost Boy did this comment not age well. Their D held the Rams to 3 points. But yeah, he isn't defensive-minded at all.

  • Lucien Hicks  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Belichick is the most entertaining square on earth

  • David Hicks  (Nov 14, 2018))

    No doubt, but you never met my father, he was a rocket scientist...

  • Tyler Chamberlain  (Nov 14, 2018))

    I would pay so much money to have a beer with the guy and just listen to him talk ball.

  • 44 Regals  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Lmfao that challenge flag throw

  • Keith Avery  (Feb 1, 2019))

    Not a very athletic throw. It's so great.

  • Matt's Horsemanship  (Jan 22, 2019))

    I thought he had an ankle holster with a gun in it lmao I thought he was drawing a gun hahaha

  • Isaiah Richardson  (Nov 7, 2018))

    It's funny because Bill barely makes a peep in his press conference and sounds like a grumpy old troll but in game he talks up a storm in a high pitched voice

  • bumgod75  (Feb 19, 2019))

    Bc he hates the press and their "gotcha" and "we want soundbite" questions

  • Jonathan Myerov  (Feb 2, 2019))

    Dan R You mean the voice of the people, unless you want to know only what the powerful want you to know.

  • Dallas Oliver  (Nov 7, 2018))

    "we're on it" Belichick: "NO YOU'RE NOT ON IT!!"

  • bob ross  (Jan 28, 2019))

    You're not mot yeronit at all!!!

  • Bahmah Yahawadah  (Nov 15, 2018))

    AT ALL!!!!!!

  • Blue  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Brady comes back, excited from scoring another long td and building his lead against rodgers. He returns to the sideline, and all he gets from belichek is "who were you throwing that to" lmfaooo

  • That has to be your mindset if you want to win

  • Josh Lanier  (Feb 6, 2019))

    +trumpsthicccwall Correction, that is why the team wins Superbowls.... You don't do a god damn thing lol.

  • 2:35 I present to you... *The Billy Bellichek Reaction Show!*_Try to guess when the Pat's scored a touchdown from watching Billy's reactions! You'll never guess!_

  • Steven Nieto  (Dec 22, 2018))

    I dig this show

  • Miguel Castillo  (Nov 7, 2018))

    This man never celebrates in his games.... only in winning SB's

  • Kayfabe Candyass  (Feb 8, 2019))

    and beating the Jets lol

  • Caleb Ransom  (Feb 7, 2019))

    If that

  • Leonardo NoCaprio  (Nov 7, 2018))

    Belichick actually acted like a normal coach in this video and not a quiet Sith Lord

  • Eli Yah  (Feb 10, 2019))

    Good one 😁

  • Corey  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Devin McCourty said they were gonna see "wild bill" that night after they won the superbowl against the falcons, so there's a side of him the fans and media never get to see. I wonder what that's like.