Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
  • Huge thanks to MKBHD for letting me unbox this new 18 year old iBook! Check out the video we did on his channel: https://cnclips.net/video/nIs8xAr_nIo/video.html
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  • Enjoli Hughes
    Enjoli Hughes  4 hours ago

    I was 11 back in 2000. I remember when this computer came out and I wanted it sooooooooooooooo bad!

  • Oussama Djaalali
    Oussama Djaalali  4 hours ago

    2 months and 4 days

  • rishav rohtagi
    rishav rohtagi  8 hours ago

    You guy look cute 🤩🤩🤩

  • Crystal Ram
    Crystal Ram  12 hours ago

    love that for you

  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G.  17 hours ago

    LOL I was 20-21 in the year 2000 🤪😂🤯

  • José Pedraza
    José Pedraza  17 hours ago +1

    Seeing these two in the same video is amazing, especially because of how different their personalities are 😂

  • vicky's vlog world
    vicky's vlog world  18 hours ago

    Justine’s face 1:46

  • Gab Hdd
    Gab Hdd  19 hours ago

    Good old days

  • MRZsiir
    MRZsiir  20 hours ago

    That is crazy. I was 17 in that year. Having a GF like Justine must be amazing and tiring.. 
    MKBHD just sitting, chilled watching that crazy girl :D

  • Krystal Ratzlaff
    Krystal Ratzlaff  20 hours ago

    I was in high school. Graduated 2003. I remember using the colorful desktops in the library!

  • Josalyn Cervantes
    Josalyn Cervantes  21 hours ago

    I was 6 but I had the green color because it matched with my green CD player and iMac. I would also share it with my cousin who started middle school and older brothers who started high school too. They’re all in storage and this version computer has a crack on the color part of the shell and Random stickers 😂 thinking of having the new generation experience it first before a new computer tbh

  • Allegra’s shows
    Allegra’s shows  21 hours ago

    I was not even born

  • EpicGamer YT
    EpicGamer YT  yesterday +1

    i was not born in 2000

  • lifeofaaron
    lifeofaaron  yesterday

    That computer is as old as me.

  • Rezky Aulia Pratiwi

    I was 4 yo in 2000... barely had no idea about tech😂

  • Cody Fletcher
    Cody Fletcher  yesterday

    I was going into high school. The girl in the movie "The Glass House" had one. I was in middle school. Loved those things

  • Anna & Sofia
    Anna & Sofia  yesterday +1

    i was -6 years old hehe

  • Justanotherfakeforcomments Lol

    I was -3 years old

  • rjjii1980
    rjjii1980  yesterday

    I was 20 in 2000, so don't feel too bad.......

  • layla el jishi
    layla el jishi  yesterday

    i was not alive lol! but i would totally have one