America's Got Talent S09E01 Adrian Romoff 9 Year Old Child Genius Shows off Piano Talents

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 31, 2014
  • #TonyPatrony The first act of the night is Adrian Ramoff, a 9-year-old genius who has skipped five grades, and also plays a mean piano. Adrian immediately wins the judges over with a brief demonstration of his incredible piano skills,


  • Gh Gh
    Gh Gh  2 days ago

    اسم الله الذكاء فعلا مبين بعيونه

  • Jearvin Matthew Gimeno
    Jearvin Matthew Gimeno  2 days ago +2

    “There is no such thing a robot playing a piano”.

  • Don’t worry About it!

    The Mozart of our time!

  • lorghans nikki
    lorghans nikki  4 days ago

    A winner in child genius?😳😳👏👏👏👏

  • Tamanna Ghosh
    Tamanna Ghosh  4 days ago +2

    5 years ago I was also 9 2019 I am 14.....ohhhhhhh

  • Noah Youssef
    Noah Youssef  5 days ago

    Did anybody else see his attitude

  • Kevin Pacheco
    Kevin Pacheco  5 days ago

    is he really in 8th

  • Risk Legend 18
    Risk Legend 18  5 days ago +8

    “You can’t be a doctor at age 5, correct? You can be a musician though!”

  • I do Weird stuff
    I do Weird stuff  6 days ago +11

    If these people watch Child Genius, then they’ll know who he is

  • Methag Abdalla
    Methag Abdalla  6 days ago +3

    He won Child Genius competition!!!

  • Mr. Negasus
    Mr. Negasus  6 days ago +1

    This kid was the winner of child genius season 2, 150+ IQ

  • wizz-E
    wizz-E  7 days ago

    what is this sacrilegious piece of

  • Razane Jahjah
    Razane Jahjah  7 days ago

    Grand Brilliant Adrian

  • Ariane Turgeon
    Ariane Turgeon  7 days ago

    The flight of the bumblebee this effortlessly? Skipped 5 grades? That kid truly is someone special, he will be one of the most successful persons on the planet!

  • Rinnie Wesly
    Rinnie Wesly  7 days ago

    Flight of the bumblebee,

    How sacrilegious
    (Im not hating its just for twoset violin fans)
    Also I wonder what chair he would receive if he was placed in a chair at school, if he hadn't skipped all the grades already. I thought I was averagly smart but boy was I mistaken.

  • Menxi
    Menxi  7 days ago

    Young Sheldon in real life

  • Thierry Kamette
    Thierry Kamette  7 days ago

    pushy parents will end up as a spoilt little bratt !!

  • Ratchphone Twill
    Ratchphone Twill  7 days ago +1

    More like according to expectations.

  • Mahou Gesu
    Mahou Gesu  7 days ago

    Wait, he already did 9th grade but now he's in 8th?

  • Spenne
    Spenne  7 days ago +1

    He really does express emotion