Del City, Police, Shop Owner Tried to Fight me + New Location (potential)

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
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  • Sebastian Larcher de Brito
    Sebastian Larcher de Brito  2 months ago +151

    Forget about that old shop, let’s keep moving forward, accomplishing bigger and better things.

  • Jeffrey Hooie
    Jeffrey Hooie  2 months ago +83

    The garbage truck was a perfect ending! Out with all the old negative vibes and on to new bigger, better adventures!!!

  • Go Getter
    Go Getter  2 months ago +97

    this shit is hilarious. if this car flipping venture doesn't work out you have a promising future as a story teller

  • Vintage Traveller
    Vintage Traveller  2 months ago +61

    You can't fight stupidity. First they drag you down to their level then beat you with their years of experience. When you laughed at him you wounded him more than fighting. People like that have a fragile ego.

  • Paul Levy
    Paul Levy  2 months ago +55

    I guess Del City should issue demolition order on the shop, and end the drama for good. Do what you need to do, stay safe, and always check the zoning laws where you want to move to next.

  • truth seeker1995
    truth seeker1995  2 months ago +9

    Dude, I have nothing but respect for you in the last 3 weeks. I've watched on and off for a year or so. Keep trucking man. You taught me stuff about Copart and I have an awesome project now. And the other content is cool too. Just keep it positive and moving forward.

  • Matt Wyckoff
    Matt Wyckoff  2 months ago +14

    Oh, I agree that the building needs to be to code, my point is that the city needs to go against the land owner, not the renter...

  • Deshawn Da Don
    Deshawn Da Don  2 months ago +5

    The real Steve Erkel will kick your ass for the record lol

  • kool brother
    kool brother  2 months ago +6

    I think del city should tear that building down then they won't have problems with it

  • Nick G
    Nick G  2 months ago +2

    That guy that owns the property sounds like the fake owner of roadrunner rideshare! Are they related? Lol

  • greg lobdell
    greg lobdell  2 months ago +25

    time to get past all this drama!! hope you find a good place to work on your cars soon.....

  • RJParker
    RJParker  2 months ago +5

    Randy could have been an accessory to a crime (and still could be) if they decided to prosecute the threats. The whole shop thing should have been obvious with the very first notice on the door and even earlier at day one when the pricing was known to be low and no cars would be allowed. Randy initially mentioned how much other shops cost, eg thousands more. If its too good to be true... The real and maybe continuing problem is trying to be pseudo law enforcement via youtube videos. Unfortunately the "bad actors" are still in town and know how to legally harass and there are vulnerabilities.

  • Ro
    Ro  2 months ago +1

    Looking forward to the new land! Please make sure everything is legal.. ;-)

  • Melody -Mellybyte-
    Melody -Mellybyte-  2 months ago +4

    you might not be as wealthy but you got high standards that's a value people take for granted and value that is irreplaceable.
    also you mentioned how you speak about your mistake for others to learn.. I certainly learned something from this video.
    If i ever plan to open a shop or something with business I will surely ask the city hall first.

  • InsideOfMyOwnMind
    InsideOfMyOwnMind  2 months ago +3

    Oddly this may have been the most riveting video at least in awhile. Glad you got all that squared off, came clean and shared. I wonder how many renters this guy has screwed over and how many he will in the future until the city really lowers the boom on him. I feel like if yours and my paths crossed I would have some adaptation to do before we got along but in the end you would prevail and all would be good and I would learn something as well. It looks like Mike has been a Godsend for you and your channel and how awesome is it that his channel is benefiting as well. It seems like he is a really good guy. I would buy an igloo in Alaska from that dude.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy  2 months ago +1

    Lol, tim... "I was about to hop out and do some ass whippin, but that city worker was there and I didn't wanna catch some cases and shit, know that I'm sayin b?, I was sooo ready too! He would of been smashed so quick, I swear!"

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson  2 months ago +3

    PS I was also a code enforcer for a couple towns where I inspected roads and driveways being installed and drainage and reviewing new proposals for the town board.. I remember my first main sewer pipe inspection. I looked down the pipe and could see an elliptical shape where one part was lower than the other. I said it was ok, just passing, but that if there was anymore settling it might get worse. The next day they had me inspect it again and it was a perfect circle. Most people were fine to work with and then you get a guy who reroutes a stream which my boss had me call DEC who had him put the stream back where it originally was. I quit shortly after, but it was a good experience. I'm just not the desk type person.

  • Devin Jackson
    Devin Jackson  2 months ago +5

    Unless hid last name is Hudiburg he doesn't own shit for a dealership in Midwest City

  • Carl B
    Carl B  2 months ago +8

    Just be careful with the"cheap" priced deals because sometimes they come with a lot of baggage or history.
    Have you considered buying a commercial property? Even one with an apartment or two on it?
    If you find one that a bank won't finance, that means the seller might be motivated to sell. You can usually ask them to carry the note (5% down, 25 years at 6% and you can promise to refi at the 5 or 10 year mark). This can work well and you can typically do this and make money if they have multiple units.
    Hit me up if you want to know more

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz  2 months ago +3

    Seeing u own up to your mistakes is awesome, and for that u have my respect! I hope to see u find another location and hope to see your channel grow, and more content to come soon 🙏🏼