BTS - Dream Glow (Feat. Charli XCX) (방탄소년단 - Dream Glow) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng/가사]

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.초간단 한식요리, 배고프면 클릭!!CLICK! ▷ ◁BY-LEMORINGAll Rights Administered By BIGHIT Entertainment.★Thank you for watching!★♥ Sorry for any mistakes ♥★ Please Subscribe ME! :) ★Request song here : BTS (방탄소년단)Track: Dream Glow (Feat. Charli XCX)Album: BTS WORLD OSTRelease : 2019.06.07Members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, JungkookMy bias: Suga방탄소년단BTSBTS WORLDDream GlowBTS dream glow LYRICSBTS dream glow방탄소년단 dream glow방탄소년단 dream glow 가사방탄소년단 dream glow LyricsBTS dream glow 가사BTS dream glow MVBTS dream glow SHOWCASEBTS dream glow 뮤비BTS WORLD OSTbts world ost part 1jin dream glowdream glow lyricsdream glow 가사bts world lyricsjimin dream glowjungkook dream glowDream Glow (Feat. Charli XCX)dream glow charli xcxcharli xcxcharli xcx dream glowbts charli xcxjimin jungkook jinjjj dream glowBIGHIT레모링Lemoring#BTS #방탄소년단 #DreamGlow #BTSWORLD #CharliXCX #진 #지민 #정국 #Jin #Jimin #Jungkook #드림글로우


  • 레모링  20 days ago

    Making Korean food that BTS also likes. Home Cooking! I love it.초간단 한식요리, 배고프면 클릭!!CLICK! ▷ ◁

  • Fahmida Tanher  22 hours ago

    Me tooo I love homemade food it's healthy right

  • nanami janina  3 days ago

    The song is so good. I'm obsessed with it😍😍

  • 2013 - No more dream 2019 - Dream glowThe only glow up that matters

  • its. shije_  yesterday

    @Djillali Aid ok

  • Djillali Aid  yesterday

    @its. shije_ don't do that kskksks

  • Nov The Rosie 1  8 days ago

    How many army like this song?Yes: *like*No: *comment*

  • Park Chimmy 1995  3 hours ago

    s u n _ l i g h t * it’s fine that you don’t like the song cuz everybody has a thing called OPINION. Other armys who wanted her/him to leave, at least she/he wasn’t so rude and didn’t say something like “they sound like sh*t”or whatever. This is why people say we are toxic😒.

  • Rachel d  7 hours ago

    I'm just gonna comment cause I can because it's the most beautiful 😍

  • Jin is my  8 days ago

    *Did you hear Jin's high notes* ? My ears have been blessed

  • Jessica Phan  5 hours ago

    2:06 there u go

  • mariana mendez  17 hours ago

    Lol ikr yassssssss😀😄😁🖤💜🖤💜

  • So this is hurting me. Mentally and Physically. *Jimin has such a sExY and soFt voice.**Jungkook's English is slaying me.**Jin's High-notes is my new kink*What the hell are they doing to us?

  • Emily’s Vlog  7 hours ago

    ikr jungkook English is sooooooooooo goooood and the others are good too💜

  • ithasnt hitmeyet  17 hours ago

    Summoning god

  • Jungkook’s English is improvedNo wonder he watches English songs-

  • BTS ARMY  15 hours ago

    @Gamer Trainer Or may be Justin Seagull😅

  • TEAEAEA  15 hours ago

    I like to WATCH music

  • BTS Jimin  20 days ago

    *Do you really love 방탄소년단* ( *BTS* ) ?*Yes* - *Like**No* - *Ignore*

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    @What? Zhaha ok leave then 😂

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    I love them

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    Exactly.... Goosebumps r out....!!

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  • Cam Variety  6 days ago

    I'm not going to lie, Jimin sounds amazing!

  • Army Army  6 hours ago

    Actually..this is his solo song but he is very kind...he gave it to Jin and Jungkook instead

  • Insfire ?  yesterday

    As always

  • Burden of Love  9 days ago

    Why is no one appreciating Jin's voice? He slayed it as well😍

  • Lena A  2 days ago

    Yes I Love him

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