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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • #에이티즈, WONDERLAND

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  • Louis Google
    Louis Google  21 days ago

    C'est quoi ce public de merde ?

  • Lalisa Heni
    Lalisa Heni  21 days ago

    Wow omg

  • Hanna 'Twitcha' Safira

    Ateez is the true definition of PERFORMANCE! THEY ARE SO TALENTED! I am a HUGE fan of ATEEZ from INDONESIA 🇮🇩 I did a cover of Ateez's INTRO & WONDERLAND! Here's the link to my video ! Please support me ❤️ Your support means a lot to me and ATEEZ ❤️👑🔥

  • Doaa pink
    Doaa pink  21 days ago


  • asyiqin aripin
    asyiqin aripin  21 days ago

    Seonghwa ❤

  • HI 5
    HI 5  21 days ago

    I love and appreciate it sooo much that despite dancing such a difficult choreography so intensely they still do their best to sing live. Every other group that i know (and I know a lot of them) give up on live singing once they need to do a harder dance. But this is why I love watching Ateez so much, it's because they understand what a performance is, they know what is necessary for the performance to be great. They don't choose the easy route, they are always up for a challenge, and this is exactly what will take them to the top. I got some real respect for them.

  • Silber Key
    Silber Key  21 days ago +1

    They are MY Winners

  • Aneeqa Moazzam
    Aneeqa Moazzam  21 days ago

    I wanted them to win, 😭😭😭😭

  • Jimin's Non existent jams

    Aww my jongho I hope you get better soon💞

  • Maniii xx
    Maniii xx  21 days ago

    Omg first Min Gi and now Jong Ho and no win I want to cry😭😭

  • helena garcia
    helena garcia  28 days ago


  • Ligia Lazhar
    Ligia Lazhar  28 days ago

    I'm worried about them! Mingi, Jongho I hope you get well soon! Atinys we can't be too sad because even we don't get the win we have Ateez with us!

  • Agrum_
    Agrum_  28 days ago

    Ateez please take some rest before your world tour ♥

  • Anitha Mathew
    Anitha Mathew  28 days ago

    Ateezzzz we love you Fighting👏👏👏

  • Emily Rose Gardner

    I hope KQ doesn't see the members as disposable.. please take care of them and let them rest. Get well soon mingi and jongho. 푹 쉬고 곧 나으세요 ㅠㅠ

  • eva Collins
    eva Collins  28 days ago

    3:04 didn’t San look like he fell down when he jump? Then got up... or was it just me?

  • eva Collins
    eva Collins  28 days ago

    Jongho been hurt 😔 😔😔 but even tho he was sitting my bias was giving his all with vocals and those facial expressions? I felt like he was staring into my soul

  • d C
    d C  28 days ago

    Please get well soon!

  • Khalidah Adibah
    Khalidah Adibah  28 days ago

    sannn please take care of yourself. We don't want more injured members. Everyone should take care but i'm especially concerned with san bcs of how hard he goes when he dances

  • Desmin 95
    Desmin 95  28 days ago