I Can’t Do This… *SHE WOULD HATE ME*

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
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  • Xø Ella
    Xø Ella  6 months ago +2097

    Am I the Only one wondering who will hate him

  • DauntingBlue
    DauntingBlue  6 months ago +932

    Joke of the day:
    Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?
    He was just going through a stage.😂😂😂

  • kooks1322
    kooks1322  6 months ago +561

    I’m glade he didn’t tell us. I mean yes we all want to know but it’s good that Alex respects this woman and doesn’t want to hurt her. Good for you Alex you got such a good and big heart!

  • Amy Luo
    Amy Luo  6 months ago +297

    *unsilents phone after school: “Alex Wassabi premiering at 3:00” checks time... 2:59..*
    The face I made should be a meme

  • Kathryn Robinson
    Kathryn Robinson  6 months ago +283

    Aww that special someone is out there and you will find her.

  • Almira smith
    Almira smith  6 months ago +151

    When ness and alex both kiss the air

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney  6 months ago +176

    well.... another membership I can’t get😔

  • Alexa Vazquez
    Alexa Vazquez  6 months ago +178

    The little hair sticking out of the hat 😄

  • Bisera Laskova
    Bisera Laskova  6 months ago +76

    I think that Vanessa (form the twins) and Alex will make a cute couple!!

  • Jacklyn Torres
    Jacklyn Torres  6 months ago +149

    Nessa and alex?💘 just a ship....

  • Idontknow?
    Idontknow?  6 months ago +127

    I hate this literally I Go to watch different channels and all of them say there’s this membership and I’m like ughhh my parents are going to say no to me. I wish I could join but probably won’t be able too, great 😐🥴

  • Blandine Chaillou
    Blandine Chaillou  6 months ago +62

    2:54 Nessa being Nessa for 5 seconds straight lmao

  • Annamarie Camara
    Annamarie Camara  6 months ago +128

    U should date vanessa

  • Brookie Cookie Vlougz
    Brookie Cookie Vlougz  6 months ago +84

    Nessa and Alex both single so they can be a couple. I think it would be perfect bc Alex and Nessa and Roni and Aaron are already a couple so yeah

  • Kira Kathleen
    Kira Kathleen  6 months ago +67

    This isn’t fair because I have been watching for 5 years but I can’t afford it. This means that anyone who doesn’t have money to spare just can’t get the things that others can...

  • Agent Unicorn888
    Agent Unicorn888  6 months ago +61

    Hey, Alex I just wanted to share my opinion. Personally I love you and your channel, but ever since the break up and moving to your new home, I feel like you want to entertain us by being more adventurous or dangerous, also leaving us on cliff hangers so your subscribers will stay and watch the next video. But personally I loved the more homey styled vlogs, the more chill vlogs, (with Lauren 😢). But you need to know if you want to follow your heart then do it. We love you either way, but to me it’s less interesting. Your vlogs have turned basically just adventurous trips. I loved watching you with your friends, play bowling, joke around, party.
    And Alex we think you are a boyfriend type of guy. But take it slow. Like you did with Lauren. Take it easy. You will find the perfect girl. We know you will!
    Here’s a little suggestion it would be interesting for both you and your viewers if you went to a psychic! Ik Lauren did that, but asking about your love life in the future or anything you are interested in, and then sharing a few things in a video.
    Hey wassabians! Like this comment so Alex can see!
    Thank you Alex -from all the wassabians ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💓💓💗💞💖💖💘💕

  • Katelyn 05
    Katelyn 05  6 months ago +364

    Haven’t even seen video yet but the thumb nail makes me scared 😂💖

  • Ri Downey
    Ri Downey  6 months ago +23

    Alex-“I’m excited to announce to you the big new yet..”
    Me- *dating someone?
    Alex- “ YouTube Membership!”
    Me- :|

  • Sephora Charles
    Sephora Charles  6 months ago +43


  • Kyrsta Ewen
    Kyrsta Ewen  6 months ago +60

    thank you for everything you are an awesome, lovable, and an wonderful person Alex ( :