Do You Have Enough Patience?

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
  • Tab for a Cause: Curiosity Box:***Click "SHOW MORE" for links to DONGs***High Five Bros (0:08) How Patient Are You? (0:52) Virtual Magician (1:13) Paper Clips (1:50) Spend Bill Gates’ Money (2:21) Quiz (3:05) Strobe Illusion (3:20) Rabbip (3:41) Cinesift (4:02) Scenic Ride (4:22) ***CREDITS***Hosted byJake roperWritten and edited by Hannah Canetti( VFX byEric Langlay( by Jake Chudnow(***VSAUCE LINKS***Vsauce1:


  • D!NG
    D!NG  a years ago +207

    Have you seen it?  Thoughts, please.

  • Vsauce3
    Vsauce3  a years ago +349

    You got to witness my majestic trex impression.

  • papa zliggi
    papa zliggi  a years ago +83

    it starts with N and ends with R
    oh wait!!!NOT GOOD

  • That one guy
    That one guy  a years ago +70

    45 billion big macs. i regret nothing

  • Praise Skepticism
    Praise Skepticism  a years ago +80

    dafuq is that intro

  • Ethan Kishinevskiy
    Ethan Kishinevskiy  a years ago +134


  • The King Of Limbs
    The King Of Limbs  a years ago +270

    Jake should get some tips from Michael on beard care

  • ionicblood666
    ionicblood666  a years ago +24

    Dude you are a teacher I learned a lot from you guys.

  • Alex Pena
    Alex Pena  a years ago +26

    Jake you look majestic

  • Andrew Kovnat
    Andrew Kovnat  a years ago +28

    When he switched to Rabbip I saw the effect. o_o

  • Tariq Hudson
    Tariq Hudson  a years ago +54

    Are you okay

  • Esmee Hulskamp
    Esmee Hulskamp  a years ago +28

    The magician trick is easy lol

  • GraySpirit
    GraySpirit  a years ago +7

    I ordered my first curiosity box! can't wait for it to arrive c:

  • Priscilla Arinze
    Priscilla Arinze  a years ago +12

    You have a beautiful beard, Jake!

  • Simone Tarenzi
    Simone Tarenzi  a years ago +54

    "you'll be given the first and last letter..." "N" and "R"

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude  a years ago +20

    The Virtual Magician's trick is actually pretty simple. There are not more then five of each color. First you tell which color your word was and then when you have to select the box with your word in it, there's only one word that originally was the color you selected in there.

  • b34ns
    b34ns  a years ago +5

    I ship jake and tacos

  • Feldi
    Feldi  a years ago +4

    took the visual quiz and it told me what I already knew.

  • Saitama123
    Saitama123  a years ago

    280th liker! never been so early!
    DONG i love you <3

  • Mariimu
    Mariimu  a years ago

    Your Shopping Spree:
    Big Mac x 45,000,000,000
    thats the max amount of big macs you can buy