Do You Have Enough Patience?

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
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    The Curiosity Box:

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    High Five Bros (0:08)

    How Patient Are You? (0:52)

    Virtual Magician (1:13)

    Paper Clips (1:50)

    Spend Bill Gates’ Money (2:21)

    Visual Quiz (3:05)

    Strobe Illusion (3:20)

    Rabbip (3:41)

    Cinesift (4:02)

    Scenic Ride (4:22)


    Hosted by
    Jake roper

    Written and edited by
    Hannah Canetti

    VFX by
    Eric Langlay

    Music by Jake Chudnow

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  • D!NG
    D!NG  2 years ago +208

    Have you seen it?  Thoughts, please.

  • Letícia Bernardo
    Letícia Bernardo  11 months ago +1


  • laurence wemple
    laurence wemple  a years ago

    am looking for the online 2d pixel browser game that appeared on dong and i cant find it also when you typed it appeard above your head and you didnt press enter for the words to pop up they just did i miss it and wanna play it

  • Gladius Draco
    Gladius Draco  a years ago

    Creepy but awesome dong.

  • cat's mist
    cat's mist  a years ago

    5 m's

  • Tomi Salami
    Tomi Salami  a years ago

    The time it took me to spend all of Bill Gates money is 48.08 seconds.

  • FRostBiteTV
    FRostBiteTV  a years ago

    The Virtual Magician's trick is when you pick which colour your word is, the machine takes all of the yellow's numbers and colors and put them in all different boxes. Now obviously there were only three yellow words. So there were 2 words in different boxes that were not yellow and there are only three boxes containing each of the yellow word in the selection. The number 901 was only in the green box and no other yellow word in the selection was in there. That means the virtual magician took the color of the number you chose, spread equally those three words and put them in different boxes. The box you clicked had only 1 yellow word in it which means that of course, it is that word.

  • Ahzayah
    Ahzayah  a years ago

    Thor Ragnarok? More like bore Ragranok

  • uv.vibes
    uv.vibes  a years ago

    thank you!

  • Nictasaur
    Nictasaur  a years ago

    On the visual quiz, I got "food scientist" LOL

  • dingle berry
    dingle berry  a years ago

    Wow Bill Gates can buy 45,000,000,000 Big Macs

  • days
    days  a years ago

    I bought all big macs.

  • Mohamed Yakot
    Mohamed Yakot  a years ago

    thumbnail looks like gary oldman ?!

  • You Know Me
    You Know Me  a years ago

    I bought 22,500,000,000 cups of coffee.

  • Daniel Garcia-Barnett

    I'm embarrassed of how long it took me to figure out the virtual magician trick....

  • Bruce Bell
    Bruce Bell  a years ago

    I haven't learned to avoid pausing these videos yet. 2:15

  • Sebastian Simon
    Sebastian Simon  a years ago

    Aw, come on! Bill Gates can’t even afford a house made of gold?

  • Popocraft
    Popocraft  a years ago

    That was jake wtf

  • SimplyDuo
    SimplyDuo  a years ago

    I only bought 180,000 pizza places before I got to 0...I ACOMPLISHED THINGS IN LIFE!

  • M K
    M K  2 years ago

    Your top doesn't fit.