DIY Pool Noodle Stamped Palm Leaf Art

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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  • Mr. Kate  2 years ago

    Living the #becausewhynot #creativeweirdos lifestyle one pool noodle at a time! I hope you lovely weirdos get inspired and empowered by the DIY to freely express your unique creative perspective, no matter your art skills! Also I hope you're having a fantastic day in general. Love you byeeeeee! xx - mr. kate

  • Shrutika U.  1 years ago

    Mr. Kate I

  • VCNT NGHT  1 years ago

    Mr. Kate the

  • Erin Marie  2 years ago

    I can't be the only one who was hoping this tutorial would involve Kate slapping the wall with a pool noodle...

  • Zeynep Er  2 years ago


  • Lili Martinez  2 years ago

    Mr. Kate is so inspiring. I started watching her video's my junior year of high school and because of her i embraced my creative weirdness. That's when i started exploring all things creative and i fell in love with all of it. Im super excited for the room transformation and low key i really want to win. If not i hope it goes to someone who really deserves it. Thank you Mr. Kate for being a inspiration in my life and in others. <3

  • Mr. Kate  2 years ago

    Thank you so much for being a kindred creative weirdo! Means so much to get to connect with amazing humans like you! Love you lots!!!

  • Eva Groeschl  2 years ago

    My fav is the littlest noodle because it is shmall!!!#shmallsquad

  • Shajnah Farook  2 years ago

    Mr. Kate what would you prefer other than pool noodle to do on a small canvas. Love you 😊😊❤️❤️

  • Mr. Kate  2 years ago

    +Eva Groeschl hahahaa schmall noodle!!!!!

  • Mira Molthen  2 years ago


  • Eclipse  1 years ago

    Mr. Kate I Know Right! it Crazy! ( which in my language Is It Really Pretty )

  • Slime Factory  2 years ago

    Mira Molthen love you

  • ThisIsMbajo  2 years ago

    This looks so Good.....

  • Sweetheart xox  2 years ago

    Kate: *Takes out box cutter*Me: Omg she has to be careful with thatKate: *Waves knife around*Me: ASDFGHJKLHow can you just wave around a sharp object like that !!?? XD You're insane !! (in a good way though luv you <3)

  • Sydney Guenette  2 years ago

    Obsessed with this Kate!! I am moving into college next year and desperately needed some DIY art ideas! Since I cannot paint on the walls, I will paint this design on plain white paper and put it in some frames! #creativeweirdos

  • jireh andrea  2 years ago

    Mr. Kate should do a hair tutorial! 'Cause TBH, she's over there slayin' and I'm over here with burnt hay sitting on my head. 😂 I love you Mr. Kate!!!💕😘🔥

  • Rosie Jones  2 years ago

    UNIPANDA honestly same 😂

  • barbara sanchez  2 years ago

    I actually did this in my bathroom last summer, but instead of using a pool noodle I made some stencils out of cardboard and I used à chip brush to paint the shapes on. I also added some tropical flowers in red and orange for constrast, it turned out sooo pretty! But I actually prefer your idea, it seems way easier

  • Mr. Kate  2 years ago

    Sounds so cute!! Love your creative weirdo DIY-ing!! 💕