Chill Study Beats 4 • jazz & lofi hiphop Mix [2017]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  • Thanks to all 1 million of you who share the love for this music. ♥🎧 Similar Music on Spotify »🎧 Tracklist: (* = Unreleased)0:00 idealism - Both of Us2:10 Keem the Cipher - [BLOSSOM.] (w sugi.wa)3:58 Jhfly - Crossings* 6:42 invention_ - skyrateºº8:32 leavv - Home10:28 Allem Iversom - Without You* 11:23 sugi.wa - pianos* 12:58 Kendall Miles - isla bella14:47 The Deli - Moonlight17:10 j'san - this feeling's too good* 19:01 baaskaT - Guttered* 21:30 invention - dw3ll23:06 Allem Iversom - Held* 24:40 arbour - red25:55 nohidea - you dont have to cry27:31 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place31:31 falcxne - Reminisce* 34:53 Moose Dawa - Bravo36:03 Keem The Cipher - [DESIRE.]* 37:58 Moose Dawa - Chances40:30 Pabzzz - Together* 43:06 invention_ - brzzy bump* 44:56 Philanthrope - ID 46:22 nohidea - Apple_Tree47:37 nohidea - falling down (ft. shiloh)49:13 Arbour - elusive50:46 Philanthrope - Hope53:05 leavv - within55:47 mt. fujitive - lullabies57:19 TESK - Green Stamps59:57 TooNorth - long nights1:01:26 TESK - Floating Vibes (ft. Philanthrope)1:04:21 slr - break1:05:15 The Deli - Everyday1:07:20 Flughand - Peninsula1:09:41 Allem Iversom - Tallgrass1:11:08 Axian x J'san - Autumn Leaves1:12:50 Philanthrope x plusma - in hamburg* 1:15:02 delt - sayonara1:16:32 sugi.wa - senorita* 1:17:48 leavv - reminiscence* 1:20:23 Kupla - New Beginnings* 1:22:10 idealism - dont say a word1:24:34 Kupla - Saudade* 1:27:05 walterwarm & cowode - mountain top1:28:24 nohidea - thirteen. (w- idealism)1:30:42 KUPLA x Philanthrope - Evening Tide1:33:09 Keem The Cipher - [REVIVE.]1:35:00 badsummer - floating1:37:03 invention_ - vscrl1:39:20 Idealism - last time1:42:12 Juan RIOS - Pine Trees1:44:59 DRWN. - Estate1:46:47 Tusken. x Philanthrope - Mr.Toast1:48:46 fujitsu - motions1:50:38 nohidea - misery1:52:59 Bassti - Melanin1:54:16 j'san - rest & be thankful (w I Eat Plants for a Living)1:56:23 The Cancel - Can't You See1:58:42 BeatBoxBandit - One Last Thing2:00:35 Philanthrope - TheEnd (ft. Fujitsu)🙌 Follow the artistsidealism » The Cipher » » » » » Iversom » Miles » Deli »'san » » » » Pecoraro » » Dawa » » » fujitive » » » » » » » » » » » » RIOS » » » » » eat plants for a living » Cancel » »📷 Photo by Louis Raphael☕ Follow ChillhopSpotify / Bandcamp » » » http://chillhop.comYouTube » » »❔ Useful LinksSubmit Music » our Music in Videos »


  • Chillhop Music
    Chillhop Music  3 months ago +97

    🙏Chill Study Beats 6 out now! »

  • Pichu Main
    Pichu Main  3 months ago +931

    Hey, I'm doing homework just like you, we can get through it, but the hardest part is to stop scrolling
    Lets get back to work, ok. ;)

  • Sarah Hocker
    Sarah Hocker  11 months ago +1589

    Every time I see this picture, it makes me more and more want to live on top of a rural seaside mountain that looks out at a skyline like this. Imagine every night, you would sit out on your string light and plant covered porch with a warm cup of tea and some lofi/jazz playing softly in the background while watching the busy cars zip by down below. A soft, warm breeze dances across your cheeks, a faint sound of a ferry horn in the distance, the occasional airplane drifts by. You have nothing important that needs your immediate attention. Life is calm.

  • Matthias Nicoloso
    Matthias Nicoloso  3 months ago +465

    Hey, you. Yes, you. Stop scrolling. Do your homework or go to sleep, it’s getting late. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day.
    To anyone reading this, remember, you’re loved. We all love you. 🧡

  • dreadguardz
    dreadguardz  2 days ago +5

    Currently cooking. Love listening to these beats while cooking and playing video games

  • VISUALS by Marc
    VISUALS by Marc  5 months ago +593

    how is this comment section so positive and motivational? i'm gonna stay a little bit longer... wishing everyone a peaceful day or night moving forward <3

  • smart1kenken 2
    smart1kenken 2  11 months ago +556

    "Maybe I could stay and find some other nice people who would accept me for who I am"

  • aesrestic
    aesrestic  8 months ago +669

    if you are reading this, stop scrolling! do your homework/study! I KNOW YOU GOT THIS :D

  • Sura Abdullah
    Sura Abdullah  1 months ago +64

    everyone "GO DO WORK"
    me its mon july 22, ITS SUMMER!

  • Johnnie Fluker
    Johnnie Fluker  4 months ago +166

    Don’t trip. Life is worth living and mistakes are meant to be made but lessons are also meant to be learned. Let’s keep moving & working. Your pay off is on the horizon. 🙌🏽 Peace & Love.

  • Outlander 98
    Outlander 98  11 months ago +144

    These videos seem to be the only videos with nice comments,probably because we share a love for this kind of music,something we can relate on rather than fight over.

  • Snuggle Muffins
    Snuggle Muffins  1 months ago +84

    There are some situations in life...
    That we shouldn't compare to each other.
    But a lot of us still do.
    It hurts deeply to have one specific thing taunt your mind for months and years,
    and people shrug it off.
    Playing it as "It's no big deal, life will get better."
    But when you're suffering in such a dark and torturous place, where
    no one will listen to you because they don't understand the full story.
    All you think to yourself is
    "Things are so unfair, and I'm not only devastated...
    I'm angry about it."
    Why the hell is this happening to me?
    Why doesn't anyone get it?
    Why don't you realize...?
    The important thing here is to stay true to yourself.
    Stay true to yourself now, and
    be who you are forever.
    Don't ever be manipulated to be someone you're not.
    To be taken away from others you care about.
    To not realize that you have so many opportunities ahead of you.
    You are you,
    and no matter who you identify as,
    what your intentions are,
    or what your purpose in life is:
    Don't let others take that away from you.
    I'm homeschooled now,
    and man am I lonely...
    But it's healthier here.
    God bless all of you who are struggling,
    no matter what the situation.
    Everyone goes through pain,
    and everyone shall get through it.

  • isaiah lewis
    isaiah lewis  1 months ago +29

    Best comment section ever... so much positive energy!!!!

  • Not Sans
    Not Sans  3 months ago +85

    Imagine listening to this music while you’re at a beach during a sunset. Ultimate chill

  • Doggo Dude
    Doggo Dude  7 days ago +15

    Life is short
    Enjoy every second
    You may don't have it tommorow

  • Elise
    Elise  4 months ago +133

    These songs are so comforting, relaxing and uplifting. I always feel motivated when listening! Also, big love for the comment section.
    To the person reading this, I hope you'll have a good day and may you get through whatever you're struggling with. :)

  • Black Scythe
    Black Scythe  11 months ago +209

    I know you like reading comments but you can do that after your done with your work also have a nice day and good luck on a test or something😁😁

  • SinzOfGreed
    SinzOfGreed  a years ago +946


  • Diegis Fundirburko
    Diegis Fundirburko  a years ago +131

    I love how it starts with some dialogue from Kiki's Delivery Service. :D

  • Fitiprogaming
    Fitiprogaming  3 days ago +1

    I wonder who would dislike this video
    They probably don't like music