Chill Study Beats 4 • jazz & lofi hiphop Mix [2017]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
  • Thanks to all 1 million of you who share the love for this music. ♥🎧 Similar Music on Spotify »🎧 Tracklist: (* = Unreleased)0:00 idealism - Both of Us2:10 Keem the Cipher - [BLOSSOM.] (w sugi.wa)3:58 Jhfly - Crossings* 6:42 invention_ - skyrateºº8:32 leavv - Home10:28 Allem Iversom - Without You* 11:23 sugi.wa - pianos* 12:58 Kendall Miles - isla bella14:47 The Deli - Moonlight17:10 j'san - this feeling's too good* 19:01 baaskaT - Guttered* 21:30 invention - dw3ll23:06 Allem Iversom - Held* 24:40 arbour - red25:55 nohidea - you dont have to cry27:31 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place31:31 falcxne - Reminisce* 34:53 Moose Dawa - Bravo36:03 Keem The Cipher - [DESIRE.]* 37:58 Moose Dawa - Chances40:30 Pabzzz - Together* 43:06 invention_ - brzzy bump* 44:56 Philanthrope - ID 46:22 nohidea - Apple_Tree47:37 nohidea - falling down (ft. shiloh)49:13 Arbour - elusive50:46 Philanthrope - Hope53:05 leavv - within55:47 mt. fujitive - lullabies57:19 TESK - Green Stamps59:57 TooNorth - long nights1:01:26 TESK - Floating Vibes (ft. Philanthrope)1:04:21 slr - break1:05:15 The Deli - Everyday1:07:20 Flughand - Peninsula1:09:41 Allem Iversom - Tallgrass1:11:08 Axian x J'san - Autumn Leaves1:12:50 Philanthrope x plusma - in hamburg* 1:15:02 delt - sayonara1:16:32 sugi.wa - senorita* 1:17:48 leavv - reminiscence* 1:20:23 Kupla - New Beginnings* 1:22:10 idealism - dont say a word1:24:34 Kupla - Saudade* 1:27:05 walterwarm & cowode - mountain top1:28:24 nohidea - thirteen. (w- idealism)1:30:42 KUPLA x Philanthrope - Evening Tide1:33:09 Keem The Cipher - [REVIVE.]1:35:00 badsummer - floating1:37:03 invention_ - vscrl1:39:20 Idealism - last time1:42:12 Juan RIOS - Pine Trees1:44:59 DRWN. - Estate1:46:47 Tusken. x Philanthrope - Mr.Toast1:48:46 fujitsu - motions1:50:38 nohidea - misery1:52:59 Bassti - Melanin1:54:16 j'san - rest & be thankful (w I Eat Plants for a Living)1:56:23 The Cancel - Can't You See1:58:42 BeatBoxBandit - One Last Thing2:00:35 Philanthrope - TheEnd (ft. Fujitsu)🙌 Follow the artistsidealism » The Cipher » » » » » Iversom » Miles » Deli »'san » » » » Pecoraro » » Dawa » » » fujitive » » » » » » » » » » » » RIOS » » » » » eat plants for a living » Cancel » »📷 Photo by Louis Raphael☕ Follow ChillhopSpotify / Bandcamp » » » http://chillhop.comYouTube » » »❔ Useful LinksSubmit Music » our Music in Videos »


  • Chillhop Music  29 days ago

    🙏Chill Study Beats 6 out now! »

  • Davi Pereira  5 days ago


  • Andrew Saldivar  10 days ago

    Never will replace this one <3

  • Pichu Main  1 months ago

    Hey, I'm doing homework just like you, we can get through it, but the hardest part is to stop scrollingLets get back to work, ok. ;)

  • AGuyOnTheInternet _  10 days ago

    bet you feel real stupid after the pichu nerf

  • Nicole Gamanye  10 days ago

    Lol love you 😂💜

  • Sarah Hocker  9 months ago

    Every time I see this picture, it makes me more and more want to live on top of a rural seaside mountain that looks out at a skyline like this. Imagine every night, you would sit out on your string light and plant covered porch with a warm cup of tea and some lofi/jazz playing softly in the background while watching the busy cars zip by down below. A soft, warm breeze dances across your cheeks, a faint sound of a ferry horn in the distance, the occasional airplane drifts by. You have nothing important ...

  • Santino Isaiah C  4 days ago

    It makes me wanna fly over los santos with an airplane I stole from the airport

  • Rendy Gaming 2.0  8 days ago

    nc men

  • VISUALS by Marc  3 months ago

    how is this comment section so positive and motivational? i'm gonna stay a little bit longer... wishing everyone a peaceful day or night moving forward <3

  • Willybro  10 days ago

    fr tho i like it

  • Harut  2 hours ago

    it's 1am for me and tommorow I got my last exams tommorow. History AND German... I haven't finished history yet so I will not be able to sleep since I have to learn German too.This Is just to remind me later of the most depressing week in my life. Sorry for my english btw. My last braincell is trying to stay awake at 1am.

  • Matthias Nicoloso  1 months ago

    Hey, you. Yes, you. Stop scrolling. Do your homework or go to sleep, it’s getting late. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. To anyone reading this, remember, you’re loved. We all love you. 🧡

  • Hazel Imprint  2 days ago

    Lathitha Mashiyi I actually just woke up and I feel like today is gonna be pretty good so thanks

  • Sxrayaa _  20 days ago

    You’re right I should go to sleep cause it’s nearly 1:00am😂

  • Ed Jones  8 months ago

    In Life its far to easy to get lost in the search for things, this reminds me the importance of sitting back and realising the beauty of life that is happening right in front of you.

  • Aryan Randhawa  2 days ago

    mannnn i am chillin and smack dis fire on the speakers and eeeeeeeeeeeee it sounds like gold dats how litty dis beat is

  • aesrestic  6 months ago

    if you are reading this, stop scrolling! do your homework/study! I KNOW YOU GOT THIS :D

  • Shanleys Channel  a months ago

    it's summer btw haha

  • Diegis Fundirburko  11 months ago

    I love how it starts with some dialogue from Kiki's Delivery Service. :D

  • M James  1 months ago

    I took in a homeless kitty cat a couple months back, she's named Kiki. That's all.

  • Zion Moon  6 months ago

    Also... love the pfp