Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
  • I found this online dollar store called ShopMissA that sells all their makeup products for $1 and decided I had to try it out! So I replaced my entire everyday makeup routine with $1 makeup products, including foundation, concealer, eye primer, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, bronzer, contour, face powder, and lipstick. What do you think? Would you try this?This video is NOT sponsored!Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiyaIG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/Assistant Editor: Claire WileyMUSICMind The Gapvia Audio NetworkSFXvia AudioBlocks


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +9309

    HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i'm gonna go load up on lipsticks now.... what would you like to see next? xox, saf

  • Holley A.
    Holley A.  8 months ago +3639

    Who is watching this after she is engaged

  • hannah chalamet
    hannah chalamet  9 months ago +2423

    tyler is the definition of a supportive boyfriend

  • bini ty
    bini ty  7 months ago +2459

    Honestly...this girl has been killing the YouTube game...at least for me...quality content fr sure.

  • Meghan Adkinson
    Meghan Adkinson  7 months ago +565

    Buzzfeed is probably missing you Saf. Your content has continued to get better and better and their's has gone downhill.
    Your research is so good for your videos and it shows! Keep doing you 😊

  • Tab
    Tab  a years ago +9451

    Shoutout to Safiya for always sacrificing her skin for the sake of our entertainment 👏🙏❤

  • Carissa Unwin
    Carissa Unwin  8 months ago +739

    I think you should redo this!!! They have a ton of new products, including a great setting powder

  • The Mixed Up One
    The Mixed Up One  5 months ago +419

    These are all kpop bands. "Miss A", "AOA"....

  • Kamyla Medina
    Kamyla Medina  9 months ago +418

    Safiya*:i feel like im a little orangy compared to my double chin

  • Percy Jackson Nerd
    Percy Jackson Nerd  9 months ago +392

    Who else is out there that porcelain is too dark for your face.

  • Twiggy Piggy
    Twiggy Piggy  4 months ago +91

    Maybe they just big fans of kpop girl groups... you know, Miss A, AOA...
    oh my God, I'm brainwashed

  • Evette Jade Tan
    Evette Jade Tan  5 months ago +173

    tyler:Shop missa~
    saf:see it woudn't work with miss a
    tyler:shop miss a~
    i think both works

  • kate ong
    kate ong  21 days ago +29

    saf: do the song
    tyler: shoP mIsSa
    saf: you see, it wouldn’t work with shop miss a
    tyler: sHoP mIsS a?
    saf: wheeze

  • Lavieenred
    Lavieenred  3 months ago +66

    kpop lovers be like: Miss A??? AOA????? OMGGGG...myself included..

  • Obscure Neon
    Obscure Neon  6 months ago +65

    It looks like...
    The butthole coverage is pretty good.
    And that’s always a priority for me.

  • Taes Tae
    Taes Tae  5 months ago +84

    MISS A... AOA... I'm getting kpop vibes rn

  • ツᏃuᏦᎥᏆᎪ 수키터

    Maybe a part 2 of this? They have more products now😂 ( sorry for my spelling)

  • Sad Pancake
    Sad Pancake  7 months ago +48

    All of the unintentional kpop references; Miss A and AOA both really good classic kpop girl groups👌🏻

  • Lara Zoe
    Lara Zoe  a years ago +2680

    who now lowkey wants to go on the website and buy stuff?? 🙋🏼🙈

  • monsta texts
    monsta texts  2 months ago +53

    When the website says Miss A and you see some k-pop names 👀👀