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  • Published on:  Friday, March 9, 2018
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  • icefrout  1 years ago

    Doesn't accept "peeing the bed" for "wetting the bed" or "having a baby" for "giving birth"Accepts "sailboats" for "sail"

  • Big Dog  9 hours ago

    He had sail in the the word, the other ones weren’t complete

  • Banana Girl  4 days ago

    icefrout and finding Nemo for finding dory

  • Purple Egg  4 months ago

    “peeing the bed!!”“ *NO!!* It’s wetting the bed... ““having a baby!!”“ *NO!!* It’s giving birth... ““sailboat!!”“ *YES!!* It IS sail... “Me ~ wha- sksksksksks 💀💀😂😂

  • Big Dog  9 hours ago

    Yeah sailboats had sail, the other ones weren’t conplete

  • And I oop..


  • Evan Taylor  9 days ago

    Green Day is the best 😄

  • Skylar Holbrough  1 years ago

    You guys should play UNO the game that ruins friendships

  • Toby Louis  3 months ago

    *Why* *Anthony* *left* *SMOSH*

  • A piece Of pie  3 months ago

    ABU ReNeon I played Monopoly with my family tore us all apart 😂😂 Uno ruins friendships Monopoly ruins families

  • Wanted to know what line got censored so I found the fanfic (quite easily, actually)The whole line was "Gene screamed in pleasure and pain as his butt hole got filled with hi five's fingers / head."

  • Omg 😂

  • Lexi'sWorld  1 months ago

    That minus point was not fair. Green team let a lot of things slide for the other people so it should’ve been a tie.

  • Maille Blow  9 months ago

    When they said green day and MCR i randomly screamedn"DONT G NOTE YSSSS"

  • Izabela Zertuche  24 days ago

    Maille Blow same

  • Toby Plays  6 months ago

    Anyone else realise they got one wrong but didn’t get it taken off so it would be a tie

  • Mari Shelbourn  1 years ago

    I feel like the fanfic was written by jacksfilms

  • Emma and Hayla  7 months ago


  • ayxna  7 months ago


  • 9:11 "I wanna do celebrities"...I bet you do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • fake depression  1 months ago

    Did I see u before 🤔🤔🤔

  • OPgi Sh0tz  2 months ago

    the time is 9:11...