Behind The Scenes. Background Effect Recording Session with The Honest Guys (Kev & Rick)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 17, 2018
  • A quick look behind the scenes as The Honest Guys (Kev & Rick) carry out a foley recording session for an upcoming story driven Guided Meditation soon to be published on the channel.
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  • The Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation

    Hi, everyone. Our YouTube channel has only been about making content to help people, and has never been about us. We are normally a bit camera shy, and quite private, but it has been suggested that we should try adding a more human face to the channel. So We decided to switch a camera on while we worked so that you guys could get a tiny glimpse of what we do.

    The video shows a small segment of an afternoon-long recording session where we were creating an element of one of our upcoming story meditations (background Foley sound effects).

    We hope you enjoy it. :)

  • Lolita Givens
    Lolita Givens  5 months ago +1

    Why are not anything about jesus in your meditation


    I have to say for someone who creates and writes the meat of the videos, the actual spiritual guidance and instruction, Sian gets very little credit or visibility. She's also not visible in your name: The Honest Guys. I find that incredibly dishonest.

  • Opps Endless
    Opps Endless  a years ago

    You two are amazing! This was a fun behind the scene video. Thank you for sharing.

  • peachy
    peachy  a years ago

    this was fun to watch! XD

  • Amethyst Creole Dove
    Amethyst Creole Dove  a years ago +1

    This was awesome to watch!! So good seeing you guys! I’m in California , and you always put me in a great state of mind with your audio/videos ! Loved seeing the side of you . 😂Please keep doing what your doing to bring peace and luv to the world! 💕

  • EllieJayden
    EllieJayden  a years ago

    This was so interesting to watch! I love the shire meditations :)))

  • Jo A
    Jo A  a years ago

    You guys are hilarious!

  • AkumaCV
    AkumaCV  a years ago

    It was really cool to see this! Love everything you guys do!

  • Skyrocketcoast
    Skyrocketcoast  a years ago

    That was sooo funny! Very good & loads of fun.

  • Kallum96
    Kallum96  a years ago

    I like this kind of content

  • BlueFriend
    BlueFriend  a years ago

    It is very nice to see the faces behind such amazing and thoughtful meditations. Its our pleasure to meet you !
    Once again, thank you so much for your wonderful recordings.

  • garryentropy
    garryentropy  a years ago

    rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb for mumbles

  • The Dolmen
    The Dolmen  a years ago

    Thank you for helping me with my insomnia, and totally enjoyed putting faces to your voices!

  • Kammila AirSnipKat

    It is cool that you turned on the camera, gives a good look at some of it. Your voices are amazing, did you.. like train your voices?

  • Loella
    Loella  a years ago +1

    It's fantastic to see how you are having fun while making a video for us. And in the end you've spent two hours mumbling, just for us to have a great quality video! You're awesome Kevin and Rick! Thanks for this gem!

  • Lisa -
    Lisa -  a years ago

    Love to see this behind the scenes stuff, and I'm really excited to hear about the new middle Earth meditation (will probably be buying it!)

  • Mary Rice
    Mary Rice  a years ago +4

    I loved this!!!!!!! I love your meditations as it is, but this was hilarious! You are my "go to" guys for guided meditation. Thank you so much for letting us see this side of it. Lol!!! More please!! 😍😍

  • TeacherPhilEnglish

    Nice to see the Camcorder Bandits together again

  • Werejusdoinit
    Werejusdoinit  a years ago

    KEVIN!!!! Finally you came out behind the darkness!!! I miss seeing the two of you in action. Do you think you guys will be doing more vids together like this? or out and about? Kevin was getting really open in one of the last videos where you guys were driving around a few years back. You two feed off of one another well :)