Copart Walk Around + Carnage 5-21-19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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  • Larry Brown  1 months ago

    Guessing you survived the lovely weather. Good!

  • rob d Mercer  17 days ago

    How come u only rebuilt cars and truck why not try to a newer min van ????????

  • tazzzmannn  1 months ago

    The s class is a go for me. Thumbs up

  • Kyle Pantano  1 months ago

    Randy, Airmatic suspension is a lot easier to deal with compared to the ABC system. You could convert it to conventional suspension if you wanted to keep it. I don’t think the 1,100 price is worth it though. Too much. I’d personally rather have the SL

  • Hananiel Arrocha  1 months ago

    A class super cheap to convert. I did to my 2000. Worse was all the other air leaks. Because it had the soft touch doors and trunk and the heated cooled seats even in the rear. But I don’t like the mileage.

  • Colm Farrel  1 months ago

    Nah the Sl looks like a headache with the wiring I like the S class out of the two.

  • Jon Anderson  1 months ago

    The v12 is what brought me here. Another merc would be cool.

  • Sam Sen  yesterday

    Another same S600 here but then too many unnecessary Fords was what kept me out. Having a 2nd look in this channel.

  • vorname nachname  25 days ago

    same here, another benz may possible refresh my interest.

  • RandomVids  1 months ago

    21:00 this BMW represents the typical BMW at 90.000 miles!!!! Hahaah, still great car!! And you can always repair the oil leak

  • Juan Gome  1 months ago

    RandomVids you know it was just on low oil I bought a bmw before that was knocking and it said low oil in the Eletric dip stick I added oil and went away

  • Marius Daniel Fauru  1 months ago

    The red merc is a winner 😎 not a big deal to fix that 😌 + a great profit

  • Colm Farrel  1 months ago

    Really? Seems like a headache with the wiring and the fire. It also seems to have caused a fault with the roof as there is a major gap in the rear.

  • SprayStein  1 months ago

    The red sl500 would be a nice car for your fiance.

  • ArDee  1 months ago

    @chance gamer if i had to guess i think it's that the lift arms for the trunk are chafing into the wiring harness. It would also explain why this issue took 5+ years to show up, and why MB doesn't want to really do much about it. (Technically it's "normal wear and tear" even though it's resultant of a sketchy design.)

  • chance gamer  1 months ago


  • larry upton  1 months ago

    Water pump is new, coolant is new...maybe someone was trying to fix on overheating problem? Beware.

  • echo sigma  1 months ago

    Good point.

  • jefnf  1 months ago

    Buy a hail damaged car. Buy some pdr tools. Glue puller and demonstrate how it's done.

  • fakiirification  1 months ago

    pdr takes time to learn. but... best way to practice is to buy a hail damage car and go to town. LOL

  • Soft Raccoon  1 months ago

    Randy the type of guy to give the tornado that just destroyed his house a DougScore

  • Steven Smith  1 months ago

    You should buy the S-Class Mercedes and convert the ABC system over to coilovers that would make really good content for the channel 👍👍👍👌

  • datdamndavisboy  1 months ago

    @Blade 954RR #FACTS I've put epoxy on the top on the front struts and it stopped the leaks. If the compressor is humming you are good to go!

  • Blade 954RR  1 months ago

    Airmatic is not ABCAirmatic is way cheaper and easier to repair.