Copart Walk Around + Carnage 5-21-19

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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  • Kyle Pantano
    Kyle Pantano  2 months ago +66

    Randy, Airmatic suspension is a lot easier to deal with compared to the ABC system. You could convert it to conventional suspension if you wanted to keep it. I don’t think the 1,100 price is worth it though. Too much. I’d personally rather have the SL

  • RandomVids
    RandomVids  2 months ago +45

    21:00 this BMW represents the typical BMW at 90.000 miles!!!! Hahaah, still great car!! And you can always repair the oil leak

  • Larry Brown
    Larry Brown  2 months ago +64

    Guessing you survived the lovely weather. Good!

  • Soft Raccoon
    Soft Raccoon  2 months ago +25

    Randy the type of guy to give the tornado that just destroyed his house a DougScore

  • SprayStein
    SprayStein  2 months ago +43

    The red sl500 would be a nice car for your fiance.

  • Marius Daniel Fauru
    Marius Daniel Fauru  2 months ago +23

    The red merc is a winner 😎 not a big deal to fix that 😌 + a great profit

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson  2 months ago +35

    The v12 is what brought me here. Another merc would be cool.

  • jefnf
    jefnf  2 months ago +37

    Buy a hail damaged car. Buy some pdr tools. Glue puller and demonstrate how it's done.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith  2 months ago +36

    You should buy the S-Class Mercedes and convert the ABC system over to coilovers that would make really good content for the channel 👍👍👍👌

  • Duane Schurtz
    Duane Schurtz  2 months ago +39

    The light staying on the S Class is a parking light. It says on if you turn the headlight switch all the way to the left. My grandma had a 94 400SE and the left that on all the time.

  • larry upton
    larry upton  2 months ago +19

    Water pump is new, coolant is new...maybe someone was trying to fix on overheating problem? Beware.

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill  2 months ago +32

    BUY IT, BUT IT, BUY IT...!!!
    I've repaired the Pump on my S500 for £80.00

  • Carla Freeman
    Carla Freeman  2 months ago +11

    Mercedes S-Class will be worth the Maya cuz somebody that you can find somebody and you can use it

  • harley dude
    harley dude  2 months ago +10

    Randy 1500 with fees I think unless you plan on keeping it and driving it until it breaks I would buy it, to try and flip it walk away from it.

  • Craig Schenk
    Craig Schenk  2 months ago +9

    Buy the S class! Might be harder to sell the miles, but a nice cheap driver in the meantime.

  • Alvaro Castellanos
    Alvaro Castellanos  2 months ago +6

    The parking light stayed on because you put the switch in the on position, the Mercedes have that option. It's not an electric problem

  • Kevin Batts
    Kevin Batts  2 months ago +1

    We ended up watching the weather almost all day. I live off the expressway. I finally had enough around 8 pm and went to the store. I hope you guys day wasn't too bad.

  • glenn s
    glenn s  2 months ago +11

    The Mercedes Benz is a nice car... sometimes you gotta just do it... that car is actually a nice car. I see all the naysayers . 1100 for this is way smarter than 7500 for a 1994 freakshow Chevrolet C3500 deisel conversion to a Gas.. with rotten tires. You dissing the paint on that 300 Chrysler but that's your Maaco paint. That HD Chevrolet here was never a deisel... the HD K2500 have the heavy duty brakes on it... that's why its hydraboost GMC is professional grade, the SL 500 I think is a diamond in the rough. The Mazda RX8 seems to be a nice one

  • Lucy English
    Lucy English  2 months ago +6

    Randy buy the S class Mercedes at the beginning of this video (Walk around)

  • Mark Allen Ashcraft
    Mark Allen Ashcraft  1 months ago +1

    That would be good price even if you put 2000.00 in to i think you would be able to sell for at least 4000.00