Why You So Like That?

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • I always give you chocolate, I gave you my TicTac,
    But when you got a TicTac, you never give me back?!
    Hey, why you so like that?

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  • Sourav Ghoshal
    Sourav Ghoshal  yesterday

    Big fan bro of your work.... With lots of love and wishes from India

    B2 CHANNEL  a months ago

    That newspaper got Mohamed Sarah and Cristiano Ronaldo. And I'm a Liverpool fan

  • Gamer Soofia
    Gamer Soofia  3 months ago

    you sweeping the floor or the air? lol

  • Budiyanto Bong
    Budiyanto Bong  3 months ago

    He might be the slowest newspaper reader ever, from sunrise to sunset still on one page..

  • Ezra Jubilee
    Ezra Jubilee  3 months ago

    what is that girl name the want how talk with her dad...

  • teaxstains
    teaxstains  4 months ago

    Walao eh like that just say "Cannot go out" la ryte. So passive-aggressive. Asian parents in a nutshell. Luckily my parents aren't like that #blessed

  • Pearlity
    Pearlity  4 months ago

    5:18 LOL

  • Michael Harto
    Michael Harto  6 months ago

    wah lao what kind of father tell his daughter to wash his car??

  • Jkl G
    Jkl G  6 months ago


  • Lucas
    Lucas  6 months ago +3

    0:16 I died at that part OMG play the kukujiau

  • Des T
    Des T  6 months ago

    Wah my dream gf super filial towards her father :) and gosh all of them are so cute.

    NARUTO UZUMAKI  7 months ago


  • Hapssion Hapssion
    Hapssion Hapssion  7 months ago

    3.07 sampai 6.17 macam cibai hahahah adui pernah kena

  • Hapssion Hapssion
    Hapssion Hapssion  7 months ago

    hahaha nasib lah.. lawak pulak ak tgk xD

  • angrydynamite
    angrydynamite  7 months ago

    Rearrange the whole house then I let you out

  • David Bro
    David Bro  7 months ago

    If i am Bi, i would Bitch slap her for wasting food

  • David Bro
    David Bro  7 months ago

    Michelle would be a great maid, housekeeper i would hire her to take care my house and baby daughter 😁

    Dan just wanted to clean this place and tricked Michelle, told her this is for a video skit, in reality she just did Dan's job 🤣

  • SeungHyun
    SeungHyun  7 months ago

    Haiyo all these youngsters all play the kukuciao at night wan. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Chloe Law Z'ayn
    Chloe Law Z'ayn  7 months ago


  • Steven Kok
    Steven Kok  8 months ago

    so the question in everyone mind. Does youngsters these days play with their kukuciao all day? LoL