Slam Poetry Popcorn - You Suck at Cooking (episode 55)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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    Popcorn is one of those things I had never made, until I did.
    A couple tablespoons of coconut oil (or butter if you like), throw in 1/3 cup of kernels, cook them medium high until it all pops (and shake it around), and then add salt, try smoked paprika, or anything else you think might taste good.


  • Isabella Stolz
    Isabella Stolz  7 days ago

    This is the best Poet i ever Heard

  • M7md Hossam
    M7md Hossam  28 days ago

    What is the background soundtrack

  • Blxck Zone
    Blxck Zone  a months ago


  • ミルクマン
    ミルクマン  a months ago

    I don't know why "pain hurts" cracked me up so bad, but oh my god 😆

  • Arya
    Arya  a months ago

    2:47 excuse me but is that a 1967 chevy impala because that's just beautiful

  • Logan WGCGHR
    Logan WGCGHR  a months ago

    The poem of truth

  • TheCycloneRoad
    TheCycloneRoad  a months ago

    That's deep

  • goop 0711
    goop 0711  a months ago +1

    This is FUCKING ART

  • Adrian Srsa
    Adrian Srsa  a months ago +1

    so powerful he didn't say i suck at cooking

  • Zac Sweeney
    Zac Sweeney  a months ago

    That's the same bowl where the bean tips went to live forever...

    I think they were still in there...

    I am made happy

  • kejow
    kejow  2 months ago +1

    Damn, I wish you could say stuff in my funeral, it would be the best god damn funeral ever. Or... just a toast on my wedding or something like that, I don't know why I thought about my funeral first lol

  • Crystalbluejedi 82521
    Crystalbluejedi 82521  2 months ago +1

    Also we need to save the ocean

    I felt that

  • Anarchist Gestalt
    Anarchist Gestalt  2 months ago

    Dave Strider be like

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel  2 months ago

    Are you Canadian? Because I noticed the bottle at 1:07 is from a Canadian Vitamin Drink

  • an alias
    an alias  2 months ago

    put some merzbow over it and you've got discount clipping

  • Instagram
    Instagram  2 months ago

    fire fire

  • Alice Luna
    Alice Luna  2 months ago

    This is fucking amazing

  • Rami Abdellah Mokrane

    Man you should be a poete

  • Sparrow Westlake
    Sparrow Westlake  2 months ago +1

    You should try writing real slam or spocken word. You'd be good at it.

  • Michelle Hee hee!
    Michelle Hee hee!  2 months ago

    And then i realised i had depression 😞