Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Eat

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
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  • Chloe Mcfall
    Chloe Mcfall  3 months ago +2697

    Image the person in front of them did a mukbang 😂

  • Isabella :/
    Isabella :/  3 months ago +1307

    “I might want to eat 7 cheeseburgers”
    -Matt 2019
    mOOd 👏🏼

  • Anjali Rai
    Anjali Rai  3 months ago +598

    Lauren: makes sure to bleep out the name of the coffee place
    Also Lauren: * shows Starbucks logo *

  • Destani Pleasant
    Destani Pleasant  2 months ago +210

    "What do you call the ... chicken tenders... oh chicken tenders"
    Matt 2019

  • Ive & Mar
    Ive & Mar  3 months ago +395

    Laur: I can’t say what brand it is
    Also Laur: oH i AlrEaDy HaD lIkE a GrAnDe
    Me: ...oh my god I wonder where she went

    KYLE HANAGAMI  3 months ago +4394

    Can we do this challenge together at a really fancy restaurant copying the table next to us?

  • Divya Vijayakumar
    Divya Vijayakumar  3 months ago +302

    are we gonna talk about James Charles

  • Princess Barby Lontok
    Princess Barby Lontok  2 months ago +96

    2:52 look at Lauren’s face and look at what the cup says LMAO 😂

  • Aiyanna Cruz
    Aiyanna Cruz  3 months ago +258

    Matt: what do u call does chicken tenders
    Lauren: ummmm
    Me: WTH
    Matt: chicken tenders
    Me: HahaahhHa

  • Monica
    Monica  3 months ago +168

    0:22 “I can’t talk about other beverage companies”
    We literally all know is Fanta😂 our fantana queen!

  • Ionlystalkandcomment onyoutube

    Guy who works at McDonald’s said “ So James Charles”
    Me: 🤣💀👎🏼
    Lauren says “Oh the tea the tea I’m dead 💀

  • Amaya Irene
    Amaya Irene  3 months ago +65

    The mcdonalds guy is in everyones video 😂😂😂😂

  • Yolanda Gonzalez
    Yolanda Gonzalez  14 days ago +8

    Lauren:I want chicken nuggets
    Matt:I want a cheeseburger
    When they get the order both devour french fries 🍟

  • htteehee
    htteehee  3 months ago +34

    Love that mcdonalds employee! 😂😂

  • Stripy Gaming
    Stripy Gaming  3 days ago +3

    Lauren: I cant say what brand
    2:55 literally a Starbucks sign in the background
    (No hate love Lauren just saying)

  • Abeesha Ashir
    Abeesha Ashir  3 months ago +1314

    Love seeing Matt on THIS SIDE of the camera😂😂❤

  • 清心Seishin
    清心Seishin  2 days ago

    That moment when McDonald is bring the SPICY tea y'all

  • Leslie Cedeno
    Leslie Cedeno  3 months ago +31

    awe I ship. Even tho Lauren has a bf. 🥰 ALSO WE CAN BARELY SEE MATT. 😭

  • Kim
    Kim  2 months ago +27

    Lauren: “can’t tell you what brand”
    Me: I saw the Starbucks logo on the cup when you grabbed it...

  • Mya Roberts
    Mya Roberts  3 months ago +27

    McDonalds worker "Are we gonna talk about what's going on with James Charles or uh"
    Laurdiy "THE TEA"
    Me "you are both legends"