Top 10 Games Based on Movies, Books, Etc.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • Tom, Zee, and Sam share their ten favorite games that were based on some kind of intellectual property, be it a movie, book, video game, etc.!!Join us for the Dice Tower Retreat: out the friendliest conventions on Earth!Dice Tower Con! - (July 3-7, 2019)Dice Tower West! - (Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2020)Dice Tower Cruise! - www.dicetowercruise.comBuy great games at http://www.coolstuffinc.comFind more reviews and videos at http://www.dicetower.comGet a great game table here! Link:


  • Adam Lindell
    Adam Lindell  9 hours ago

    I can't believe that sons of anarchy isn't on any of these lists! It's a great game, and it's like $16

  • Nobody Wants The Thimble
    Nobody Wants The Thimble  1 months ago +57

    I love how Sam uses fancy words but in the wrong way. “I don’t have gravitas towards those movies.” Never change, Sam.

  • Straddllw
    Straddllw  1 months ago +17

    What's your favourite Star Trek?
    Z: the one with R2D2 in it.
    Troll game on point.

  • dreadknot69
    dreadknot69  7 hours ago

    I couldn't disagree with LOTR Journeys more. There's no theme there Tom, nothing that matches the themes of the books at all.
    Villainous, on the other hand, should've been much higher on your list. There are few games that mix the theme with mechanisms as well as Villainous does.

  • Prospero Hall
    Prospero Hall  yesterday

    Great video! Licensed properties allow us a unique opportunity to create a fun and familiar gaming experience.
    Thank you for featuring #Villainous among so many amazing games.

  • Trevin Taylor
    Trevin Taylor  1 months ago +12

    Sam, “Like straight to video movies” is the best description of pre-Battlestar IP games I’ve ever heard.

  • Adam Rossi
    Adam Rossi  21 days ago +1

    Dice tower live play of star wars rebellion!?

  • elricdotah
    elricdotah  14 days ago +2

    Make a Top 10 Spin Off Games, where you only include games that are losely based on other games but quite different (no "the card game" or "the dice game", etc.). So Founders of Gloomhaven is in, but Istanbul the dice game isn't.

  • Matt Kutrik
    Matt Kutrik  1 months ago +7

    Played Star Wars Outer Rim this past weekend and loved it! Definitely makes you feel like a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe.

  • Muhammad Akmal
    Muhammad Akmal  1 months ago

    Legendary Aliens is amazing and Arkham Horror Lcg is the best LCG ever

  • feverpa
    feverpa  7 days ago +3

    To be fair Tom, how can you tell Zee that D.C. Deckbuilding Game has NO theme because you can play the exact same game with other characters and theme - while putting Dice Masters on your list? You could build any set of characters/story into a Dice Masters set/game. The play is the same.

  • Silver Fang
    Silver Fang  1 months ago +3

    Legendary Buffy!

  • Izathel1
    Izathel1  14 days ago +1

    Best Mario Van Peebles is definitely New Jack City.

  • bushibayushi
    bushibayushi  1 months ago +15

    War of the Ring is the most thematic game I know. It merges theme and mechanisms PERFECTLY ;).

  • Mister Rob
    Mister Rob  1 months ago +2

    Legenday Encounter Alien is the most thematic game I've ever played. Simply amazing.

  • Todd Marshall
    Todd Marshall  1 months ago +1

    I could be wrong, but doesn't Games Workshop have the license to the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Movies? I'm guessing that's why you don't see very many games based on the movie IP?

  • Steeve Beaupré
    Steeve Beaupré  14 days ago

    I actually prefer the hockey deckbuilder to the dc one. I may be in the minority but the hockey theme seems better served by the game.

  • The Dice Odyssey
    The Dice Odyssey  1 months ago

    I fully agree about the Batman rulebook, wow what a slog.

  • Matheus Barrachi
    Matheus Barrachi  7 days ago

    Thumbs-up for Fury of Dracula!

  • Daniel Holding
    Daniel Holding  14 days ago

    watching this while petting a cat huh... I guess I'm evil... 😈