Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!

    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.

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  • Taeng9Pany  (Aug 9, 2018))

    this phone has better specs than my laptop

  • A Jo  (Feb 8, 2019))

    eddyecho you know unless you are totally broke like me

  • Dannie Kamete  (Jan 17, 2019))

    +Zach Cline yeah people who need to get actual work done

  • Bojan Frničovič  (Aug 20, 2018))

    He makes every phone look small with his huge hands

  • Lord Elmo  (Jan 24, 2019))

    Oh yeah yeah

  • The Velasco  (Oct 31, 2018))

    +무빛 probably huge gloves idk

  • Anwor Ali  (Aug 13, 2018))

    If Apple decide to make a phone with a stylus like the note 9, the logical way to charge the stylus would be to take it out of its storage slot, plug it into the lighting port, then plug the other end of the stylus into the charger, which doesn't come included with the phone

  • JOFFREY BARATHEON  (Jan 5, 2019))

    Yoda, hahaha, dude, you literally bent over this androidTards big time

  • Diganta Bhattacharya  (Jan 2, 2019))

    ...and of course it'd be sold separately at a premium!

  • [ DJ ] thebestdjaround  (Aug 18, 2018))

    Hey other companies y'all should be taking NOTES. LOL.

  • DR1PC1TY 14  (Jan 28, 2019))


  • The Velasco  (Oct 31, 2018))

    Huawei did

  • Uncle Meat  (Aug 15, 2018))

    "Something you might've thought of like a dream phone a couple years ago"a headphone jack

  • Omar Abdul  (Dec 26, 2018))

    And its not even JUST a normal headphone jack. It feels like the audio output is better than my laptops and way more louder. I use V moda with bass enhancer

  • WANTED Wan Shahiran  (Nov 24, 2018))

    +5K.RIDO then tell how many phones you know that still has a headphone jack this year. Yeah only a few. So yes. It IS a feature now.

  • Cocota Marian  (Aug 10, 2018))

    Samsung can put an entire pen in their phone yet Apple can't keep a headphone jack.

  • John Phillips  (Aug 10, 2018))

    XxDemonicGamer Your name is edgy as fuck. I bet you have +800 hours on Dark Souls alone

  • John Phillips  (Aug 10, 2018))

    StinkyPantzFilmz it's a phablet ya tard

  • Njubish  (Aug 20, 2018))

    Funfact, I wanted to see marques video on note 9 but could not remember the name. I searched for "black guy who reviews phones" and he was the first suggestion. Google is goddamn scary

  • Bigby Wolf  (Feb 12, 2019))

    Lol i tried it too got exact same result, additionally got flossy carter as a result

  • So Groovy  (Jan 19, 2019))

    Its not scary really, first three guys i see are marques brownlee, flossy carter, and youavgconsumer, all 3 people have black icons with a black man(them) 7.4, 0.7, and 3.3 mil subs respectivly

  • Sabith Pkc Mnr  (Aug 14, 2018))

    Watching this video from Samsung S duos rocking with 512Mb ram 4gb storage

  • Coco El quatro  (Jan 6, 2019))


  • Casual Gamer  (Dec 11, 2018))

    I feel so bad for u watching on note 9 i honestly feel bad

  • atomly  (Aug 12, 2018))

    If you buy phones based purely on specs, I don't know how you could say this isn't the best phone in the world.

  • Spectre  (Feb 16, 2019))

    @Jason Weber another reason why iPhones are so smooth is because of the simple OS. its easy to run

  • Jason Weber  (Feb 7, 2019))

    ...because iPhones are more powerful in terms of GPU and CPU power

  • Umi Vasquez  (Dec 21, 2018))

    I bоught yеstеrdaу іn а verу gооd рrісе hеrе: *vdіgіtal. infо*