2 Interpreters Test Their Interpreting Skills (Speed Challenge) | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
  • Interpreters Barry Slaughter Olsen and Katty Kauffman face a series of challenges to test their abilities as interpreters. Can Katty translate a text message conversation in real time? Can Barry interpret a recorded speech that continually gets faster? See if these experts in their field are truly up to the task!

    Barry Slaughter Olsen is the Professor of Translation and Interpretation at Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

    NOTE: The techniques employed in this video are not all applicable to interpreting in a courtroom setting, where expectations regarding accuracy and completeness can be quite different. In this sense, legal interpreting is unique. More information on standards for interpreting in the U.S. courts can be found here: https://www.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/standards_for_performance.pdf

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    2 Interpreters Test Their Interpreting Skills (Speed Challenge) | WIRED


  • Jaime C
    Jaime C  13 hours ago

    I loooove heer! <3

  • UrsuMusic
    UrsuMusic  yesterday

    Killing Eve is awesome!

  • veevee306
    veevee306  3 days ago

    His interpretation to English was much more natural than the original translation.

  • Sara Picar
    Sara Picar  6 days ago

    You should do a video on ASL interpreters next

  • Anita Mx
    Anita Mx  7 days ago

    As a translator & interpreter, I absolutely agree with Katty... we have the best job in the world!!! I love what I do and I wouldn't change it!!!

    LIU TIAN HUANG  7 days ago


  • Hope Evergreen
    Hope Evergreen  7 days ago

    It's personaly my dream job to become a translator

  • Charleen Fabe
    Charleen Fabe  7 days ago

    stop right here he says “measurement” the same way I do!! People always comment that I say it weird. 😒

  • Brittani V
    Brittani V  7 days ago

    As a sign language interpreter I can so relate to this!!

  • Alexandria KING
    Alexandria KING  7 days ago +1

    Guy’s middle name is Slaughter. Metal asf

  • Ahmet H. K.
    Ahmet H. K.  14 days ago

    speaking english? ı live in english. ıt's not a language to me. ıt's totally best way of expressing my own. you know, sometimes i'm dreaming of a world, all people understand each other perfect. yes, i would dream. ımagine all the people dancing and touching each other, communicate in a joyful harmony.

  • Maria Trushina
    Maria Trushina  14 days ago

    Can anyone help me to understand what is she saying there? “I’m not pinching a hole in one thing or another”? What does that mean? Found no references at all.

  • Joshua Cheng
    Joshua Cheng  14 days ago

    These two are very professional simultaneous interpreters. Normally we only need consecutive interpretation or just translation. It’s very difficult to do what they do and it takes years of intensive training.

  • Sine Ismina
    Sine Ismina  14 days ago +2

    9:22 What do you mean “not bad”? It should’ve been great job. Seriously? Did you even see that madness??

  • The Matadore
    The Matadore  14 days ago

    10:01, really? 😂

  • Benedict Kroll
    Benedict Kroll  14 days ago

    They are absolutely amazing, but what is described as fast here, would make people who are used to castilian Spanish fall asleep.

  • elfenf3uer
    elfenf3uer  14 days ago

    preaaaaach, nerd Katty!!

  • Abb3yCh3rry
    Abb3yCh3rry  21 days ago

    As an interpreter.. I still struggle with simultaneous interpreting...ugh

  • vmaellee 10
    vmaellee 10  21 days ago

    I hate when I’m trying to translate and they talk so I have to translate and listen at the same time, it’s hard to hear what they’re saying when I’m speakinh

  • Kento RH
    Kento RH  21 days ago

    Gotta love that lady