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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • PEOPLE THAT WILL MAKE YOU SAY WHY THO! Have you ever seen a person do something and you're just like... why? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! FALLING INTO THE POOL


  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  a years ago +8547

    WHY THO???

  • Clash With Nash
    Clash With Nash  15 hours ago

    My friend aurora does the same at 10:30 just to annoy me. Btw she's a big fan + subscribes I am to

  • Catz & Things By Sky

    If someone drank something with chopsticks, I’d be impressed

  • Aaron Michel
    Aaron Michel  yesterday

    Sssniperwolf the best

  • SomeYtPerson
    SomeYtPerson  yesterday

    BI••• WTF?!?!?!5:23

  • WanStin Y.
    WanStin Y.  2 days ago

    Use me as "WHY THO" button

  • Zoey Hall
    Zoey Hall  3 days ago

    No why would i

  • Sophia Gamez
    Sophia Gamez  4 days ago +1

    SSSniperWolf: cuz u know we got to keep it family friendly in here
    Also SSSniperWolf: curses twice one second later

  • Lucy Moe Vlogs
    Lucy Moe Vlogs  5 days ago

    I like how there is Heinz Ketchup in a lot of her vids 😂

  • Kylia Dickey
    Kylia Dickey  6 days ago

    I would of eaten those donuts anyways cause a donut is a donut and I don’t care if y’all call me disgusting

  • DorkEGamer
    DorkEGamer  6 days ago

    I put water on ketcup lol

  • Its Nothing
    Its Nothing  6 days ago

    Better give someone else needed food than wasting food idiot this triggered me so much

  • Happness Mtonga
    Happness Mtonga  7 days ago

    Lia you said people in Africa need those donuts yes some of us do but not all of us are poor I'm not trying to hate or be mean but it's offencive because I live in Africa but I love your videos never missed one I'm sorry if what I'm saying is not nice to you but it really hurt when you said that

  • Currin Meksula
    Currin Meksula  7 days ago

    My teacher said I am vertically challenged he said it was because I am short 6:56

  • Tulah Paschal
    Tulah Paschal  7 days ago

    If my mans drank his wine like that I be RUNNIN

  • Kimson Nguyen
    Kimson Nguyen  7 days ago

    3:47 this is an Asian man

    MARK GAYE  7 days ago

    Um .......

    Why tho

  • Christopher The teddy bear hamster

    I personally have a hamster 🐹 and my hamster 🐹 has NEVER EVER climbed up the wall.

  • Sarina Smith
    Sarina Smith  7 days ago

    Sniper: canoeing
    Also Snipper: kayak

  • DJ p
    DJ p  7 days ago

    I pol my straw in that way before