'Superfly' Star Trevor Jackson Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 12, 2018
  • Superfly’ star Trevor Jackson has ink repping Mortal Kombat (his favorite game), Silver Surfer (his favorite superhero), and the aliens from ‘Toy Story’ (his favorite aliens from ‘Toy Story’).

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    'Superfly' Star Trevor Jackson Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ


  • yardievsgaming
    yardievsgaming  a months ago

    He a crip😂 talking about my left side only

  • Sportski Paćino
    Sportski Paćino  a months ago

    I dont know who he is but I wouldnt like to hangout with a guy like this...

  • tre franklyn
    tre franklyn  2 months ago

    do i GQ with chris brown doe

  • Rayne Reigns
    Rayne Reigns  2 months ago +2

    He low key look like Bryson Tiller a little

  • Aisha Sosa
    Aisha Sosa  2 months ago


  • Jazmine Lashe
    Jazmine Lashe  3 months ago

    He so fine

  • Jenna Nicole
    Jenna Nicole  4 months ago +1

    He done got dark 😍

  • Jordan Alexander-Cooper

    Whats the name of the beats yall use in the beginning of the video?

  • Kelly E
    Kelly E  5 months ago +3


  • SuperCoona
    SuperCoona  5 months ago

    Again, Trevor, I too did not want my son to get a Tattoo at 18, he got praying hands on his back..I am the one, that told you on the "Puddles" comment, my grandson looks like you. I always brought my children up to be true to themselves, put God first, always be real. Love it...

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell  6 months ago

    Myyy dad got me Mortal kombat on nintendo 64 .. my dad also forced me to watch every Bruce Lee movie goin..

  • noodle hunter
    noodle hunter  6 months ago

    How come in superfly he did not have that much tattoos but had fake tattoos?

  • Faye Wilson
    Faye Wilson  6 months ago

    I would love to seat and chat with you. We could talk about Jacks, Sonya,and katana who is awesome 😎 @Trevorjackson

  • Flash
    Flash  7 months ago

    He is cute but he’s corny... which makes him less cute if that makes sense

  • Natasha Estrada
    Natasha Estrada  7 months ago

    He’s so yummy omg 🤤

  • mackenzie wilder
    mackenzie wilder  7 months ago

    he’s so fine

  • sincerely trie
    sincerely trie  7 months ago

    He needs to be my friend. We have similar tattoos and views on them. I’m sooooo desperate to get more!

  • mooky
    mooky  7 months ago +1

    Realistically tatts are for followers. Just a trend to cover up insecurities. Trust me I know plenty of real felons trying to get that stuff removed.😜


    He kinda favor Bryson tiller 🤪

    SIERRA SAWYERJONES  8 months ago +1

    Terrible tats. This kid thinks he’s way more wise and original than he actually is. Poser