RŌNIN ☯ Asian Lofi HipHop Mix

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 23, 2018
  • RŌNIN ☯ Asian Lofi HipHop MixLofi hip hop / Chill beats mixJapanese MixListen to part 2 here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMw6U...Listen on Spotify - https://goo.gl/vXtVi5Tracklist:0:00 Shinobi Lite - Distanthttps://soundcloud.com/shinobi-lite/s...3:04 Mr. Nouilles - Peony Pavilionhttps://soundcloud.com/mrnouilles/mr-...5:46 Shinobi Lite - Memorieshttps://soundcloud.com/shinobi-lite/s...8:12 namai - fung.swayhttps://soundcloud.com/namaibeats/fun...10:20 aKu - The Final Blowhttps://soundcloud.com/akuofficial/ak...12:51 Kalaido - Hanging Lanternshttps://soundcloud.com/kalaidobeats/h...16:38 Caleb Belkin - Lost Samuraihttps://soundcloud.com/calebxbelkin/l...18:49 misc.inc - Vibeshttps://soundcloud.com/miscinc/miscin...20:54 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Sakura pt. II 桜.https://soundcloud.com/nang-food/saku...26:06 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Sakura pt. III.30:39 luv.ly - time flies. [withluv']https://soundcloud.com/lv-ly/time-flies31:59 Elijah Nang イライジャ - Cold Wind コールド.https://soundcloud.com/nang-food/cold...35:51 desanctus - obito//rinhttps://soundcloud.com/desanctus/obit...38:29 ldst - しあなたhttps://soundcloud.com/ldst/cjfj5tycje0oArtwork by Mateusz Michalskihttps://www.artstation.com/kalberos💜 bootleg 💜soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/dabootlegboytwitter - https://twitter.com/thebootlegboyinstagram - https://instagram.com/thebootlegboyspotify - https://bootlegboy.lnk.to/spotify*NEW MERCH* - http://www.thebootlegboy.com/💕Subscribe for more vibes like this 💕


  • the bootleg boy  9 months ago

    You guys showed so much love and support to the first mix I had to make a part 2 💕Listen to the *NEW* part 3 here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMw6UFZuL9oSong times:0:00 3:04 5:46 8:12 10:20 12:51 16:38 18:49 20:54 26:06 30:39 31:59 35:51 38:29

  • David Lawyer  3 months ago

    Love this...are you on PANDORA?!

  • Sam bloodstorm  5 months ago

    thanks a lot <3

  • Vega BGM  9 months ago

    *People read comments to look for inspiration, good luck on whatever your studying for, you can do it!*

  • PJ Genius  11 days ago

    I have already given up on my life

  • Marcxelo descarl  1 months ago


  • FullmetalGlatiator  8 months ago

    /﹋\(҂`_´)<,▬ι════════════════════════════════════════ﺤ /﹋\

  • Anthony SZYMCZAK  4 days ago

    /﹋\(҂0_0)<,▬ι═ﺤ /﹋\

  • Thibaud  16 days ago

    Learn the word "stereotype" my son

  • Jvime21  6 months ago

    0:00 Shinobi lite - Distant3:04 Mr. Nouilles - Peony Pavillon5:46 Shinobi lite - Memories8:12 namai - f u n g . s w a y10:20 aKu - The Final Blow12:51 Kalaido - Hanging Lanturns16:38 Caleb Belkin - Lost Samurai18:49 misc.inc - Vibes20:54 Elijah Nung - Sakura pt. II26:06 Elijah Nung - Sakura pt. III30:39 luv.ly - time flies [withluv']31:59 Elijah Nung - Cold Wind35:51 desanctus - obito//rin38:29 |dst - しあなたDidn't see any time stamps so I took upon myself to do it :)

  • Viking102938  1 months ago

    Considering there's no lyrics, that's extra nice of you XD

  • iFlip TV  1 months ago

    Thanks for being helpful ;-)

  • Chemo Emo  9 months ago

    It's sad time once again boys . . .I hope the past month away from summer has treated you well. I understand that for many, schools have opened, work has started, and life seems to be a bit too hectic. It isn't always so, however - there are moments of peace, tranquility, and hope in-between the craziness. This can be among family, friends, or sometimes yourself. Just listen to some music, and relax awhile. You've earned it.Enjoy.

  • Fear Kratos  1 months ago

    Chemo Emo “28 STAB WOUNDS!!!”

  • Pig King  8 months ago

    *Ro-nin*/rōnən/_noun_(in feudal Japan) a wandering samurai who had no lord or master

  • 『 』  1 months ago

    Tho ronins weren't cool back then sadly, ronins were pretty much viewed upon as frauds and the social pressure on them often lead them to commit seppuku. Sucks man

  • DM Nation  1 months ago

    Or u can say naruto :3

  • Jack Jon Monaghan  8 months ago

    Japan, South Korea, Thailand, China... Asia you’re so beautiful to me. I dream to complete a PhD one day and work in Asia. I’ve studied the culture and Buddhism, this year I went to Thailand for 2 months. Next year I have plans to go to China for the very first time with my girlfriend (She’s Chinese). Damn... Asia you’ve been so good to me and I’m so grateful. I will repay you back some day.

  • 猫布yui ゆい  2 days ago

    Japon かわいい

  • Lilac Alysum  2 days ago

    @BloodIs Red Dafuq you talkin' about? Buddha was born in Nepal. He travelled places and got a lot of followers, students almost, that followed his path and helped spread Buddhist principles. Bhrikuti, a Nepali icon, married into the Tibetan empire, and spread Buddhist principles furthermore. India is a big country, so people tend to overlook its surrounding nations. But Buddhism didnot come from India. Please get your facts straight before you make your arguments in a fricking comment.

  • Got home several hours ago from my brother's funeral ceremony - had to take a nap to decompress - woke up to check messages on social media, and saw this pop up in my youtube feed...dude, thank you! - this is good medicine - it just resonates so beautifully with the space inside where words simply fail. I'm certain my brother would have loved this too. Mad props to all the artists, and thank you most kindly for creating this mix and sharing - and volume one, as well...been diggin' on that for a few we...

  • Fear Kratos  1 months ago

    Deep,Moody,Purple,Blues So so sorry 😞

  • NATI COD  3 months ago

    may peace be within

  • The Phoenix  9 months ago


  • The Phoenix  9 months ago

    I'm flattered

  • Kyo Mebi  9 months ago

    I finally found you.

  • evevoHD  9 months ago

    18:49 suddenly hearing german hahah I was so confused at the beginning xD

  • Ili 711  4 months ago

    I first thought i accidentally got on another video xD

  • Joshua Stanfield  5 months ago

    Japan and Germany have a long history of collaboration.